Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Paul Durocher - daydream doodling and doctrinal diddlying

Paul Durocher. Now there's a name we've not heard since October. Please forgive me for not putting his title as a prefix. Truly, when he starts acting it, I'll start addressing him by it.

Y'all remember Paul Durocher, right? 

He was Canada's great contribution to last October's Synod to destroy the family held in Rome. That's right. Paul Durocher, erstwhile musicologist and Archbishop of Gatineau, a lovely little place across the River Outaouais from our Nation's Capital, just down the road from the rather seedy village of Hull. Well, young Paul, the poor suffering and deluded Catholics on the north side of the Ottawa River have this man for another dozen or more years, is the one who stood up at that infamous Synod and declared the most profound need for the family was to have women deacons.

That's right. 

The Synod on the Family used by this so-called "Shepherd" to push a radical feminist political agendas.

Now, how many priests do you think the Archdiocese of Gatineau has left? Well, as of 2013, a grand total of 61 priests with 21 of those being of Religious Orders and 1 Deacon. That is 1 priest for every 4,366 souls. Compare that with this. Prior to the Cultural Revolution, ... I mean, Quiet Revolution, - basically the other French one but without the blood and gore, except in the case of the late Pierre Laporte, may he rest in peace, and the new springtime of Vatican II, Gatineau-Hull, as it was then known had 214 priests or 1 for every 530 souls. They have no vocations and those who have recently shown any interest were far too Catholic and sent away.

Well, Durocher is up to it again. Since reporting on his Synod escapades on Sing and Walk which is more aptly titled Sit Down and Shut-up, he's now been featured by Toronto's own Catholic Register with his wisdom espousing a greater role for women in the Church.

Maybe if Paul showed a little masculinity and challenged the men of Gatineau to stand up for the faith and Our Lord Jesus Christ, he wouldn't have such a problem. What is it that these "men" don't get, the feminised Church is what sent the men away?

Ah, but they do get it.

They get it good.



Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

That basketball rim might be the closest he gets to a halo.

Unknown said...

You know these people are living in a fantasy world, because if anything the contemporary Church is dominated by women who have overtaken every role except for the priesthood.

ggreg said...

He's the patron saint of basketball,