Monday, 22 February 2016

Methinks this priest, Dwight Longenecker, should find some time in the confession and spiritual direction for his public detraction of Donald Trump

Dwight Longenencker who receives income every time you click on him at Patheos has publicly detracted and calumniated against Donald Trump and must be called out for it.

In a post which I have put below (so please don't feed the bear), Longenecker calls Donald Trump a "loud-mouthed, lying, bragging adulterous con man." He opines that he cannot believe Evangelical Christians and even Catholics are voting for him.

First, I am a Canadian, I have no pony in this race except that whatever happens to America, effects us in Canada, but if I were an American, I might also support Donald Trump. Is there a perfect candidate? How may times in the past and even now have Catholics been burnt by Catholic politicians. In Canada, Pierre Trudeau and now his son Justin, Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney, John Turner, Paul Martin, Jean Chretien -- all Catholic men who became Prime Minister since 1968 and what have they given us? Abortion up to a minute before birth with no restrictions, no-fault divorce, sodomite and lesbian so-called marriage, legal prostitution, and now euthanasia and legalised marijuana coming straight at us. In the United States we can think in the past of the Kennedys, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and others in the current crop. 

Heck, I'd take a Donald Trump over any of them, after all, "what difference does it make at this point?" to borrow a phrase.

Longenecker writes for an internet publication that also features Wicca and Satanists, Pagans and other false religions. How dare he as a Catholic priest associate himself with such an enterprise. The same goes for all the others and the latest addition in the funny hat and sunglasses.  

Longenecker's comments are mean, uncharitable and unfit by a Catholic priest in any setting, but in particular in the public square.

Shame on him.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this parody will tickle his funnybone?

Tancred said...

Has Longenecker ever condemned any democratic politician? Or is it always those soft-soap regretful semi-exhortations while positively mentioning their commitment to social justice and perhaps even complaining when canon 915 is invoked?

Has he ever once condemned Nancy Pelosi or Biden?

Anonymous said...

We are living in the best of times and the worst of times. On Saturday Fr. Paul Scalia celebrated a funeral Mass in Washington DC for his father, Justice Antonin Scalia. A Novus Ordo worth watching in its entirety. Can't but think that many of the priests present were recalled to their priestly mission. But listen to the homily. It reflects the profound heavenly message of the Mass, of being and living Catholicism, of relying on God's mercy to haul us through, of the richness of fatherhood, the four last things, the Communion of Saints and on.....

16 minutes of the best of times

Ana Milan said...

It is sad to see Traditional Catholic sites like this being turned into political arenas to elect what will be in any case a President of the USA who does not put God first, supports LGBT agenda, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, wall building, ignores Christian genocide, sells arms & armaments to rebels of other regimes, causes much unrest in distant countries due to thirst for cheap oil. Who will preside over conglomerates who actively employ illegals to reduce their costs, film industries who make & sell morally degrading pornographic videos, whose legal system insists Catholics/Christians must obey the civl law when their consciences tell them not to and jails those who refuse, etc. etc.

Best to stick to what you do best - fight against all these immoral Modernists practices by outing those who engage in them, be it the Catholic Hierarchy or the elected President & his troupe in the White House, Senate & Congress. Whoever is elected will probably be castigated by the world press as is usual. Nothing changes only titles. God alone can make the difference and that IS worth fighting for.

janet said...

Thank you for this post. It was needed and I will pass it on.

Barona said...

Has this priest excoriated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for their militant, ongoing love of baby killing? Has he warned Catholics and other Christians that to support baby killers is a grave sin? How truly disgusting it is to see priests attacking a man because he argues for his country to have a solid border.

In following the U|S primaries I understand that New Hampshire is inundated with illegal drugs that have been brought across the US southern border. The result is death, addiction, families destroyed, communities devastated.... etc., etc. No one - not even Mr. Trump's enemies - contested this fact. Indeed it can be argued that it would NOT be Christian to not build a wall. St. Paul in Sacred Scriptures states that one is duty bound to care for one's family first, or one is "...worse than the pagans". Mr. Trump may have committed many sins; his desire to build a wall to protect Americans from drugs, crime is not one of them.

However, I do understand the rage against him when he calls for a wall. Wealthy, powerful liberal love their access to cheap, near slave labour illegal migrants. Indeed, it will soon become major news that "conservative" Marco Rubio is nothing but a pawn in the hands of powerful financial interests (pro-abortion and pro-homosexual) in favour of importing cheap labour into America. From day one this lackey of billionaires has been their puppet in Washington. Watch for Trump to bring this runt to heel.

Mark Thomas said...

Pope Francis doesn't wish to involve himself in politics. Therefore, it's fair to wonder why His Holiness had jumped into the fray when a reporter posed the Donald Trump question. Pope Francis could have "dodge" that question. That said, in fairness to Pope Francis, the news media misrepresented his comments about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump responded initially to the initial news reports that had claimed that Pope Francis had denounced Mr. Trump's status as a Christian. In fairness to Donald Trump, what else could he have relied upon other than the news media reports in question?

Later that day, when he learned of Pope Francis' actual and full statement in question, Donald Trump declared that the news media had misrepresented the Pope's remarks. Donald Trump praised Pope Francis as a "wonderful guy". Donald Trump stated that Pope Francis had "said something much softer than originally reported by the media."

Father Dwight Longenecker said, "I have been astounded to receive emails and FB attacks from Catholics who side with Donald Trump against Pope Francis. However, when I read that my fellow Catholics–including priests and scholars–are taking sides with Trump versus Pope Francis I am completely flabbergasted. Have they actually read Pope Francis’ words (the transcript is here) or just the Trumped up headlines?"

1. The "Trumped up" headlines were trumped up by the news media. Father Longenecker noted the transcript of the Pope's actual words. When was that transcript released? My understanding is that the news media had rushed initial reports or the Pope's words prior to the release of the transcript. What else could Donald Trump have done other than to have responded to that which the news media had reported initially?

2. Donald Trump attacked His Holiness Pope Francis? Donald Trump responded simply to the original news media reports that claimed that Pope Francis had attacked Donald Trump.

3. When the transcript of Pope Francis' actual words was released, it was only then that it had become clear that the news media had misrepresented Pope Francis' words.

4. When Pope Francis' complete comments in question became known, Donald Trump defended Pope Francis immediately. Donald Trump noted that the news media had misrepresented Pope Francis' words. Donald Trump then praised Pope Francis as a "wonderful man".

I am surprised that Father Longenecker did not focus on the above.

The reality is that Pope Francis and Donald Trump were victimized by devious news media outlets. That said, we know that there is a steep price to pay for Pope Francis' determination to conduct press conferences and interviews with reporters.

The odds are that as long as he continues to deal with the news media in his fashion, Pope Francis will continue to incur controversy. His remarks will be misrepresented. Just as troublesome is that even when the news media have reported his comments accurately, Pope Francis has offered several

Anyway, I believe that Father Longenecker performed a hatchet job on Donald Trump.


Mark Thomas

Catholic Mission said...

Longenecker writes for an internet publication that also features Wicca and Satanists, Pagans and other false religions. How dare he as a Catholic priest associate himself with such an enterprise. The same goes for all the others and the latest addition in the funny hat and sunglasses.

Lay Catholics beware : Fr.Laureat Basanese S.J will interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism instead of Feeneyism to protect himself and tell you a lie

Anonymous said...

I'm an American.

Abortion, etc. are all bad. But Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. didn't do anything concrete aside from a few words here and there to stem the tide of these fruits of modern misanthropy. Voting for them or Clinton or Biden or Kennedy would do NOTHING to change the facts on the ground. So I agree with the, "what difference does it make at this point?" thing.

I disagree where it concerns Trump. Longernecker pegged this guy to a T in calling him a "loud-mouthed, lying, bragging adulterous con man." That's not detraction. It's the distillation of decades of publicity by the media as well as the garrulous and cheap self-promotion that Trump himself has put on record.

A Trump presidency will do nothing to change the social and moral landscape in this country. Zero. Mark my words.

The Evangelicals and more to the point for your readership, the Catholics (the variety that are better characterized as Americanist, smells and bells Calvinists)must be snorting something stronger than incense if they think he believes in anything other than himself and his own ambition. These people are useful idiots.

You in Canada have your own empty-headed narcissist at the helm of your government. Now there's some real detraction. Detraction from the prestige and gravitas of your country's highest political office because voters chose someone on the basis of his hair and the parroting of pithy platitudes. Trump is of the same variety, except that he doesn't hide his nastiness.

A Trump victory will do to the presidency what Caligula did to the Roman Senate by appointing his horse to it. Cheapen it.

Since you, in your own words, "have no pony in this race," leave it to us Americans who do to discuss what we think best for our country in a frank way amongst each other. Many of us are not thrilled at the race from democracy to idiocracy that Trump IMHO personifies. If you think that's detraction, well...too bad. Please spare us the moralizing. You people have your own problems in Canada. Charity begins at home. So start there before you lecture us.

Vox Cantoris said...

You have entirely missed my point.

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous said..."I disagree where it concerns Trump. Longernecker pegged this guy to a T in calling him a "loud-mouthed, lying, bragging adulterous con man." That's not detraction."

Father Longenecker's includes much more about Donald Trump that the above. Father Longenecker's article was a gigantic detraction that was long on accusation and short on substance.

Father Longenecker said that if "this man should be elected President don’t for one moment imagine that he will care at all for any Catholic (or for that matter any Christian) cause."

We should believe that simply because Father Longenecker said that? Father did not offer any argument to support his claim. He simply expressed an opinion. Fine. But anybody could offer an opinion.

How about the following: What if Donald Trump followed throughout on his pledge to destroy ISIL? What if Donald Trump garnered support to create safe havens in Syria to return Catholics to villages from which they've fled ISIL? That wouldn't be of tremendous benefit to Catholics?

Father Longenecker claimed that Donald Trump "will do nothing to protect the family." Another claim devoid of substance. Father claimed that Mr. Trump "will do nothing to protect or help the poor. He will do nothing to help those who are struggling."

Really? What if Donald Trump follows through on his plan to work to prevent American companies from closing business in America to relocate their manufacturing operations overseas? That would not help poor and/or struggling Americans?

Donald Trump's tax plan would most definitely slash income taxes for tens of millions Americans. Under Donald Trump's tax plan, "individuals who make less than $25,000 (and $50,000 for married couples) yearly would not pay income taxes.

Is Father Longencker aware of that?


Mark Thomas

Eirene said...

Mark Thomas said...
Pope Francis doesn't wish to involve himself in politics. When did he tell you this - Mark - and how? By e-mail, letter or phone call?

Michael Dowd said...

Shame on Father Longenecker. Trump is the best thing that's happened in the U.S. for years. He seeks the truth and speaks it. If he is elected President he will be great for our country. Father L. should cast his jaundiced eye on Pope Francis who is on the job and doing his best to destroy the Catholic faith as well all the people everywhere for his wacko socialistic and environmental ideas.

Mark Thomas said...

Catholic Mission said..."Longenecker writes for an internet publication that also features Wicca and Satanists, Pagans and other false religions. How dare he as a Catholic priest associate himself with such an enterprise."

I don't know much about Father Longenecker. I have read quotes of his but I believe that yesterday was the first time that I've read an entire column of his. Not that I urge anybody to vote for Donald Trump, but I believe that Father had misrepresented many things about Donald Trump. That said I "attacked" (argued against) Father Longenecker's statements, rather than Father Longenecker the priest/man.

Therefore, let us discuss issues rather than try to read into a person, for example, via said person's supposed "associations".

Example: A holy Catholic priest appears on a network television news/talk show to discuss Catholicism. The priest's appearance allows him to promote Jesus Christ to millions of viewers.

However, that television network features certain shows that are dirty. The network runs commercials that are risqué. The network has a side interest in pornography. Should we trash the priest in question for his "association" with dirty and risqué "entertainment"?

Millions of holy Catholics use the Internet. They subscribe to cable and satellite TV services. Many internet providers and TV services, at least on the side, traffic in impure entertainment. Are said Catholics to be condemned via their "associations" with said companies?

It is likely that just about any large company at whose stores we purchase food, clothing, etc., contributes money to entities and causes that we would deem "evil". Is that sufficient to condemn us via our "association" with such a company? Again, I am always aware of the manner in which Our Lord Jesus Christ was condemned for his "associations" with persons deemed nefarious.

Therefore, despite my rejection of certain things that he had said about Donald Trump, I will exercise caution in regard to questioning Father Longenecker's alleged "associations" with "Wicca and Satanists, Pagans and other false religions".

Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2478: "To avoid rash judgment, everyone should be careful to interpret insofar as possible his neighbor's thoughts, words, and deeds in a favorable way."

Please, let us, as His Holiness Pope Francis said of Donald Trump, give Father Longenecker "the benefit of the doubt" in regard to alleged "associations" with "Wicca and Satanists, Pagans and other false religions". After all, that is the ancient principle of the People of God.


Mark Thomas

FLOR solitaria said...

Yeah, give all the dubious people the benefit of doubt, because "who are we to judge"..