Friday, 22 December 2017

Paul VI to be canonised a Saint? Oh come on now, you knew this was going to happen.

Image result for paul vi villaThey waited. 

They waited until Father Luigi Villa died before announcing his beatification.

The man who presided over the destructive implementation of the Second Vatican Council from which I cannot honestly say that one good thing has come, is about to be canonised as a Saint. If you can list one thing good from Vatican II, please list it in the combox.

When this destroyer of the Church was beatified over an alleged miracle that a baby was born without amniotic fluid, I stated then that it was a fraud. Yes, it is "miraculous" that a baby can be born without amniotic fluid, but it is hardly a "MIRACLE" on an individual basis. It is not something which cannot be medically or scientifically explained.

Look it up.

This filthy Berogolian regime will stop at nothing to make a mockery of the Church, Her mission, and Her Saints. 

It started under John Paul II with the "make a saint" machine and it continues. They have now opened the cause for Albino Luciani, whom they state was not murdered. Perhaps out of all the Vatican II Pope "Saints" he may be the only one.

So, we are to believe that every Pope since 1958 has become a Saint? No Pius XII? No Leo XIII?

This boil on the Seat of Peter can declare Giovanni Montini Santa Clause, it won't make it so.

What a fraud.

Pope Paul VI set for sainthood, miracle identified

Medical doctors and Vatican theologians have given the green light. The newspaper of the diocese of Brescia: what better opportunity than the October 2018 synod?

Pope Paul VI

Pubblicato il 21/12/2017
Pope Paul VI, beatified in 2014 by Pope Francis, a step towards sanctification.  

In a special issue entitled “It will be the year of Paul VI Saint”, the weekly magazine of the diocese of Brescia, La voce del popolo, writes that on 13 December, theologians of the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints recognized a miracle attributed to the intercession of Pope Montini, after a first free go-ahead had been given by the medical consultation of the Vatican Congregation itself. At this point it is necessary that the cardinals of the Congregation and, finally, the Pope express themselves on the same miracle.  

The miracle regards the birth of a girl from Verona called Amanda, who in 2014 had survived for months despite the fact the placenta was broken.  
Pope Francis beatified his predecessor on 19 October 2014, concluding the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family.  

“Rumors are so insistent and the next steps so fast to take, that everything indicates 2018 as Blessed Paul VI’s canonization year”, writes the diocesan newspaper of Brescia. The last official stage took place last December 13 in the theological commission. The miracle attributed to the intercession of John Baptist Montini about the healing of a fetus in prenatal age in 2014 was approved. The expectant mother native from Verona, at risk of miscarriage, a few days after the beatification of Montini in Brescia, went to the Sanctuary “delle Grazie”, to pray to the newly beatified Pope.  

Subsequently, a child in good health was born. After the doctors and theologians’ recognition, there are still a few more steps to be taken: the passage in the commission of cardinals, the final approval of the Pope and that of the Consistory with the official announcement and the definition of the date. But at this point, it is more than a hope. The month of October could be the right one. From 3 to 28 October in Rome, the 15th Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on young people will be celebrated and will gather in the Vatican prelates from all over the world. What better opportunity to canonize in front of such a large portion of the College of Bishops, the other pontiff, after Saint John XXIII of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council? It will most likely take place on one of the first three Sundays of October, even if the most accredited date today seems to be the 21. Indeed, sooner or later, in 2018 Paul VI will be Saint! We praise the Lord to Whom we entrust the year that will come”. 


Unknown said...

Guess he'll be the patron saint of the LGBT community.

Tom A. said...

It is widely held that canonizations are infaillable.

Michael Dowd said...

Pope Paul VI was largely responsible for the catastrophe of Vatican II with John XXIII not far behind. Based on the devastation they caused and the millions of souls lost to the Church and maybe to heaven, neither of them belong in heaven. If anything they would be lucky to get to Purgatory.

Ana Milan said...

So being a member of the Masonic Order, Mafia, Marxist, Thief, Money Launderer, Blackmailer, Sodomist et al is no longer an impediment to sainthood. These prelates since VII make a total mockery of the long & difficult investigations that used to take place before any of our renowned saints were at last recognised as such by the CC. The fact that such men have been admitted to ordination is astonishing & demonic. There should be widespread demands, both inside the prelature, priesthood & laity, for this papacy to be brought to an abrupt end. It is quite impossible now to regard PF as a truly elected pope whose position (usurped) must be revered. A sane mind cannot accept the pages of wilful & outrageous changes he is making to the Bride of Christ - no normal Catholic would ever do so because they would know these changes go against Christ's Word which is immutable.

He promised to clean up pedophilia within the CC but has now abandoned (after great cost & time-wasting) the special papal commission he set-up to tackle it. He has not defrocked the humongous amounts of prelates & priests who so blatantly practise & uphold sodomy, nor erase the homo-erotic mural commissioned by an Archbishop whom he promoted. He has stood by while a Bishop allowed an art exhibit of a crucified cow to be installed in front of the altar of a consecrated Catholic Church & is seen to condone the eviction of Catholics praying the Rosary to make way for Protestant services to take place in Catholic Churches & a Cathedral. What true pope would surround himself with abortionists (& call them great), population controllers, climate change activists etc. instead of preaching the gospel as he is charged to do, upholding Catholic Doctrine which directly comes from Christ & His First Apostles & confirming the Brethren in the True Faith?

It shows the depth of depravity which this Apostasy has reached when there is no-one prepared to forfeit his cushy position to do the right thing their ordination demands & call for a halt to this monstrous pontificate. Our leadership are not Sons of God but Sons of Satan planted by Bella Dodd, but not a single person in authority is prepared to say so. It would entail rescinding VII (which will be done in time) & their abhorrent support of it. Real men would have revisited it long ago to publicly cast out the evil that took root & has caused so much devastation & anguish to real followers of Christ. By making political correctness & totalitarianism a religion they have given us an effeminate priesthood & godless liberalism. PF & supporters have shown great respect for Martin Luther & his followers so he (they) should show similar respect for another Revolt, this time to totally restore the Bride of Christ for the coming of Our Saviour so that he will indeed find faith on earth.

Anonymous said...

Unknown, bingo! Has anyone noticed how hushed up JB Montini's homosexuality has been? The current events are obviously geared towards this lethal blow of a "sainted" pope for homosexual lifestyle. St. Peter Damian better come down again. Sigh.

Michael Dowd said...

Well said Ana Milan. It could be said that the Pope Francis, the Vatican hierarchy and many Bishops are in schism from the Church. Some day they all should be posthumously be excommunicated.

Catholic Mission said...

Pope Paul VI permitted Vatican Council II to be interpreted with specious reasoning and Cardinal Kasper and Pope Benedict are still promoting it.

DECEMBER 22, 2017
Cardinal Kasper uses specious reasoning to further ecumenism and reject the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

danhesko said...

The danger of these hasty canonizations is that they don't seem to stick. Where's the devotions, the cultus of these new saints, whose seeking their intercession..???.i don't see much. I think there should be a time law, 50 years after death, venerable. 75 blessed, 100 canonization. This would temper the emotionalism of quick sainthood.

Peter Lamb said...

On my knees, I beg every reader of this blog, in the Name of Our Lord, to read Fr. Villa's book linked above. Read it cover to cover and the Truth will set you free. Here are more interesting links to the same book. They have photos and symbols. The first is the original and the second is an updated version. Read all the articles - the satanic pallium and mitre etc. See the tombstone cursed montini designed for his mother's grave. His corpse was rotten and stinking before it reached the Vatican.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Vox has provided all that a sane, informed, sincere Catholic should need to see the truth regarding the false council, the false conciliar anti-popes and false novus bogus church in his latest posts.

Cursed montini was an excommunicated heretic. I have provided quotes from Popes, Saints, Doctors and Vatican I dogmatically stating that an heretic cannot become, or remain, a Pope, (IF the latter situatioodn were possible), on this blog a thousand times. A sodomite priest coming out on the altar and the congregation applauding? This is bizarre! This is madness! This is satanism before our eyes!

Anonymous asked how much rain had to fall before people believed Noa. Well how much sacrilege and blasphemy will it take to make us all realize and admit that the NWO church of satan is not the Catholic Church; that the conciliar "popes" are anti-popes and that Vatican II was a false council?

Bury your pride. You were wrong, but I'm sure in good faith. There is no such thing as any Catholic "Recognizing and Resisting" a true Pope in Catholic Doctrine. This semi-traditionalism is false, evil CRAP. Things were not clear in the beginning. Now they are crystal clear. Where do Salza, Matt, Bishop Fellay get their authority to vett the teachings of him who they call the Vicar of Christ from?

Perfidious jorge MAY be pope materialiter in terms of man made canon law, but he was long deposed, or rather never was, pope formaliter in terms of God's law - Divine law. This the Church tells us loud and clear, over and over!

Examine your conscience. There is only one Catholic path left to us - sedevacantism. That word has been villified and denigrated by many in their ignorance. They call it heresy, protestantism and any other evil thing, but it simply signifies pure, faithful, unadulterated, traditional Catholicism.

Christ values loyalty greatly. What will he say to those who
recognized His enemies as His Vicar and Pastors? satan's church as His unspotted Bride? I certainly don't want to be in R&R shoes at my particular judgement!!!

A couple of years ago, I had a pamphlet printed to try to get some of my old fellow parishioners to meet Fr. Miller during his visit from America. I stood in the gateway of my old church and handed them out to all after mass. Not one soul responded. I reproduce the text here for any who don't know what sedevacantism means and I thank my dear friend, Vox, for always graciously affording me a platform.

Peter Lamb said...


Sedevacantism is a modus vivendi - how true Catholics should react - in remaining faithful to the Catholic Church in these turbulent times of judeo-masonic invasion with intent of destroying Christ's Church from within. A modus vivendi which does not depart by one iota from traditional Catholic doctrine. Sedevacantism is Roman Catholicism - pure and unadulterated - as practised from the time of Our Lord until the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.


Certainly not! Please google the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita; Bella Dodd's address to the U.S. Congress; the Pecorelli List ( Pecorelli was a journalist murdered the day after his expose of masonic prelates in the Vatican was published.) Read the writings of Fr. Luigi Villa at Our Lord asked Padre Pio, in a vision, to summon Fr. Villa and to send him to Pope Pius XII. Pope Pius then mandated Fr. Villa to ferret out masons in the Vatican. Google Pascendi Dominici Gregis of Pope Pius X for an explanation of Modernism - the synthesis of all heresies. The judeo-masonic invasion is not a conspiracy theory - it is objective fact.


Certainly not! Why not? Because heresy is a sin against Faith. A heretic severs himself, ipso facto, from membership of the Mystical Body and one who is not a member cannot be the visible Head of the Mystical Body:
1. Please google Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, a bull of Pope Pius IV promulgated in 1559. Scroll down and read 6.i -
2. St. Robert Bellarmine (Doctor of the Church):-- “A Pope who is a manifest heretic
automatically ceases to be a Pope and head, just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church. Wherefore, he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the teaching of all the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction.”
3. St. Francis de Sales: – “Now when the Pope is explicitly a heretic, he
falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church . . . ”
4. St. Alphonsus Liguori: – “If ever a Pope, as a private person, should fall into heresy, he should at once fall from the Pontificate. If, however, God were to permit a pope to become a notorious and contumacious heretic, he would by such fact cease to be pope, and the apostolic chair would be vacant.”
5. St. Antoninus: – “In the case in which the Pope would become a heretic, he would find himself, by that very fact alone and without any other sentence, separated from the Church. A head separated from a body cannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body from which it was cut off.”
There are very many more Popes, Saints, theologians and canon lawyers who confirm that a heretic cannot become Pope if elected, or automatically loses his authority, should he becomes a heretic after his election.


Certainly not! John XXIII and Paul VI were proven masons and therefore excommunicated prior to their elections, which were consequently null and void. Father Villa gives all the details. Neither had authority to convene a Council, or to promulgate any changes to Church Doctrine, Liturgy, Sacramental Forms, or Canon Law. All the conciliar popes have been manifest, formal, pertinacious heretics.
“Such is the nature of Catholicism that it does not admit of more or less, but must be held as a whole or as a whole rejected… the law of our forefathers should still be held sacred:‘Let there be no innovation; keep to what has been handed down.’ In matters of faith that must be inviolably adhered to as the law ..."
(Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, 1914, Pope Benedict XV.)
The Catholic Church is indefectible (dogma) and cannot teach error, or anything harmful to the salvation of souls.

BE AWARE - The novus ordo church is not the Catholic Church! Not to fight heresy, is to condone it!
You are welcome to discuss the matter further, over a cup of tea, after Mass.

M. Prodigal said...

We can no longer trust even the canonization process. This man to the best of my knowledge was a weak pope at the very least...

Maybe the present pontiff can be declared a saint even while he is alive???

Johnno said...

A lot of fags and fag agencies infesting Rome lately, even with the gall to build their own nativity scene.

I'd keep my eye out on that 'Synod of the Youth' that's coming up.

Here's my prediction:

-To further aid those living together outside of matrimony, the Sacraments will be made open to them without need to repent and amend their situation, similar to Amoris Letitia, except this concerns co-habiting and not adultery.

-Other than encouragement to matrimony, a new public ritual of 'blessing' will be concocted in order to be more 'welcomimg' 'pastoral' etc. towards these 'unions.'

Here's the pertinent part...

-The word 'union' will be constantly repeated throughout various documents.

-The word 'union' will never be defined.

-Conservative Novus Ordo Apologists will claim that 'obviously' that 'union' must only refer to a man and woman. And of course must infer to mean married outside the Church, aka non-sacramental marriages.

-The obvious non-Catholics in robes after Francis' heart will interpret the word 'union' however they want... which also extends to general cohabitors, homosexuals, polygamists, just straight up non-Catholics and even non-Christians, maybe a pedophile or man and dog or two or three, and let's also be inclusive of the incestuous.

-Francis will never clarify anything.

-Cardinal Burke will still be hoping Francis will answer the original dubia someday.

-Dr. Ed Peters will say we're making a big deal out of nothing because canon law has not changed.

-Certain Vatican Insiders and cardinals like Oullet and Gracias, loyal to the Francis, will ask what's so wrong with a little blessing anyway? Don't we bless everything? Our homes, our cars, our candles... and that blessings do not mean Church teachings has changed, only that Francis is allowing magical merciful grace to be sprinkled upon those in irregular situations who are still on their faith journeys. Don't you want to draw people nearer? Why are you casting them out? That is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we're very ashamed of you neo darth pelagius christopher walken winnie the pooh eating fundamentalists.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Priests that Pope Pius X11 sent to Russia ,who were betrayed by Montini and excecuted should be made Saints not the man who betrayed them.

Anonymous said...

Precisely! And just because Pope Benedict allowed the Tridentine Mass to be offered, whoa suddenly he is the lamb and Pope Francis is the wolf. Oh come on, grow a brain! Both living popes are birds of a feather. The Emeritus is actually in the background to ensure the success of the Second Vatican Council agenda of destroying Catholicity.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

Should anyone be too scared to apply the term "vacant chair" to this one, may they call themselves faithful Catholics, such Catholics as you are, dear Peter. There is no other way to a thinking person - a properly, logically thinking one.

I should venerate an intrinsically disordered, duplicitous liar, who abused the trust of the people and mocked the Holy Church by practicing revolting sodomy? Really? How ridiculous and idea this is! Worthy of a depraved, intrinsically disordered soul.

Irenaeus said...

Johonno, I think you and I will be keeping "eye out" on the Synod together.

Irenaeus said...

Fellow Voxxers, are we really surprised Paul VI has been given the green light? John XXIII and John Paul II have already been canonized. John Paul I has been recently advanced as the pope of smiles and thereby a good candidate for sainthood. I have had it explained to me several times (and a view I personally hold) that Benedict XVI will become a Doctor of the Church one day when he dies. Whether or not I think that is a good idea I will not reveal. If all indications are what I think they are, Pope Francis I will join this line at some point.

It gives great credence to the idea that Church of our times is advancing a "Canonization Factory," with the agenda of the Council being further legitimized and accepted by 98% percent of Catholics.

Learn the faith now, and don't look back.

Anonymous said...

Recently someone told me that her niece was getting married,she was offered a short or long service,the priest stating "Communion is the long bit" ,she later attended the wedding and said no one received the Blessed Sacrament not even the couple,in fact she does not think the priest even offered up the bread and wine ,which means there was no Mass said,would that marriage be valid .she said it was strange and like no wedding in a Church she had ever attended before .

Unknown said...

I work as a cantor/ organist in a conservative. Ovus Ordo parish and most weddings do not include Communion. It's actually rare that couples choose to have a Mass
At their wedding.

Seattle Kim

Anonymous said...

Why wait for their deaths?

They are well deserving right now!


Catholic Mission said...

I don't think sedevacantism is the answer since we see traditionalist and conservative Catholics making errors in theology and doctrine and they still will not correct themself.
Chris Ferrara and Roberto dei Mattei wrote books on Vatican Council II unaware of the difference between Vatican Council II (Feeneyite) and Vatican Council II(Cushingite).
The sedevantists, Bishop Donald Sanborn and Fr.Anthony Cekada rejected Feeneyite EENS since they assumed that the baptism of desire refers to known people saved outside the Church. For me there are no such known people.
The sedevanatists Peter and Michael Dimond have rejected Vatican Council II since they interpret hyothetical cases mentioned in the Council (LG 16 etc) as being non hypothetical. So with this irrational premise there has to be a non traditional conclusion.They reject it of course.
The Society of St. Pius X(SSPX) and the St. Benedict Center(SBC-Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) also accepted the irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II, when there was a rational choice available.
They have all being criticizing the popes on Vatican Council II when the fault lies with their inference.Change the inference and change your understanding of the Catholic Church.
Now that they know about the error they are not formally affirming the old exclusivist ecclesiology of the Church since it would be Anti-Semitic etc.
-Lionel Andrades

Michael Ortiz said...

You don’t have to have a Mass said when married by a priest. It’s better but not necessary for validity. Come on, people! ūüėé

john said...

I think the Paul VI "miracle" should be they should find someone to testify he was both straight and Catholic.

john said...

I think the Paul VI "miracle" should be they should find someone to testify he was both straight and Catholic.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Michael Ortiz,

I don't know if you understand that Benedict, with his conjecture, opened the can of worms of nullity based upon a lack of faith? How easy is it to conjecture a lack of faith when no mass is said at a wedding? Couple that with people who may go to mass on occasion...

These idiots with Roman collars are simply looking for ways to destroy civilization. And Jorge Bergoglio is chomping at the bit to implement any way that crosses his mind to destroy the Catholic Church.

Nice confluence.

None of these men who have occupied the See of Peter, at least in my conscious life time(63 years), are truly fit to publicly be proclaimed as Saints.

Stop with the JPII silliness, any of you who are tempted to defend his sainthood. He knew how corrupt these clerics were yet his canon law, from 1983, formalized the laxity of the tribunals from the decade before in response to the pastoral tidal wave of modernism unleashed in the wake of Vatican II.

BTW, I am a half-breed Polak. So I swim against the tide on this one. I was happy when he was elected. But I became aware of his undermining of marriage when I delved into canon law to defend our marriage before tribunals, in the early 1990's. None of us is perfect, but a Pope needs to implement change wisely and only after much careful consideration and if he sees shenanigans, he needs to act decisively, not with words, mostly, alone.


Catholic Mission said...

But I became aware of his undermining of marriage when I delved into canon law to defend our marriage before tribunals, in the early 1990's.

I agree wih you Karl.
DECEMBER 16, 2017
Repost : Pope Benedict made an objective mistake in 2016 he supports inter faith marriages and adultery(graphics)


Secondly the sedevacantists did not correct the theological error of Pope Benedict. They still are not aware of it. Here are some examples.

DECEMBER 24, 2017
Peter and Michael Dimond at the Most Holy Family Monastery are not able to face a new reality

DECEMBER 24, 2017
If the Baptism of Desire refers invisible people in our reality only then Bishop Donald Sanborn adn Fr.Anthony Cekada are stuck. There is no rational way out.

So what's the point of saying St.Robert Bellarmine said that a heretic cannot be a pope when there are seious errors in doctrine and theology being made by those who accuse the pope.
Even Fr.Villa did not know, like present day sedevantists, that invisible and hypothetical cases of the baptism of desire could not be visible exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was known to the Jesuits in the Middle Ages.
If or Archbishop Lefebvre made this known in 1965 Vatican Council II would not be the issue it is today.-Lionel Andrades

Anonymous said...

It weighs upon me, the constant negativity against the Church which seems to drive many of us in our comments.

But the current Papacy seems merely to have brought much of this in the open, at least for me, that seemed long present in the previous Papacy's. At least regarding marriage.

I really would like to know if there are those out there whose experiences run counter to mine and the numerous people who have crossed my path, online, over the past 20 to 30 years.

I am referring to those whose marriages have "gone south", seriously, wherein one of the spouses wants out, but the other wants to heal the marriage. I mean seriously, not simply being miffed.

Has anyone asked the clergy for SERIOUS help, not a word here and there, but intimate involvement in a painful, deep-seated circumstance, where the clergy/cleric/bishop, inserted themselves and informed all of those involved, particularly the spouse wanting out, that such behavior was not Catholic and confronted the one who wanted to walk out?

I am not talking about pussy footing. I am talking about:

Your spouse wants to work to heal your marriage, you do not want to. Now, perhaps there is real wrong here which has brought you to this point, but, as long as your spouse wants to heal this, is committed to working on this, your walking out is not justified and I will not sit by and simply allow this. I will take canonical action, up to and including your formal excommunication if you refuse to work to heal your marriage, particularly in the face of your spouse wanting to and being willing to deal with EVERYTHING FORTHRIGHTLY?

Is there anyone out there who can inform us of such kind of help given by the clergy/a bishop or both?

Yes, however, is not sufficient information. It would be a mere tease. I want general details, but not identification.

Such behavior by a cleric or by a bishop, is what I WOULD CALL ACCOMPANIMENT. Rather, than identifying accompaniment as the facilitation of the violation of a valid marriage, for any number of reasons, WHICH IS HOW I UNDERSTAND WHAT THE POPE SEEMS TO BE ENCOURAGING. Perhaps, he would like the former. But, to me, what I understand seems like the former is almost, incidental, but the latter, since it happens so frequently, is really where his interest is?

If I am incorrect, not in my opinion but in the objective reality of what the current Pope wants, could someone who knows this REALITY AND IS WILLING TO GO TO THE WALL, to communicate this, PLEASE DO, RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. Certainly, with the reputation of this blog, the Curia has to know what goes on here.

I do hope a response is forthcoming that is legitimate. But, I am not holding my breath.

Thank you.


Karl J said...

Oh, by the way. Can't we just cut the crap? Let Jorge declare himself a living saint, or is that Satan, ex-Cathedra, and be done with this Drama Queen's Act!

jac said...

Once Paul VI is canonized, he will remain forever in the Church's history with the shameful fame of the only "sodomite's patron saint".
Before Paul VI was elevated to the papacy, there were no such things as the homosexual and paedophile rings everybody is aware of in the Vatican.
Truly Satan was enthroned in the Vatican under the papacy of Montini.
Read the novel of the late Fr Malachi Martin: "Windswept house".

Anonymous said...

If it were up to me, Paul VI would not be raised to the Altar. But that is not to say that I hope he were not in Heaven.

There is a lot about which to be scandalized. But we should not go over board.

Canonizations are infallible. And they declare that the departed are in Heaven. That is it. So, Pope Paul VI could be in Heaven, and I certainly hope he is. That it may send the wrong message, confuse the faithful, or demonstrate imprudence on the part of the current pontiff is beside the point. If Paul VI is not in Heaven, then he will never be canonized. Unless, of course, he is in purgatory. Then maybe some day...? After all, there must be a reason that so many saints took so many years to be canonized. Saints are in Heaven, poor souls are in Purgatory.

The Church will survive the canonization of Her Saints.

Michael Dowd said...

"Canonizations are infallible." If Pope Francis turns out to be an illicit do to Pope then my guess is that his canonizations are not valid.

Anonymous said...

Canonisations are like state decorations, awards and prizes. They are man made and have nothing to do with eternal life. In fact the more often they are attributed, the faster they loose distinctive power. And the Church further looses credibility, when fallible popes automatically become saints.

Unknown said...

I'd always heard that canonizations were infallible . What's the skinny on this?