Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Oh look, Bergoglio's "great Italian" friend rejoices at the beginning of Italy's march towards euthanasia

No need to write a blog post.

The photos of Bergoglio's "great Italian" says it all.

Can the Argentian boil on the Seat of Peter really be this stupid? 
Or is he just evil?


The Pope's words on the topic were necessary, wrote Corrado Augias in La Repubblica, “to overthrow the last resistance of some Catholics and--probably--to convince at least a group of them to give their consent to [the pro-euthanasia law].”


Former abortionist and Radical Party activist Emma Bonino, center, reacts with emotion Dec. 14 in Rome to the announcement that the Italian Senate has passed a law allowing citizens the right to refuse artificial nutrition and hydration in living wills.

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Anonymous said...

Number 2.

In the American understanding of


Kathleen1031 said...

Satan always rejoices when evil is accomplished.
He is too intentional to be naïve or stupid.
We have left that possibility behind long ago.
May God, in his mercy, deliver us soon from this papacy, or send us the remedy! Raise up men with zeal for your house, O Lord!

Ana Milan said...

Maybe she'll be the first to put her name down followed quickly by PF as well as many members of the Hierarchy who are well beyond their sell-by-date. It would be a great relief to us all if they could be persuaded to visibly lend their support by leading the way.

nazareusrex said...

Bergoglio is the vicar of George Soros

tuleesh said...

You first, honey.

Unknown said...

Staggering photo.... look at the people in front of them who are weeping as those two behind them are gloating!

Justina said...

Just evil.

Anonymous said...

The Culture of Death has its leader in Bergoglio. As the Masons stated before, 'We now have our man'.

TLM said...

Marie F......that's the very FIRST thing I noticed! The people in front of these two demons were grieving, rightfully so!! Almost like they were looking down at them and reveling in their grief!! Disgusting evil monsters!!

Michael said...

An agent of Satan is clearly at work. To quote Jeremias the prophet, “the enemy hath put out his hand to all her desirable things.”

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

We are seeing the Passion being played out right in front of us, folks.

Look at the photos. Study them. Study them closely.
What do they tell you?

Every sense of our being is telling us that Evil is prevailing. Our eyes, our ears, appear to indicate that God is no longer on His throne. The photos show the smirks of the Evil ones. Including, dare I say it, the man dressed in white.

And this was the way on that terrible day in the garden. The smirks of the roman guards. The self satisfied knowing looks of the conspirators. They sense victory. They've become emboldened.

They are so devious and empty because even they know that they won't prevail. Their master knows that he can't prevail because he remembers his fall from heaven. He won't admit remembering, of course. But he knows.

Let's be clear here. The Devil has no power, except through human agency. If he had power, real power that is, he could create a planet. He could create a solar system. But he can't. The only power he has is through human agency.
And he has plenty of agents. They are the ones smirking in those photos.

Fellow Catholics, the victory was won at Calvary. In these times, when our very senses are under sustained and prolonged attack, it is vital that you remember that the victory has already been won. The fixture is over, done, dusted. Victory was sealed two days after the scene in the garden. Jesus, God made man, won the victory. It is He who prevailed and who will prevail.

The Creator of this Universe could, metaphorically, snap His fingers and existence and everything in that existence, ceases. That is the real power.

So let us with confidence, retain hope.

Pyrrhic victories are just that. Study again those photos. Pity them because what is in store for their belligerent, proud and clandestine souls cannot be comprehended. They will rot for eternity, in the same eternity which never ever ceases. And there they will dwell forever more tasting the anguish of the life they led here.

God Bless all of you. Stay strong.

Peter Lamb said...

Great comment Paul Morphy. So let true Catholics stop aiding and abetting them by recognizing perfidious jorge as Pope and his henchmen as Catholic Hierarchy. See them for what they are - judeo-masonic imposters. Stop attending their novus bogus pseudo-ceremonies and pretending their cookies are the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Sede vacante! The seat is empty! Be Catholic! Stick to the Faith of our Fathers!

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Thanks Peter.

We are going to be under sustained and constant attack. The front line in this spiritual warfare has breached the Vatican itself.

This breachment of the Vatican is part of the strategy to completely overwhelm
the very senses of each and every individual Catholic. The objective is simple. To make it appear to each and every single Catholic that all control has been ceded to, and acquired by, the opposing side.

It was the same in that terrible weekend 2,000 years ago. The Apostles had their own senses overwhelmed. Their senses screamed "we have been beaten"
The Roman centurions, the Sanhedrin, the crowds on the streets jeering, the accusations as the cock crowed, witnessing Him being scourged, tortured, humiliated, denigrated, scorned, ridiculed. In that entire setting, humans senses become overwhelmed. The message is "this is lost, lost entirely"

The people in the photographs are following the same playbook. They are saying "what are your senses telling you now". "You have lost, we have won"

Except unlike the people 2,000 years ago, today we actually know far more.

We know that on Easter Sunday, victory was propelled out of the jaws of utter defeat and desolation.

We know that the scourging, torture, humiliation, denigration, scornfulness, ridicule, were all removed and replaced by the peace and love of the God made man, Jesus Christ.

Faith has to go beyond and be deeper than sensory perception, at times.
Be under no illusion, the attacks will be more vigourous and more vengeful and more evil.

Every fibre of our beings will be tested like never before. We must reach in to our knowledge and our belief. We know what happened when this was tried before - Scripture tells us this. So when we are being attacked, think.
Think and remember what Scripture says.

The Apostles knew nothing on Good Friday, about Easter Sunday, when they were under fearful and odious attack. They were utterly incoherent with fear, dread, dislocation, disbelief.

Unlike you and me, they had no Easter Sunday to rely upon during that Good Friday and Holy Saturday. We don't have that excuse.

We have Easter Sunday to hold on to, during this spiritual war. If Easter Sunday doesn't embolden us, then it is hard to see what could embolden us.

Meditate upon the photos. Meditate upon Good Friday, Holy Saturday.
And then savour the meditation of Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is where we sustain the faith given to us by the grace of God.

God bless all of you.

ChrisR said...

Two servants of the same master.

Peter Lamb said...

That is Catholic Truth in a nutshell Paul. Beautifully presented. God bless and a very happy and blessed Christmas to all Voxers. I'm off to subtropical sun, sea and sand in Durban. See you next year. :)

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

Thank you, Peter.
Enjoy this Christmas and have a safe trip and enjoyable trip to Durban.

Irenaeus said...

Same to you, Dr. Lamb. Safe travels and I hope it won't be a hard Christmas for you.

Anonymous said...

How many millions died fighting the Nazi's and their death policies of exterminating those they considered a burden on society,now their electing and celebrating them.

Unknown said...

The photo is very interesting. The old hags who have worked to destroy are rejoicing and the young woman on the right who is going to have to live with what's left of Italy is weeping.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the butterfly brooch in Bonino's coat? That has great simbolism in masonry. It's almost a confirmation of her being an instrument of the occultist.