Friday, 19 February 2016

Bergoglio's Blunder and manipulation by neglect of the rest of what he said by Catholic media priests

The link below contains "Pope Francis contraception Zika".

When one clicks on it, one finds the global media use of Pope Bergoglio's musings on his plane interview about the Zika virus and contraception. The damage is wide and it is severe. The media have spun this and Catholics, ignorant of the truth, will believe it and others will simply ignore it or mock the traditional and timeless truth as not true all these years.

The least that Jorge Bergoglio has done is create mass confusion about Catholic teaching, the worst he has done is to approve of an evil. Where is the scientific proof that the virus causes the birth defect which is the concern? Is it possible that this defect is caused by the pesticides manufactured by Monsanto to control the mosquito? Can people not simply abstain? Where is the evidence that it is passed on sexually

How long until the Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church call this man out?

Yet, this is not all.

There was some good in what he said in the interview, on abortion and the protection of minors and then Cardinal Ratzinger's work in this regard, specifically.

Yet, these are not now the story and perhaps can never be, given the nature of what happened with the matter of the election and contraception and the news cycle. We also have the action of certain Tweeting priests praising his comments on Donald Trump but ignoring his condemnation of abortion.

Are priests Ed Beck, James Martin and American Tom Rosica shills for the Democratic Party?

The Pope must be told to stop giving these interviews. If he will not abide, then the questions must be taken in advance and responded to in text, only!

Enough of this zoo.

Enough of this papolatry that every word uttered from his mouth is truth and in accord with the faith.


Mark Thomas said...

Vox, the Holy See has just launched into major damage-control mode as they have issued a lengthy "clarification" in regard to various statements that His Holiness Pope Francis uttered during the press conference in question. Rome is determined to stem the massive damage that was unleashed yesterday. Unfortunately, the proverbial toothpaste is out of the tube...but Rome had to respond to the press conference.


Mark Thomas

Ana Milan said...

There is no point in waiting for our Modernist Hierarchy to call out this Pope. They are all cowards at best and supporters at worst. The Vatican Press Office is a disaster and with friends like the Pope's (Scalfari, Skorka, & most of the Cardinals & Bishops) what else can we expect. Team Bergoglio have led us to the Gates of Hell - we now await Our Saviour's entrance onto the scene they, & others before them, have created. With the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions & the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Revolt coming soon events should quickly come to a head. We need to fasten our seat belts & call on our Divine Founder to rid us of this evil. We are not allowed by Canon Law to take matters into our own hands, even on His behalf and the present successors of the First Apostles certainly won't.

Mark Thomas said...

"There was much good in what he said in the interview, on abortion and the protection of minors and then Cardinal Ratzinger's work in this regard, specifically. Yet, these are not now the story and can never be, given the nature of what happened with the matter of the election and contraception."

Vox, I would say that, yes, it would prove difficult to turn the good things that Pope Francis offered during his press conference into the real story. You said that the good things in question "are not now the story and can never be, given the nature of what happened with the matter of the election and contraception."

For all practical purposes, it's 99.9999 percent impossible to disagree with you. But I offer the following in hopeful fashion: This is your blog. But Vox, please consider a separate post about the good statements that Pope Francis offered...his strong condemnation of abortion, the comments about Pope Benedict XVI, and so forth.

Many people read your blog. They would read Pope Francis' solid responses to the questions he fielded from reporters. In turn, each of us could then inform even just one person as to the very good things that Pope Francis had to say to reporters.

Then if that person informed another person...then the other person informed somebody else...well, the word would spread.

Consider the impact if even a few of your readers called local and/or national radio talk shows to mention the positives from the Pope's press conference. Let us write letters to editors of newspapers to help spread the word as to the positives in question.

Vox, everybody is aware that much damage was unleashed via the Pope's press conference. The Holy See has just issued a lengthy clarification about the press conference. Let us work with the Holy See in that regard. We must come to Holy Mother Church's aid.

Vox, beginning now, let us focus upon the positives from the Pope's press conference. Let us try to reverse, at least a bit, the damage in question. I thank you for the opportunity to comment here.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Related to what Mark Thomas indicates about the "good" messages that are getting lost, another point that may need clarification is the pope repeatedly used the phrase "avoiding pregnancy" not the pill, contraception, birth control, etc.

So, first, this applies only to people already married. This is not a papal endorsement of "reproductive freedom" for "all women" as some feminist articles are claiming.

Second, does not "avoiding pregnancy" mean abstinence? It means that a married couple chooses to temporarily, intermittently or permanently refrain from their conjugal relations for a purpose that is moral. That is what the Vatican needs to clarify, that this is not an endorsement of "the pill" - or is it?

Third, why is it considered a crisis to urgently prevent children being born with the virus? Why did this virus suddenly spring into existence? Maybe these handicapped kids have something to offer the world, something the world needs.

Down's babies are now aborted more than they are born. Yet these children are the most loving, warm, sweet, affectionate and trusting people you could imagine. WE NEED DOWNS KIDS. Every neighborhood should have one. We want world peace, well, these kids teach that lesson in real life.

WHY? WHY does God inflict "disabilities" on babies people ask? Maybe because vulnerable people with Zika or Downs or whatever MAKE ALL OF US BETTER HUMAN BEINGS.

Anonymous said...

"Just focus on the positive" and ignore the heresy, even though the heresy works like poison for millions of people who were already confused and now might be "damned" confused. "Just focus on the positive" is not possible, nor advisable, considering how important are each and every word uttered by a pope. Even though Francis knows that the media will report the worst of the worst, resulting in more lost souls, this pope keeps on doing it, mocking the fullness of the truth, as if on purpose. He really seems intent on poisoning the well.

Guest said...

Well said, Ana. I would only add that things will get worse until the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e., the exact words of Our Lady which follow: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved...') is finally made public.

+Fr. Gruner wrote in the Fatima Crusader that John XXIII didn't reveal the Third Secret because it would have interfered with his plans for VII.

God has been waiting (according to our manner of speaking) for that little act of obedience. When the Third Secret is revealed, then God will give the Holy Father the graces he needs to order and make in union with all the bishops of the world the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Just like a father says to his son IF you do your homework, THEN you will get the car keys, and not before.