Sunday, 21 February 2016

No Paul VI permission for Nuns contraceptive use, it is a LIE and propagated by even Francis himself

In my post a few below, The Bergoglio-Lombardi Diabolical Disorientation, I referred to the aeroplane interview wherein Pope Francis mused about contraception, He used, and Lombardi later stated it again, an instance where Paul VI allegedly allowed contraception for a group of Nuns in the Congo due to the possibility of being raped. I wrote then that it was not true as there was no evidence of this.

Today, Father Z has a critical article on the matter:

You may also wish to note this:

Preliminarily, I note that the burden is not on the negative to prove that something did not occur, it is on the affirmative to prove that the alleged something did occur. That said, though, it now seems all but certain that the ‘permission’ or ‘approval’ which Francis has claimed his predecessor Pope Paul VI gave for Congo nuns facing rape to use contraception simply does not exist.

That quote is by Canonist Edward Peters and can be found here:

Please spread the truth about this lie, propagated by the Pope himself far and wide and to every priest you know.

We have only  just begin to resist! 


Mary Kay said...

Thank you!

Mark Thomas said...

Father Zhulsdorf is late to the table with his post on Pope Francis' recent comments on contraception. Last Thursday, Father Zuhlsdorf said the following in regard to Pope Francis' comments in question:

"Next, and this is important, I remind everyone that the Roman Pontiff doesn’t teach doctrine on faith and morals through off-hand comments to journalists ON AN AIRPLANE RIDE! So, relax about the contraception comment. It was meaningless."

Meaningless? Sorry, but Father Zuhlsdorf's "analysis" of Pope Francis' comments in question was preposterous. Even worse, Father Zuhlsdorf followed up that post with a spoof of Papal press conferences produced by Eye Of The Tiber. (For that matter, even Rorate Caeli failed initially to have provided meaningful coverage to Pope Francis' comments in question.)

Conversely, while Father Zuhlsdorf dismissed the Pope's monumental remarks as "meaningless," Vox, very early in the news cycle, was all over the story in question. Vox understood the consequences associated with Pope Francis' remarks about contraception.

At first, Vox was all but alone in tackling the story at had. My fear is that it's too late to confront in meaningful fashion the story in regard to Pope Francis' comments about contraception.

Additional leading Catholic bloggers should have joined Vox days ago in confronting the story in question. Had that happened, then more could have been done to have countered the monument that had built in favor of the notion that contraception use among Catholics had become acceptable.

In particular, greater attention would have been focused upon Pope Francis' claim that Pope Blessed Paul VI had supported contraception. The opportunity would have been greater to question successfully the claim that Pope Blessed Paul VI had approved the use of contraceptives. Now, that opportunity has all but passed.

Other than Vox, too many Catholics either ignored the story or dismissed the story as "meaningless". I worry that it's a case of too little, too late, in regard to Father Zuhlsdorf (and others). They should have joined forces immediately with Vox.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

It's a lie alright,C Jorge is a great deceiver.

Aged parent said...

I remember hearing that howler about the nuns thirty or forty years ago. I didn't believe it. I didn't believe it even though Paul VI was one of the worst popes in history.

Amazing that is still surfaces from time to time, and more amazing that our current pope recklessly dredged it up again.