Thursday, 11 February 2016

Has Thomas J. Rosica, CSB hurt his back or perhaps his knees? Does he need glasses to read the Missal?

Father Thomas J. Rosica, CSB showed up recently at the "Daily Mass" on television in Toronto.

Shall we take a look?

Here is our good priest at the 19:37 minute mark right after the consecration of the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is bowing.

Here he is at 20:11 after the elevation of the chalice containing the Precious Blood of Our Lord.

Has Father Tom hurt his back? Perhaps his knees are bad? 

Or, could this be the famous, "Francis Effect?; after all, he doesn't genuflect before the Lord in the Eucharist either, though he can grovel on the floor to wash feet.

No, I'm sure Tom has hurt his back or his knees. Just like George.

In the video below at this link; you will note that, even under the old and incorrect translation, our advisor to the Bishop of Rome took liberty and changed the words of the Mass, relegating it as "llicit." 

"...these gifts of bread and wine be acceptable to God our Father in heaven." 
At the time, the translation was "...that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father" and is now rendered correctly as " sacrifice and yours..."

Father Rosica is one who frequently cites and praises the Second Vatican Council. Shall we look and see what Paragraph 23.3 of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctam Concilium, the first document issued by the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council has to say about this?

22.3 Therefore no other person, even if he be a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority.

St. John Paul II ordered the disciplinary Instruction, Redemptionis Sacramentum, to be enacted which states emphatically: 
59. The reprobated practice by which priests, deacons or the faithful here and there alter or vary at will the texts of the Sacred Liturgy that they are charged to pronounce, must cease. For in doing thus, they render the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy unstable, and not infrequently distort the authentic meaning of the Liturgy.
We also find in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, the very Missal of 2002 now in use, the following: 
Nevertheless, the priest must remember that he is the servant of the Sacred Liturgy and that he himself is not permitted, on his own initiative, to add, to remove, or to change anything in the celebration of Mass. [GIRM§ 24]
The GIRM in the Third Edition of the Roman Missal also states:
42. The gestures and posture of the priest, the deacon, and the ministers, as well as those of the people, ought to contribute to making the entire celebration resplendent with beauty and noble simplicity, so that the true and full meaning of the different parts of the celebration is evident and that the participation of all is fostered.[52] Therefore, attention should be paid to what is determined by this General Instruction and the traditional practice of the Roman Rite and to what serves the common spiritual good of the People of God, rather than private inclination or arbitrary choice. [§42] 
Perhaps Father Rosica has hurt his back, or his knees.

I hope he gets well soon.


Dorota said...

No, he is fine. Couldn't be better. He might sue you Fox, and he has the pope on his side. The pope who never ceases to complain about people, who insist on doing things the way they have always been done. Where is the god of surprises in your thinking, tell me where?
You don't think Francis Bergoglio is unaware of all these things the previous popes said, and all these "innovations" he himself promotes and others are only to happy to interpret in their own, unique way.

We are... in a bad situation right now. Normally we would appeal to Holy Tradition, and if needed be - to the pope. Now "tradition" is in a flux, the unchangeable is always changing, and those whose mission is to preserve, dismantle and destroy. Even more disturbingly - the pope is not a Catholic. Aaaaand we have the Raw Zika virus.

Kathie Hogan said...

I remember so clearly when JPII would genuflect, even though this action, taken at the end of his life, must have been so difficult. If a faith-filled ailing pope can genuflect, then everyone can genuflect!

Eirene said...

Ignorance and arrogance are not just sins of the laity!

Anonymous said...

I know a priest who bows because he has legitimate knee problems and if he genuflects then he might fall over or not be able to get up again.

Do you know if there is an allowance for that, Vox? Or is genuflecting mandatory? (I do not know the particulars of the GIRM or rubrics.)

Anonymous said...

Don says:
Your choice of picture at the end is BEAUTIFUL!
I thank Pope John Paul II for teaching humility, and piety as a Christian man, and according to his office as Pope.

Deo Gratias

Anonymous said...

Vox - I am a priest. Right now, I bow because I am physically incapable of doing otherwise.

Vox Cantoris said...

If I were a priest, I would need to pull myself up due to my knees. Thus, the reason for my inquiry for his health.

Guardian said...


Keep focusing on this heretic and others out there. We cannot stand by and allow them to continue this unchallenged.

Eventually, we need to decide what game plan will be most effective. But for now, keep showing what I believe is their clear lack of supernatural faith.

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