Friday, 6 November 2015

Bishop of Rome appoints Heresiarch to Brussels, soft on pervert priests, soft on sodomy - the Danneels mafia club payoff

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As indicated across the Catholic blogosphere a few days ago, the Bishop of Rome has indeed appointed the Danneels dictate as the new Archbishop of Brussels. No doubt a red hat will not be far behind probably sooner rather than later along with Cupich.

Women priests? The door is not closed. Non-celibate priesthood? Sure, let's have a go at that. Downplay a pervert just like Danneels? No problem.

So here is the good news. He is 67, not young. He will submit his retirement within a decade. This appointment is actualy a sign of weakness and desperation on the part of the Bishop of Rome. It proves that the St. Gallen group, the mafia of Danneels controls him. He is not his own man. The mafia club wanted this heresiarch appointed previously but Benedict XVI did not and his appointment was slandered continually. So, we can see in this appointment, Father Bergoglio's own desperation. He knows that the Catholic world is waking up and he is putting his ilk in place to keep the revolution going. 

The fact is, the revolution is dying and is almost dead. This is why he is moving so quickly. They have no progeny, no vocations.  Like the Basilian Congregation in Toronto, their youngest priests are in their 50's and in twenty years, they will be on more. This is their last gasp.

Christ has already won. 
They have lost and will be judged harshly by Him for what they have done. We just need to remain faithful and that means working and praying and teaching and protecting and standing up for the truth and calling these men for what they are.

Adulterists. HomosexualistsPerverts. Sodomites. Heretics. Hypocrites. The LifeSiteNews story is an devastating indictment of this radical heresiarch radical. Read it.

And rejoice, this cannot go on much longer.

It is all going to come tumbling down very, very soon.

Vivat Jesus!

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tuleesh said...

This is beyond outrageous; however, not at all surprising.
Cardinal Danneels was personally invited by Pope Francis to the sin-odd on the family last month. Even though Danneels was recorded trying to persuade a victim of sexual abuse by a bishop to not press charges. With much sadness, I believe Pope Francis doesn't care about anything but furthering his agenda for the Church. And if those who will help him are of questionable, and even criminal character, oh well.
In time, I hope to be proven wrong. Until then...