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A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 1 March 2017

The Fraud of Pope Francis' and Vatican's concern for victims of sexual crimes of priests

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While most, the overwhelming majority of sexual rape and abuse by priests has been committed by sodomites against young teens between 13 and 17 years of age, it has also happened to young women. 

Marie Collins, of Ireland, is one of those and was appointed to a commission by Pope Francis. She has now realised the futility of the work and without directly criticising Pope Francis, reading between the lines, it is quite obvious that it is his doing, or lack thereof that has lead to this.

The Bishop of Rome as "full, immediate and universal jurisdiction" over the Church. If a curial office is not carrying out his supposed instruction, as it seems in this case, then it is within his power and duty to force it to.

Clearly, Bishop of Rome Bergoglio has failed in his committment as we have recently seen; all in the name of false mercy.

I sent my letter of resignation (copied to Cardinal O’Malley), from the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, to Pope Francis on the 9th February 2017 to have effect from 1st March 2017.
Since the beginning of the Commission in March 2014 I have been impressed with the dedication of my colleagues and the genuine wish by Pope Francis for assistance in dealing with the issue of clerical sexual abuse.  I believe the setting up of the Commission, the bringing in of outside expertise to advise him on what was necessary to make minors safer, was a sincere move.
However, despite the Holy Father approving all the recommendations made to him by the Commission, there have been constant setbacks. This has been directly due to the resistance by some members of the Vatican Curia to the work of the Commission.  The lack of co-operation, particularly by the dicastery most closely involved in dealing with cases of abuse, has been shameful. 
This is a condemnation of Pope Francis. He has the power to instruct the dicastery to do its job. The Vatican is infested with sodomites and perverts and the Pope is responsible or it and for not dealing with it. Francis talks a lot and says nothing unless he is throwing insults. This is his baby now and he will wear the fact that the perverts, under his "mercy" will get away with their crimes. Well, they will on this side of eternity. Vox
Late last year a simple recommendation, approved by Pope Francis, went to this dicastery in regard to a small change of procedure in the context of care for victims/survivors. In January I learned the change was refused.   At the same time a request for co-operation on a fundamental issue of Commission work in regard to safeguarding was also refused.  While I hope the Commission will succeed in overcoming this resistance, for me it is the last straw.
Cardinal Sean O’Malley has invited me to continue to be part of training projects including those for the Curia and new bishops and I am happy to accept.  This will be the area on which I will now concentrate.
I wish my colleagues on the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors the very best for the future.
Marie Collins1st March 2017

The Statement from the Commission and Cardinal O'Malley can be found at the following link. 

A disgrace. A pathetic and vile disgrace of filthy perverted men and weak men who care more about their positiosn than the evil done to hundreds of thousands.



Kathleen1031 said...

We had, as Roman Catholics, every right to expect that our Catholic Church would have been cleaned out of active homosexuals, to the extent possible. I don't give a rats about priest shortages, it would be far better to clean out our church and get the sodomites and pederasts out of there, than leave them in to muddle up the church with heresies and sexually abuse young boys and young men.

Most of the dissenters from church teaching seem to be homosexuals or homosexual enablers. And ALL of the sexual abusers, virtually, are homosexual predators, acting out their selfish and diabolical needs on vulnerable boys and young men. The John Jay study proved it, since 81% of the victims were adolescent boys. Pederasty. It has been going on in the church for ages, but never got cleaned out. Now, we suffer. Lives have been ruined. Boys and young men, older men too, have committed suicide after being molested by a man they should have been able to trust. Not only was the boy exposed to a distorted view of sexual relations, his view of Church can hardly be the same, how could it? So his innocence, his trust, his confidence in Church and ultimately, even God, is taken away from him, while these monsters go their merry way looking for younger and more fresh victims.

That our church did not only NOT clean these men out, it's that they didn't even TRY to. We waited, when these scandals broke in Boston, to see real change come to seminaries, as in, refusal to admit men with any homosexual inclinations AT ALL, and once in, remove men who has breached said criteria. They have years to observe this and figure it out, send men home. How many got sent home? We heard of Lavendar Palaces. Did anyone get sent home??
It didn't happen, and has not happened, and apparently, is not going to happen. Conclusion: We are NOT serious about it. We are willing to allow more boys and young men to be sexually molested so that we "have more priests".
This is a huge stumbling block, and should be. It is categorically unacceptable, a completely contradictory thing, for any of us to say this is acceptable. It is NOT. At some point, WE are morally responsible for this mess, if we can just go on as if this is not the case.
All the mess we are observing in the church, what do we expect.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

They care more about their positions than the evil done to hundreds of thousands? This is evil is still being done.
Aaaand... you missed the briefing. It is not evil but a disease. They were born this way.

Ana Milan said...

When Peter Saunders left the Commission a year ago I was waiting for Marie Collins to follow. Now, a year later, she has. There is a wanton current of non co-operation in the department dealing with what PB described as the 'filth' perpetrated by homosexual clergy on their young prey which got beyond the power of PB to eradicate & led to his resignation. With up to 50% of serving priests in the Vatican being homosexual is it any wonder there has been no satisfactory outcome for the victims of sodomites. These perverts have reached the highest echelons of the CC & are now so brazen they hold no fear of being outed &, indeed, fully support LGBT 'rights', abortion, Holy Communion for cohabitants &, of course, AL. With such a huge outlay of Church funds having gone towards compensation, money that was given by pew sitters all around the world for the upkeep of clergy, churches & schools, it is right that these active & brazen sodomites answer to us. They are not entitled to misuse Church Funds for any reason & should have been handed over to the police before it became a Church matter. Fr. John Gallagher of Palm Beach who did inform the authorities of such a case has been suspended by Bishop Barbarito with the consent of Cardinal O'Malley, head of the Commission on sexual abuse. So that really says it all. I am glad that Fr. Gallagher is now suing the Diocese for defamation & persecution. Perhaps other clergy who have had similar experiences will bring them to our attention & thus set the ball rolling to begin in earnest the defrocking process that must be carried out to rid the CC of the corruption that has overtaken it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vox.

Bergoglio is a deceiver and a sophist.

Bergoglio was elected precisely to take the news focus away from paedo priests by pretending to be a reformer.

I ask the Holy Archangels of God - Michael, Raphael and Gabriel to pray for permission from God the Trnity to execute Bergoglio - giving the appearance of natural means.

This is the pass to which we have come.

George Brenner said...

Pre Vatican II we all were taught and said that there is no Salvation outside the Catholic Church. It is the last 70 years of denying this upon which we fall.

George Brenner

Anonymous said...

Not only children, older women too. The vicar at my parish is a goodlooking guy. I've seen him outside the parish with young girls at different times and places. These women are seduced by him and I know for a fact that he promises to leave the priesthood for them. They're being lied to and used.

Dan said...

I've decided that the agenda of this p*pe and his friends in power is directly related to the abuse crisis. I think they crave love and attention and felt as though the crisis only brought contempt by the public.

They sold out the Church for earthly praise.

Kathleen1031 said...

It is an affront to God, and one's clerical position to take advantage of women in that way. It is a betrayal of the office, and the responsibility. It is egregious and offensive. But one could say, in the natural order, it is not "an abomination". The damage done to a little boy or a young man when sexually abused by a man, cannot be overestimated. It confuses their own self-identity, in a unique and very damaging way, this is why homosexuals are often "recruited", by being molested by homosexual men. It totally throws off the natural orientation, to be introduced to corrupt sex in such a distorted manner. This is why many practicing homosexuals were recruited this way, and they can spend their lives acting it out on others in some mysterious and dysfunctional way. Not all, surely, but too many.
So pederasty, the sexual abuse of boys, young men, by priests, is a vile and damaging act. It is inexcusable that our church has not taken this seriously but is now even looking the other way or giving light taps on the wrist. PB seemed to take it seriously. This man seems an enabler. God help us, Lord, protect innocent boys and young men from predators!

Anonymous said...


lmpivon said...

News has just come out from Michael Voris that the 300 page dossier that had been ordered by Pope Benedict XVI has just now come out. Am checking to see if this is true. If true, the next thing we all better be finding out about is what really happened to Pope Benedict XVI. How did they force him out? Why did he tell Bishop Fellay of SSPX that he felt he was in a "cell", and when the Bishop asked him why he couldn't do anything about the situation, he responded "my power stops there" (as he pointed to the door).

Usually, when a person retires, they are free to go visit a brother in Germany. Why wasn't Benedict free to do that? He told Bishop Fellay he had to get "permission from Francis" to leave.

So, we better be investigating WHY Pope Benedict XVI left at the EXACT TIME that 300 page dossier came out. That's all I gotta say.