Saturday, 11 March 2017

Blest am I, for they hated my Master too!

The harassment continues unabated in the combox.

It is a fascinating time.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, the Anonymous did not work there. He cannot even spell. Loose not faith, Vox. The beauty of THE TRUE FAITH will prevail.

Kathleen1031 said...

I would let the Nuncio know he has a mole. Letters sent in confidentiality to a Nuncio should be completely confidential, and if they are not, the people have a right to be informed thus. This level of confidentiality is similar to Confession. If the people do not have a total confidence what is spoken is private and confidential, who would go? So it is a grave breach of trust to find that someone outside the Nuncio would indicate they have knowledge of "letters".

That being said, are letters illegal? Is there a legal consequence to "letters"? Are people not entitled to sit down and express their feelings and thoughts to the Nuncio, who would surely be very interested to know, that perhaps, someone in the office or with whom the Nuncio has confided is now sending you anonymous messages that indicate they "know" you sent "letters". Even "many letters", which, again, I am wondering if this is illegal activity, to send letters.
I assume it is not, so, what is the problem, I would like to ask "Anonymous".

Yes, I would certainly give this information to the Nuncio, exactly what was said in the comment. Given the dates of any communication, it may be possible to determine who this is.
Whoever it is, has already revealed a mean-spirited person who enjoys a behavior that would be identifiable under some psychological category.
Satan hates anyone who defends Christ and the truth.
Congratulations Vox, and God bless you. You are 100% right, this person, nor they, will "win".

Eirene said...

It would be enlightening to know - if permitted - exactly WHAT everyone is referring to in these comments, Vox?

Vox Cantoris said...

More persecution from dissidents.