Saturday, 18 March 2017

"False and Dangerous"

Father Gerald E. Murray, J.C.D. is a Canon Lawyer and priest of the Archdiocese of New York and Pastor there, of Holy Family parish. He is often seen with Raymond Arroyo and Dr. Robert Royal on The World Over on EWTN. He writes:
Fr. Gerald E. Murray
"Ready for some casuistry? Should the Catholic Church allow a man and a woman to receive the sacraments in the following case? A woman living with a married but divorced man tells him that she no longer wants to live in sin; the man threatens to kill himself, and she, following her confessor’s advice, stays with him?"

Visit his article at The Catholic Thing for the rest of this important article and understanding of what is God's law and what is "false and dangerous" theology. 

We are in a critical time in Church and world history. It has not always been like this in the Church because never before has technology existed as today where actions and words are instantly known. Even 100 years ago, no Catholic would have been aware of the daily occurrences as today.

Arm yourself for spiritual warfare. Discern carefully from those who speak the truth and those who do not.


Anonymous said...

That's NIIIICE. So they can both die in there sins and spend eternity in hell. Should the confessor not have talked to husband? Talked him off the ledge so to speak and into the one true faith?

Kathleen1031 said...

I just wrote to Raymond Arroyo and asked him to keep educating Catholics about what is going on, along with Fr. Murray and Robert Royal. Catholics need to wake up and see how it really is, bad.
These times are unprecedented, as you say, social media puts heresy around the globe in minutes.
If we had simply a bad pope, he could be contained, or countered. We have not only a bad pope, but a gaggle of bad Cardinals and Bishops. More than a gaggle, a crowd. Maybe a mob. Maybe predominantly. We don't know the exact numbers, but one can surmise.
In addition to those, we have the ones who are the true scandal, because after all, there are always bad men. We have the weaklings and cowards, the capitulators and excusers. THOSE are the real scandal, because they allow Christ to be insulted, the faith to be raped, the people to be mistreated and corrupted, and they will not utter one word. If they do utter a word, it is so weak or buried in excuses and prattle, nobody gleans the word out of it. What good is that! WE NEED MEN, REAL MEN, COURAGEOUS MEN, MEN OF ZEAL, NOT WEAKNESS. WE NEED LEADERS TO HELP THE FLOCK, WHO ARE NOW SCATTERED.
Where are they. All we see are effeminates and cowards.
THIS, is the real scandal.
God help us, and soon.

Anonymous said...

God bless and protect Fr. Gerald Murray, Raymond Arroyo and Robert Royal.

Johnno said...

I see what Fr. Coo-Coo F'Or Coco-puffs is saying...

That to show mercy to this woman he must insist that she live alone with her children with a crazy man with a gun.

Most secular courts would end the legal marriage and grant her custody. But not the Church of Francis!

See they are hoping that some day the providence of the Lord will lead the man and woman to a skirmish which may have her wrestle the gun from his hands and shoot him.

That means the false marriage ends. The children are safe. Guns are banned. Patriarchial Men are further demonnized. And Hollywood gives her a million bucks to make a movie based on a true story. Just add a homosexual couple as brave concerned neighbors and it'll win an Oscar. Even better if there's some Trad Catholic priest who she comes to for help who instead tells her to honor God and stay in her marriage with a crazy fellow. For some reason he'll look like Burke rather than Coco, but that's just a casting coincidence...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

A Christian should trust Jesus Christ. He should seek (and obey) Him first, so that all the rest can be added on to him.
If Jesus says - any man who takes another wife commits adultery, and if He says: do not commit adultery, a Christian knows what to do.
A priest (be it pope) offering a new interpretation of very precise words of Jesus, is a liar. Once he starts to lie, all he says next becomes saturated with more lies.
Our world is to evolved for us to stick to Jesus - say the liars. Listen to us, as we re-interpret it in our new context, so foreign to God Almighty and God All-knowing, His long outdated words.

Why do we need God, if we have the discerning Jesuits? As long as we kiss the feet of the Muslims, as long as we deny our faith and adopt their Marxism, they will get as straight to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Thank God some Catholic laity + clerics have the guts to speak out against this proportionalist nonsense. We need more voices like these to speak out for Catholic moral integrity.

I am very disturbed by how frequently clerics are saying that Catholic morality is impossible. And I am disturbed by just how many are saying it.

Is it better to suffer but avoid sin, or to sin happily unto death because you didn't want to upset the status quo?

Justina said...

I do know a woman who went to a TLM-offering priest with the problem that her husband was drinking and was hitting her and the children, and she was told to stay in the situation and "submit to his headship in all things." The Traditional Latin Mass isn't some magical panacea. I wish that the people promoting its preservation--and I count myself among them--would stop sounding like it is. Yes, we want the Holy Mass to be offered with liturgical rectitude and with reverence, but that's not the whole picture. We want these things that God's will may be done in everything, and more perfectly at every moment. An ecclesial culture that starts with the TLM but also ends there just doesn't cut it.

Vox Cantoris said...

Good point Justina, but I think that is a pastoral issue with the priest and not the traditional Mass. The liturgy must convict us, that is what will change us and the world. The situation above is analogous to those who pine away for some dream of the 1950's. No, not now, not ever. The 1950's led to the 1960's and to today. The faith was a mile wide and an inch deep or it would not have fallen so fast.

If she didn't tell him in the confessional, he should pay the man a visit.

Clearly, the priest did not understand, "Husbands love your wives as Christ loves his Church."

Anonymous said...

It's better to suffer and avoid sin but that doesn't mean one has to be a doormat. Humility is the truth about oneself.