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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 9 November 2015

Heresiarch Archbishop Diarmuid Martin - "Times have changed in Irish society and the Church must change."

Are there any men left in Ireland? Any Catholics?

Are there any men left amongst the clergy and episcopate?

Are they all sodomites and heretics?

Ireland, tell me, I know I have readers in the land of Saint Patrick, Brigid, Columba, Kevin and Malachy.

Tell me.

Or are you all a little queer too?

Dublin Archbishop: Church Must Change With the Times

by Christine Niles  •   November 9, 2015   5 COMMENTS
DUBLIN (ChurchMilitant.com) - Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin is saying the Catholic Church must change with the times. He is also supporting the increased secularization of Catholic schools.
At a Sunday Mass in Dublin held in honor of the 170th anniversary of the Catholic Institute for the Deaf, Martin said in his homily, "The Church is slow to change. Inertia may seem to mean that things can go on as they were and are; but the opposite is the case."
Referring to the June referendum that legalized gay "marriage" in the country, Martin continued, "I spoke some time ago of a 'reality check'; I could also have said 'a wake-up call.' Times have changed in Irish society and the Church must change." 


Ana Milan said...

The monarchial system of the CC in Ireland is a great detriment to the recovery of the loss of faith as a consequence of the child abuse scandal which devastated Irish Catholicism. Their Hierarchy has never fully accepted responsibility/accountability for their sodomite priests and their enablers who greatly added to the numbers of abused children by shifting them around the country in a spurious attempt of self preservation.

The filth that emerged as a result of an investigation into the religious-run state industrial schools and the Magdalen Laundries added further abomination and disgust for those who were once held in such high esteem. Irish Catholics have lost confidence in their Cardinal & Bishops and nothing is going to change until those holding these offices are retired. That is the only positive way for the CC in Ireland to change as the Catholic Church itself never changes its message which comes directly from Christ through His Apostles, but those responsible for articulating that message have changed abysmally since Vatican II which allowed Liberalism (smoke of Satan) to enter its realm.

Aged parent said...

Martin: "The Church must change with the times."

What a fascinating and startlingly original declaration.

This must be only the 17,349th time I have heard that in the past 50 years.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Even though we should expect more and more of it, every time it happens, I am upset. I could just stop visiting here, and turn my attentions to our open-minded main-stream society, but they spit me out like poison, almost as soon as I open my mouth. Even if I only quoted the Word of God, rather than improvising, they would spit me out. Maybe especially then, because the name Jesus is no longer considered politically correct in progressive catholic company.

Unknown said...

That's odd, I thought the Church was "changed" already. Isn't that what Vatican II devotees have been saying for 60 years?

Anonymous said...

Strange isn't it? These heretics say the Church must change with the times. Can anyone tell me of just one Apostle who said that? Or ANY Scripture where Jesus Christ approved of this? Did He [Our Lord and Saviour]not say "My Kingdom is NOT of this world" ? WHERE does it say we must be 'inclusive' of all sin to be Catholic? These sodo-friendly 'priests' just hope that nobody reads their Bible. They are wrong.

They have forgotten the 'HOLY' in Our Holy Church!

DJR said...

I agree with the good archbishop. The Church in Ireland, and everywhere, must change.

The first change I suggest is the replacement of a great number of bishops, starting with the Bishop of Rome.

Next, suppress the Novus Ordo Missae.

Next, change the jobs of a large number of priests. They can leave and get real jobs.

Next, change the interior of a large number of parish churches by installing altars, Communion rails, et cetera.

You get the idea.

I definitely think the Church must change. And we'd better do it voluntarily before the Unchanging One decides He has had enough of a Church that refuses to change.