A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 19 February 2016

The Bergoglio-Lombardi diabolical disorientation

When Pope Benedict XVI mused during an aeroplane interview about a male prostitute using a condom to prevent AIDS it was a theoretical proposition suited to a seminary lecture on moral theology and stating it was an error. 

The story of Paul VI granting permission for nuns in the Congo to use an oral contraceptive because they might become pregnant if raped is exactly that, a story. It was recorded in a book. There is no evidence he allowed it or ordered it and even if he did, it was not then and is not now, magisterial teaching.

The above being said and out of the way. Federico Lombardi, S.J. has now tried to spin a few things from yesterday's ridiculous interview with Jorge Bergoglio, Pope of Rome, and the world's anti-Catholic media. LifeSiteNews has the full report.

Lombardi is now affirming that Bergoglio was indeed speaking about the use of contraceptives for the Zika virus.

If this is true, then Lombardi is a corrupt and evil man. His duty as a Catholic priest was to advise the Bishop of Rome that he would not report such a scandalous affirmation and then promptly resign.

We are in a grave crisis unknown since Arius.

My brothers and sisters in Christ. Do not abandon your faith. Do not abandon our Holy Mother, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Do not flirt with sedevacantism, or the Orthodox who are schismatic. Abandon these monsters in clerical clothing but do not abandon our Mother. 

Fight friends. 

We were born for this!

Prayer of St. Clement Mary Hofbauer
O my Redeemer,
will that dreadful time ever come,
when but few Christians shall be left
who are inspired by the spirit of faith,
that time when Thine anger shall be provoked
and Thy protection shall be take away from us?
Have our vices and our evil lives
irrevocably moved Thy justice to take vengeance,
perhaps this very day,
upon Thy children?
O Thou, the beginning and end of our faith,
we conjure Thee,
in the bitterness of our contrite and humbled hearts,
not to suffer the fair light of faith
to be extinguished in us.
Remember Thy mercies of old,
turn Thine eyes in mercy upon the vineyard
planted by Thine own right hand,
and watered by the sweat of the Apostles,
by the precious blood of countless Martyrs
and by the tears of so many sincere penitents,
and made fruitful by the prayers
of so many Confessors and innocent Virgins.
O divine Mediator,
look upon those zealous souls
who raise their hearts to Thee
and pray ceaselessly
for the maintenance of that most precious gift of Thine,
the true faith.
We beseech Thee,
O God of justice,
to hold back the decree of our rejection,
and to turn away Thine eyes from our vices
and regard instead the adorable Blood
shed upon the Cross,
which purchased our salvation
and daily intercedes for us upon our altars.
Ah, keep us safe in the true Catholic and Roman faith.
Let sickness afflict us,
vexations waste us,
misfortunes overwhelm us!
But preserve in us Thy holy faith;
for if we are rich with this precious gift,
we shall gladly endure every sorrow,
and nothing shall ever be able to change our happiness.
On the other hand,
without this great treasure of faith,
our unhappiness would be unspeakable and without limit!
O good Jesus, author of our faith,
preserve it untainted within us;
keep us safe in the bark of Peter,
faithful and obedient to his successor
and Thy Vicar here on earth,
that so the unity of Holy Church may be maintained,
holiness fostered,
the Holy See protected in freedom,
and the Church universal extended
to the benefit of souls.
O Jesus, author of our faith,
humble and convert the enemies of Thy Church;
grant true peace
and concord to all Christian kings and princes
and to all believers;
strengthen and preserve us in Thy holy service,
so that we may live in Thee and die in Thee.
O Jesus, author of our faith,
let me live for Thee and die for Thee.


Sandpiper said...

It is a most appropriate prayer for this desolate time on earth.

Dorota said...

God bless you, Vox.
Your encouragement is gratefully received.

It is surreal, isn't it?

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, are we certain of this story? I have checked and checked this story on the Internet and wherever this story has been reported, each time the source is credited as Lifesite. As far as I can tell, they are the entity who had broken this story. Is there confirmation of this incredible story?

A Google News search revealed that not one major news media outlet had reported the story in question. Surely, this monumental story would be reported with glee by the secular news media.

Again, is Lifesite correct about this? This is a staggering claim by Lifesite.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

The pope crossed the line. Irrevocably, deliberately, decisively. The Synod pushed the line, now it's crossed. As of this morning there was still a chance because his words on the plane were a vague jumble. Different interpretations were possible, as a hundred media reports show.

Then Lombardi comes out and confirms, yes indeed, the pope did mean the pill, the pope did mean a condom, the pope did absolutely mean contraception. All are morally acceptable if, basically, you have a good reason.

And whose reason is not good!? Nuns want to avoid pregnancy in the jungle, hey, who can blame them? (Even though the legend is a myth.)

Parents do not want to conceive a child that might, possibly, like maybe, contract the Zika virus. Sure! Never mind that the disease is not medically or scientifically confirmed to be transmitted in utero, and that fetal alcohol syndrome causes the same... hey, wait a second...

All you mothers out there who drink, get on the pill! You have a grave reason to avoid pregnancy. We must prevent any baby from ever being born with FAS.

Hey, pregnant moms eating chocolate can produce colicky babies! Colic, what a tragedy! No cure! Women, get on the pill if you are addicted to chocolate! You have a moral imperative not to bring a miserable, suffering colicky baby into the world.

What about poverty? The disease of our time according to the pope! All you potential moms and dads who are poor, quick, get on the pill! It's a grave responsibility, not to bring a child into a poverty-stricken home!

Oh, you're middle class and both lawyers? Well, heck you cannot have your careers messed up with some screaming brat in the house! For Pete's sake, that is a form of poverty to your creativity and prestige! Prevent it at all costs, use condoms!

So much for divine guidance, unchangeable doctrine, eternal truth or the "intrinsically evil" stuff in Humanae Vitae. That is just one little part of that encyclical, after all. Some old, stuffy theology that has now evolved under the wisdom of the great up-to-date one, Francis!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Relativism.

Vox Cantoris said...

Mark, I know Steve Jalsevac and John-Henry Westen and Hilary White, though she is no longer reporting personally. If LifeSiteNews is reporting it then it is credible.

Vox Cantoris said...

LifeSiteNews' report is based on the Vatican Radio report in print, in Italian on its website linked in the LSN story. Yes Mark, et al; it is true.

torchofthefaith said...

Dear Vox,

Thank you for this very helpful prayer at this dark time.

In Christ
Alan and Angeline

Anonymous said...

I sit here in tears. What will the church be for our children? Will they abandon it because it doesn't look any different than the rest of the world? Dear Jesus, please have mercy on we, your children. Hear our prayers, O Lord. Save us from the fires of hell.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox said..."If LifeSiteNews is reporting it then it is credible."

Vox, I appreciate your knowledge of the people at LifeSiteNews. I accept most certainly that they are fine people. That does not mean that is LifeSiteNews has reported a story, then said story is credible. Good people sometimes report or believe as credible false stories.

For example, LifeSiteNews last year reported the nonsense that a secret "Mafia-like" group of Churchmen, which included Cardinal Danneels, that had topped supposedly Pope Benedict XVI and plotted the election of Pope Francis (Cardinal Bergoglio).


"Cardinal Danneels admits being part of clerical ‘Mafia’ that plotted Francis’ election"

That story was discredited immediately...immediately. As I surfed then the Traditional Catholic Blogosphere, one leading Traditional Catholic blogger after another who had reported that story had backed off immediately as the story proved absurd. As I recall, only Rorate Caeli, to their embarrassment, tried desperately to promote that story. Every additional leading Traditional Catholic blogger had moved on quickly from that discredited story.

But LifeSiteNews, even though they are fine people, had initially been caught up in a story that from its beginning was an obvious fraud.

Vox, again, I appreciate your knowledge of the folks at LifeSiteNews. I am certain that they are fine people. But the fact that they reported a story doesn't place the stamp of certain credibility upon that story.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, LifeSiteNews, and, for that matter, Father Lombardi, aside, I will await word from His Holiness Pope Francis before I believe that the Vicar of Christ approved the use of contraceptives.

If Pope Francis has just destroyed Humanae Vitae, then, to echo your comment, the Church has without doubt just fallen into a state of crisis unknown since Arius. There isn't any question about that...if Pope Francis has thrown in with the Culture of Death.

I don't believe that he has. Again, before I accept Father Lombardi's supposed interpretation of Pope Francis' comments in question, I have to hear/read from Pope Francis directly that His Holiness has determined that Catholics may embrace the evil that is contraception.

I appreciate your endorsement of the people at LifeSiteNews. I am sure that they are fine people. My leeriness in this instance is not so much about LifeSiteNews...I simply wish to exercise caution in regard to the notion that Pope Francis supports the use of contraceptives. I believe that the monumental impact of such a thing compels me to hear from Pope Francis directly before I believe that he has thrown in with the Culture of Death.

Finally, Vox, I take to heart your words about remaining faithful to Holy Mother Church. "Do not abandon your faith. Do not abandon our Holy Mother, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church." We need to pay attention to your words.


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

It was on Vatican Radio!

Jonah said...

Amid all the alarm and consternation, has anyone else noticed that the supposed defenders of the faith aren't the only ones lamenting Francis? None other than arch-Luciferian Donald Trump lost his cool -- although Francis hadn't breathed a word about him! Would Dolan and his crowd ever achieve such an unmasking? Is the wisdom of the world greater than the foolishness of God? Find Dostoyevsky's "The Idiot" and study his character, Prince Myshkin. The order of grace does not operate within the constraints of rationalism. The freemasons have been defeated and they're getting frantic.

Anonymous said...

The link at Lifesite News is carried in their article. It links to the Radio Vaticana interview in Italian with Fr Lombardi.
The quote in Italian is as follows: R. – L’aspetto fondamentale mi sembra che sia stato colto, ed è che il Papa parla della inaccettabilità dell’aborto come soluzione. In questi casi, invece, purtroppo, ci sono state delle prese di posizione o delle dichiarazioni che sembrano andare piuttosto in questa direzione del facilitare l’aborto, cosa che per noi è assolutamente inaccettabile. Il Papa distingue poi nettamente la radicalità del male dell’aborto come soppressione di una vita umana e invece la possibilità di ricorso a contraccezione o preservativi per quanto può riguardare casi di emergenza o situazioni particolari, in cui quindi non si sopprime una vita umana, ma si evita una gravidanza. Ora non è che lui dica che vada accettato e usato questo ricorso senza nessun discernimento, anzi, ha detto chiaramente che può essere preso in considerazione in casi di particolare emergenza.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, I apologize for not having made myself clear. I would like to read an English translation of the Vatican Radio report. That aside, I wish to add that I am not at all against the people at LifeSiteNews. If they have reported accurately Father Lombardi's remarks, then so be it.

Here is the only thing that matters. We have not heard one official word from His Holiness Pope Francis/The Holy See in regard to the notion that Humanae Vitae has been overthrown. We have not heard one official word from the Magisterium that legitimized the use of condoms and contraception.

There is no way that a Pope's response to a reporter's question, a response that required "clarification", constituted Magisterial teaching. No way. There is not any way that Father Lombardi's "clarification" in question represents Magisterial teaching. No way.

Besides that, if it were correct that Pope Francis approved the use of condoms and contraception among Catholics, the following would have occurred:

1. The Holy See would have announced official the teaching in question.

2. The international news media, as their ranks are filled with folks who despise Traditional Catholic teachings, would have announced with glee the shocking news in question.

3. Every bishop on earth would have commented upon the new teaching. Massive chaos would have ensued throughout the Church.

4. One leading orthodox Catholic Churchman after another would have roared righteously...Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, the African bishops, Polish Bishops, Archbishop Sample...all the orthodox Churchmen would have made known their minds.

Regardless of what Father Lombardi may have said...or this or that person's interpretation of the Pope's comment...I simply do not believe that there has been any change to the Church's teachings in regard to condoms and contraception.

Again, how is it possible that such a thing occurred supposedly, but Cardinal Burke and all the bishops of the Church have not said a word in regard to the supposed new "teaching" in question?

Vox, I agree that the Pope's press conference was a disaster for Holy Mother Church. I guess, if the LifeSiteNews report is correct, that even the "clarification" is a disaster.

However, there is no way that the Church's teachings in condoms and contraception have changed suddenly. There is no way that a muddled Papal response to a reporter's question constituted Magisterial teaching. There is no way that the "clarification" constituted Magisterial teaching.

Vox, thank you for allowing me to express my opinions here. Man, o man...another Papal press conference...another disaster...it's just very exhausting.

Regardless, as Vox made clear, each of us is called to keep the Faith. Please everybody, pray for me.


Mark Thomas

Peter Lamb said...

OK, hands up all those who know that Bergoglio is a manifest, formal, pertinacious heretic! Good! Now those who haven't put their hands up, have a Pope and I trust will faithfully submit to all his magisterial teaching, which includes every teaching of Vatican II, which was a dogmatic council, promulgated with all the authority of the ordinary magisterium of Pope Paul VI, of blessed memory - he said so himself. As a good Catholic you will submit to every jot and tittle of his teaching. You will never ever sift the teachings of the Vicar of Christ, Bergoglio and place your own judgement of what is acceptable, or not, or what is Catholic, or not, as the SSPX do, above the teaching of the Supreme Pontiff. If you have any doubt about this, go and read Pastor Aeternus. There is no justification for such ridiculous, absurd notions as practiced by the SSPX anywhere in Catholic doctrine - nothing, nada, zilch! They make their own rules and we will see in due course, what Our Lord says to them about this very non-Catholic habit of theirs.
OK, now you lot who believe that a heretic cannot be elected Pope, or that if a Pope becomes a heretic, he automatically, ipso facto loses his office and jurisdiction, where did you get that crazy idea? I suppose you sucked it out of your thumbs? You say Saints, Popes, theologians, canon lawyers and Doctors of the Church have said so? Really? OK, for brevity then, just give me a few Saints who back you up. If necessary, I'll ask you for lengthy lists of quotes from the others, but for now just give me a few Saints - just a few mind!
St. Francis de Sales: – “Now when the Pope is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church . . . ”

St. Robert Bellarmine: – “A Pope who is a manifest heretic
automatically ceases to be a Pope and head, just as he ceases
automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church. Wherefore,he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the teaching of all the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction.”

St. Alphonsus Liguori: – “If ever a Pope, as a private person, should
fall into heresy, he should at once fall from the Pontificate. If,
however, God were to permit a pope to become a notorious and
contumacious heretic, he would by such fact cease to be pope, and the
apostolic chair would be vacant.”

St. Antoninus: – “In the case in which the Pope would become a
heretic, he would find himself, by that very fact alone and without
any other sentence, separated from the Church. A head separated from a body cannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body from which it was cut off.”
well OK, that does make one think a bit, I suppose. Times up. You can quote some more another time. What's that? You say dear old Vox is being a bit unfair calling sedes schismatics. You might have a point. I mean how can one be schismatic from an anti-pope who one does not recognise as being a true Pope? On the other hand,I mean if a heretic can be Pope and the Catholic Church is not indefectible - then he has a point. Shucks it's too complicated for me. Let's go have a braai!

Anonymous said...

Mark, none of that matters, you are in the Church of the 19th century. You are looking at fine cracks in the sidewalk, about which your description is correct and precise, but you are not seeing the looming vision of where the sidewalk is leading. This is the greatest fault trads have, they are obsessed with particulars and miss what is really happening, then find themselves shocked and upset.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us of the 'foolishness of God." Bergolio isn't the first bad pope the church has experienced over the last 2000 years. Bergolio, like the others before him, is only a sign of rot.

Now is not the time to despair. The church is not being destroyed; God will never allow it. Rather, the church is shedding its old skin in order to emerge renewed. The result will be a healthier, more powerful, church. Hold fast, and you will never regret it.

This is not what destruction looks like. Nil desperandum.

Osusanna said...

Came right up when I googled it - NY Times, Pope Francis Says Contraception can be used to Slow Zika.

Stephen Lowe said...

The Mystical Body of Christ is undergoing Our Lord's Passion. Find a good priest and hold onto the True Faith tightly....future generations will appreciate it.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Dear Mr Lamb. My hand us up because anyone who is not being bluffed by the devil knows that Bergoglio is 'is a manifest, formal, pertinacious heretic.' The Church's teachings on this are as prolific as they are plain. The sedevacantist is no more a schismatic than St Athanasius or St Francis de Sales, or Pope Saint Pius X, who are outside the institution of the Novus Ordo by virtue of their rejection of Modernism, abstinence from all forms of non-traditionalism, and Protestantism, paganism, mohamadeanism, rabbinalism etc. Etc. Pope Saint Pius X, Saint Frances de Sales, Saint Athanasius are Catholic. Sedevacantists who have no communion with false leaders and false rites or false doctrines are the only Catholics left.

Dorota said...

@ Mark Thomas

You are in denial. It might be time to start accepting reality.

All media are reporting in Poland, including "Radio Maryja", a Catholic station, that the Pope talked about contraception in case of Zika as a lesser evil.

He was on the plane and he said what the whole world knows he said.

Do you think he lives in a cave, and does not know what the whole world is saying about what he said, after he said it?

It happens often on the plane - the Pope contradicts Church teaching, and then the Vatican confirms it. You really think the Pope doesn't know about it?

Tell me, did Jorge Bergoglio use whom he called his friend, Tony Palmer, as his ambassador to the non-Catholic world, the same Palmer who talked about "spiritual racism"? Didn't Bergoglio often speak in derogatory fashion about Catholics faithful to doctrine?

Could you answer?
I am surprised at the constraint of other commenters here. True Christians.

Anonymous said...

We are in the Apocalypse! The Catholic Church is being turned upside down by the Jesuits. We were warned about them.

Dorota said...

@ Mark Thomas

I know how to explain it to you simply.
You know the difference between the spirit and the letter of the Law?

Please, do not suspect so many people who have seen Jorge Bergoglio's unfaithfulness to the Church of lack of fairness, honesty, charity, of some unwholesome agenda. There have been many who in face of overwhelming evidence insisted that there has been a mistake, a misinterpretation of what he said, or a lie, and who HAVE found the courage to face reality.

You see the many scandals in the Church under this Pope, often due to his very own actions and words, and you refuse to accept reality, because the Pope hasn't officially stated: Hereby I change the teaching of the Church and I deliberately scandalize the flock.

No, he is changing the teaching gradually, he talks about it, too. He refuses to be precise, he is deliberately vague, he creates cracks and leaves them open. What matters is that the Church and her teaching are changing, just as he wants it. He talks about impossible standards which according to him call for a separation of doctrine from practice. The flock worships this pope, because he gives them a green light to sin, like none before him. We all know that the flock uses contraceptives and doesn't even consider it to be sinful. The flock misses the Sunday Mass all the time, and doesn't know it is a sin.

What makes absolutely no difference is that you won't accept this reality, because you are convinced that Jorge Bergoglio wouldn't do what you see he does, because he is pope, and popes are not permitted to do it, and you would be very upset.

The spirit in the Church has changed. The bride of Christ is being raped every day. You can see it, I am sure, but unless you get written confirmation from the Pope that this is happening, you will pretend that it is not.

This letter is not coming your way, but the unholy spirit rules. Why are you so set on the letter? It is not coming. Can you not see/read/discern/feel/perceive the spirit? Stop deceiving yourself. Stop believing that you are more virtuous than all of us here together. You are the only virtuous one, right? Look, we are hurting, too. Jorge Bergoglio is not lying about his plans for the Church. Take his word for it - for sanity's sake.

Eirene said...

Dear Dorota - You have said all that I need to say about this poster. Nothing more, Nothing less. Thank you so much. God bless you and the clarity, discernment and forbearance shown in this and your other responses on this subject. Peace and Grace be with you. Eirene x

Anonymous said...

@Mark Thomas,

You can see the English Translation via Google Translate. Simply copy
& paste the question from Vatican Radio, specifically pertaining to the Pope's comment regarding contraception which is:
"Riguardo alle strategie di contrasto alla diffusione del virus Zika, caldeggiate dall’Oms, Papa Francesco ha ribadito che l’aborto è un crimine, un male assoluto. I media parlano oggi di un’apertura del Papa alla contraccezione. Cosa può dirci in proposito?" and google will translate it for you.

The answer is this in Italian: Simply copy & paste this into Google Translate. R. – L’aspetto fondamentale mi sembra che sia stato colto, ed è che il Papa parla della inaccettabilità dell’aborto come soluzione. In questi casi, invece, purtroppo, ci sono state delle prese di posizione o delle dichiarazioni che sembrano andare piuttosto in questa direzione del facilitare l’aborto, cosa che per noi è assolutamente inaccettabile. Il Papa distingue poi nettamente la radicalità del male dell’aborto come soppressione di una vita umana e invece la possibilità di ricorso a contraccezione o preservativi per quanto può riguardare casi di emergenza o situazioni particolari, in cui quindi non si sopprime una vita umana, ma si evita una gravidanza. Ora non è che lui dica che vada accettato e usato questo ricorso senza nessun discernimento, anzi, ha detto chiaramente che può essere preso in considerazione in casi di particolare emergenza. L’esempio che ha fatto di Paolo VI e della autorizzazione all’uso della pillola per delle religiose che erano a rischio gravissimo e continuo di violenza da parte dei ribelli nel Congo, ai tempi delle tragedie della guerra del Congo, fa capire che non è che fosse una situazione normale in cui questo veniva preso in considerazione. E anche - ricordiamo per esempio – la discussione seguita ad un passo del libro intervista di Benedetto XVI “Luce del mondo”, in cui egli parlava a proposito dell’uso del condom in situazioni a rischio di contagio, per esempio, di Aids. Allora il contraccettivo o il preservativo, in casi di particolare emergenza e gravità, possono anche essere oggetto di un discernimento di coscienza serio. Questo dice il Papa. Mentre sull’aborto non ha dato spazio a delle considerazioni. Poi il Papa ha insistito che bisogna cercare naturalmente di sviluppare tutta la ricerca scientifica, i vaccini, in modo tale da contrastare questa epidemia e questo rischio del virus Zika, che sta suscitando tanta preoccupazione, e però bisogna che non si cada nel panico e quindi nel far prendere degli orientamenti o delle decisioni che non sono proporzionati alla realtà del problema. Quindi capire bene la natura del problema, continuare a studiarla, a reagire anche con la ricerca, per trovare le soluzioni più sostanziali e più stabili; evitare comunque un ricorso all’aborto e, se ci fossero delle situazioni di emergenza grave, allora una coscienza ben formata può vedere se ci sono delle possibilità o delle necessità di ricorso a non abortivi per prevenire la gravidanza."