Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Are you sure you didn't choose to destroy everything George?

The Vatican spin's away from the shouting match between Pope Bergoglio and Cardinal Sandri. They are two old Argentian's arm in arm.

Two old pathetic Peronists.

Francis! We did not choose you to destroy everything

Two Argentineans: Cardinal Leonardo Sandri yesterday with Pope Francis
Two Argentineans: Cardinal Leonardo Sandri yesterday with Pope Francis
(Rome) Yesterday Pope Francis received a curia cardinal in audience. The same is part of everyday life in the Vatican. Nevertheless, this audience had a particularly piquant note.
Warm audience
Warm audience
Francis received his compatriot Leonardo Cardinal Sandri. The cardinal, born like Francis in Buenos Aires, is the son of Italian immigrants but seven years younger than the pope. Ordained priest in 1967, he was secretary to the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires and sent to Rome in 1971 to attend the Diplomatic Academy of the Holy See. He joined the State Secretariat in 1974 and served as Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela from 1997 to 2000, then in Mexico for a few more months, to be appointed as a substitute to the State Secretariat by John Paul II at the end of 2000. As such, he announced in April 2005 the death of the Polish Pope.
In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him. became Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and elevated him to the cardinal's office in the same year. In 2013 he was in the conclave to the voters of his compatriot Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio. One of not a few cardinals who supported the archbishop of Buenos Aires, contrary to the legend, that Bergoglio's election was an uprising against the Roman Curia.

Loud criticism of a cardinal to Pope Francis

Last Friday, Vaticanist Marco Tosatti reported that Pope Francis' attitude towards criticizing his controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia was a nuisance to some in the Vatican as well. Tosatti speaks of "two different sources", which told him the following.
"A cardinal of great renown, a former diplomat with a significant curriculum at the head of a congregation and eminently prominent in the State Secretariat, has blamed the Pope for acting by saying, 'We have chosen you to do so Carry out reforms and not destroy everything '. The news spread in the Vatican, because the conversation, if one can speak of a conversation, took place with increased volume, so that doors and walls were penetrated. The purple bearer in question was one of those who supported the candidacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the 2013 conclave. "
Tosatti did not name a name. However, his description is so detailed that it applies only to Cardinal Sandri.
Astonishingly, Cardinal Sandri was received in audience by the Pope just three days after Tosatti's publication. Since the Pope did not return from Bangladesh until Saturday, the meeting took place on the first possible day after publication.
The content of the conversation was not disclosed by the Vatican, but photos have been published showing two brightly smiling interlocutors. So far, there were no pictures in which the two Argentines are seen as such exuberant friendliness. The pictures are intended to signal demonstrative agreement and are apparently intended to counteract unspoken Tosatti's publication.
This only raises the question of who better simulates both of them before the photographer.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Osservatore Romano / OSS (Screenshots)


Anonymous said...

Some of the thugs must see the writing on the wall. Their gravy train is imploding.

This just demonstrates how stupid these people are.


Anonymous said...

Come off it. We have an apostate Pope. Now with the publication of PF's private heretical act in the AAS, the whole Vatican hierarchy is also in apostasy.

Anil Wang said...

Hopefully this is true and is the beginning of the end for the Pope Francis papacy. I think Pope Francis might have overplayed his hand. While he didn't nail this down he had deniability even until a month ago. But now it's clean and his insidious enablers are exposed.

The modernist code (which is a variation of an old Soviet proverb) for corrupting the faith is:
"If are a modernist, don’t speak clearly (act decisively instead).
If you speak clearly, don’t write clearly.
If you write clearly, don’t sign.
If you sign, don’t be surprised"

Anonymous said...

Like in an exorcism the priest has to identify the devil(s) of the possessed person. Once he has forced him or them out of hiding incognito, then the expulsion can take place.