A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Hamilton, Ontario Bishop and President of CCCB Crosby owes an explanation to Catholics about the anti-Catholic activity of his employee

Douglas Crosby, Bishop of Hamilton, President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and former Pastor at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Ottawa, a parish that continuously dissents on Catholic teaching has on staff a rather interesting employee.

KW Tradtional Catholic writes:

Did you know the Diocese of Hamilton has an Office of Justice and Peace? We even have a coordinator for it. I don't know if it's a full time position, part time, or volunteer, but I assume full time. What's the compensation package for a chancery office coordinator? I'd guess somewhere between $40K-$50K salary plus benefits, vacation, travel expenses (to attend social justice conferences, trips to the Vatican, etc) office expenses, etc. So the collection baskets in the diocese fork out around $60,000/yr for this role. Does anyone know what a justice and peace diocesan coordinator does all day?

Sarah Guinta is our Justice and Peace Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Guelph three years ago with a degree in Political Economy and Administrative Change. Previous work experience at Me To We and AIESEC Canada. I'd guess her age in the mid-twenties. I have no idea what the skill set or experience level for a diocesan justice and peace coordinator are but let's assume Sarah's qualified for this position, whatever it's suppose to do for us. 

After some googling and browsing on employment websites, I could not find any advertisements for this position. Were there other candidates? This is all I could find, the announcement of her hiring in September 2015. I'm not sure who does the hiring at the Diocese of Hamilton Chancery Office, but do they check potential new employee's social media accounts?

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Anonymous said...

Another misguided, uncatechised yute. Yes the Bishop owes the diocese an explanation. My guess... She's some diocesan secretary's daughter, couldn't find a job with that obscure degree so someone made one for her. And what better made up position than one that supports the fake war on sodomite Catholics and other social justice bovine excrement.

Unknown said...

"Does anyone know what a justice and peace diocesan coordinator does all day?" That's the million dollar question.

Mary Parks said...

No, she is an Alinskyite, trained in political organizing and ready to do that to achieve "social justice".

Barona said...

An abomination. No wonder the Church in Canada is imploding. Where is the Diocese of Hamilton when it comes to prison ministry? NO WHERE!
Be ashamed of yourself Bishop Crosby! Then do the right thing for once: RESIGN!

Let us force their hand through social media: Twitter, Facebook. Let us expose them!

Anonymous said...

The million dollar question is... How does someone who communicates in such a sexually explicit way, and who obviously does not live according to Catholic teaching, get a job working for any diocese? And in such a public position... That is the question...

But I guess when we know the answer to that question, we will also understand how priests like Tommy Rosica and his ilk are not reprimanded for their behaviour, and more over hold such positions of influence in the Church.

Anonymous said...

He won't resign. Crosby or him admin surpress all info on the Extrodinary form of the Mass and where to attend here in Hamilton.

I frear much worse things may be going on with regard to heretical activities within yhe Diocese. Judt last month I resigned as a KofC member because they indisted on avcepting a new member eho openly denied to me his denial thst Jesus Christ is the divine son of God. This gentlemen they accepted claimed that the Catholic Church is just a club.

Dispite my protest state rep Ugo Pin and Grand Knight Dave Rodgerson insisted that be initiated coz he was deist (believed in a god).

I suspect GK Rogerson and PGK Mike Petis (council 1454) are perhaps secretly freemasons or have been in the past. Hamilton houses the Grand Lodge (Madonic Centre) Freemasonry in Canada.

I am proudly no longer a kofc member.