Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Church Modernists fiddle whilst Christians burn - literally!

While the likes of Kasper, Rosica, Forte and others continue in their desire to grant Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried with no annulment and to active sodomites, Christians lose their lives for no other reason than that they are Christians.

These repugnant clerics who would not know the "scent of the people" have refused to go the "periphery" to find where their filthy first-world problems mean nothing as the Times of India reports: 

Christian couple burned alive in Pakistan for allegedly desecrating the Quran

LAHORE: In a gruesome incident, a Christian couple was on Tuesday thrashed and burned alive by a group of angry Muslims in Pakistan's Punjab province for allegedly desecrating the Quran.
The horrific crime was reported from the villages of Kot Radha Kishan of Kasur district, some 50 kilometres from here.
A large number of police personnel were deployed in the villages to provide security to the minority community.
Emaneul Sarfraz, a relative of the deceased couple, said that his cousins, Shahzad Masih, 35, and his wife Shamah, 31, had been working in the kiln of Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar for sometime near Chak (village) 59.
"The couple along with their four children wanted to leave the kiln as Yousuf was not paying their remuneration. He demanded Rs 5,00,000 from them, if they wanted to quit.
"Two days ago, after an exchange of words Yousuf locked the couple along with their children in a room," Emaneul said.
He further said that an announcement was made today from two mosques of Chak 59 that Shahzad Masih and his wife had committed blasphemy by burning the pages of Quran.
"A large number of Muslims led by area clerics reached the kiln and dragged the couple out of the room after breaking into it.
They first tortured them and then threw them in the kiln.
No one from the crowd listened to the couple, who were pleading that they were innocent as Yousuf had levelled false allegation of blasphemy against them to settle money dispute," Emanuel said adding, "Thank God they did not burn the couple's children".
He alleged that police from the nearby post had reached there on time but did not intervene seeing the charged mob.
"We have taken some 50 people into custody in connection with the killings and raids were underway to arrest more including the kiln owner," Jawad Qamar, police chief of Kasur district, said.
Qamar also denied the incident had taken place in police presence.
Human Liberation Commission Pakistan chairman Aslam Sahotra said he visited the district headquarters hospital in Kasur and saw the remains of couple.

"It was all ashes and some bones of the couple which is left to bury," he said.

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Barona said...

Even the very gentle and mild Cardinal Tagle is now complaining that the media (we can add the official Catholic media, sadly) is "focus[ed] on the issue of homosexuality" and Holy Communion for adulterers......

No focus on sin, or even poverty, exploitation of women, Islamic genocide against Christians (we even have to go to Prince Charles for that!)--- nothing, but being obsessed with promoting two very grave sins..... and explaining them away as a "Catholic ideal" (Alicia AMbrosio, employee of Thomas Rosica's, CSB, Salt and Light meida network).