Thursday, 12 April 2018

No Bergoglian apology without bloggers

As you may have heard, Bergoglio has issued a screed against bloggers. I won't print it here.

He has issued a rather pathetic apology to the victims of homosexual men in the priesthood in Chile.

Do you think for one minute that he would have issued that "apology" without the intense pressure put upon him by outraged Catholics around the world who were informed by bloggers?

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Anonymous said...

Do you think for one minute that he would have issued that "apology" without the intense pressure put upon him by outraged Catholics around the world who were informed by bloggers? N0!

Ana Milan said...

No he wouldn't & that intense pressure must be kept up. I do hope that the entire +Scicluna report will be made known to us - it may be that he uncovered much more than expected when he interviewed the victims. Maybe something big that PF was hiding out of fear for his own credibility. He hasn't publicly admonished the drug orgies in ++Coccopalmerio's department & many other profane incidents carried out by sodomite clergy perhaps because he has been involved in similar incidents in Buenos Aries. All deviants need to be eradicated from the CC as no-one can serve two masters - it's God or Mammon.

Brian said...

Yes great pressure and righteous indignation from Catholic bloggers on this Modernist thug. No credit goes to our pusillanimous bishops though.

Michael said...

Pope Francis finally flinched when he realized that the world CAN turn on him if it so chooses. Up until this, the world bathed him in flattery.

Ralph Engelen said...

Good! So blogging works. If bloggers can force him to apologize, then maybe blogging can also put an end to this disastrous pontificate. If bloggers cannot force him to resign or the remaining good cardinals to depose him, they can at least end it virtually by destroying his reputation. When mainstream catholics no longer follow him it's over for PF.

Keep blogging and make his day miserable!

sarto2012 said...

Thank the Lord for good Catholic bloggers.
If only there had been the blogosphere in 1959-1969, the rape of the liturgy by VII reformers would never have happened.

Chris Benischek said...

Great point David.

As long as he apostasizes, we must oppose him. I’d suggest we write Rome:

Dear Anti-Pope: Abdicate. Abdicate. Abdicate. You have no legitimacy. We pray for your conversion, but even so that still wouldn’t make you pope. Please leave the Church; you will never succeed in your mission of destruction.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart, Pray for us.

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!

Viva Il Papa! Viva Benedetto!

Osusanna said...

Thanks for keeping us informed Vox. Blessings on you.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The truthful information provided by victims must have not been merciful enough. It was out of balance with his Humbleness' "unrealistic ideals".

A proper victim shrugs his shoulders and says: I may have been molested, but who am I to judge? Those little sins from below the belt pale in comparison to my sin of not being inclusive and welcoming enough.

His Mercifulness underestimated the rigidity of the unsophisticated man (peoplekind - to those offended) regarding the little sin of child molestation.

Kathleen1031 said...

False apology, fake tears. From theatrical fake humility to crocodile tears, he's just camp all over the place.
People don't realize how horrific it is for a boy to be introduced to sex by another male, how it completely screws up their self-identity and their future life of intimacy with the opposite sex. It can turn normal boys into raging homosexuals, many practicing homosexuals were sexual molested as boys or young men. We cannot overestimate how damaging this act is, how it impacts a boy all his life, until he dies. It is outrageous, wildly destructive, and totally unfair. There is no remedy and no recompense for it.
What is owed is to acknowledge who is doing it, not "pedophiles", surely not, but homosexual predator priests and bishops. We need to stop using the nomenclature that protects the predators and allows them to continue to fill seminaries and to be promoted, up, up, upwards, until the whole Church is filled with them and they continue on their vile, destructive path.
God have mercy on US for not doing more to end this pattern of filling our seminaries with men who are patently unfit for priestly service. We expect Cardinals to come to our aid now that we have a destroyer pope, but what have we done by allowing these evil men to destroy lives.

Johnno said...

Someone should tell him that perhaps the god of surprises is also running a blog, so it'd be best for him to check them regularly in case the spirit is moving around on the internet. Because we must keep up with the times and be open to the spirit's evolution in the new wineskin of the world wide web, and not the old wineskin tatters of the print version of La Republica...

Anonymous said...

It is time now that bloggers help and encourage the right minded Cardinals ,Bishops and Priests through out the world to come together and call for a council and elect a new Pope as Francis's papal election is an INVALID one force Francis to quit/abdicate.

Francis has caused enough damage to Catholic Faith and causing confusion among Catholics. Faith is at great risk. He vomits Heresy after heresy and there is no Hell or Heaven why does he want to occupy the Papal seat wrongly. The previous Popes have made a blunder by raising Francis as a Bishop and then a Cardinal. The previous Superior General of Jesuit Society had told that Francis was unfit to be a Bishop.
The whole Catholic world will have to come together to demand that Francis abdicate his position as Pope and retire. May God deal with him as He did to Saul , convert him or judge him .