A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 4 October 2022

Toronto's Cardinal Thomas Collins permits blasphemous "Smudging" at the Altar in St. Michael's Cathedral!

Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto was present and permitted a pagan "smudging" ceremony at the Altar in St. Michael's Cathedral. In the national bloodletting of woke "truth and reconciliation," the Register's Assistant Editor Swan writes on the issue, "the Mass began with a smudging ceremony before the altar."

Reconciliation begins with truth, Cardinal tells Orange Shirt Day Mass (catholicregister.org)

The Altar of God where the Sacrifice of Our Lord at Calvary is re-presented. A blasphemous act of wokeness and lip service to the actual suffering and needs of our indigenous communities.

“Within the community of the Church, we need to appreciate and celebrate the traditions of the Indigenous peoples, and of every national and cultural community, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the norm for us all,” said Collins. If that is the case, then use a bunch of feathers as an aspergillum but it stops at pagan ceremonies! 

"The starting point for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation has to be truth," Collins told his congregation.

Truth? How is this for truth?

Is there clean water yet in Attawapiskat?

Is the government no longer standing in the way of resource development and pipelines that will benefit our native brothers for generations? 

Is there accountability yet for the billions of Canadian tax dollars handed over to corrupt Chiefs? 

Virtue signalling frauds! From Bergoglio's Pachamama idolatry and blasphemy of three years ago today which unleashed Hell upon the world to this local blasphemy in Toronto. These faithless hirelings have revealed themselves to all who are awake enough to see.

Pay no attention to these clowns as they ask you for $30,000,000.00 for the crime of doing the Canadian government's bidding and then defame the Holy Temple with pagan symbolism.

Enough of them!


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

No traditional Latin Mass in our churches....but a smudging ceremony? The smoke of Satan truly has entered the sanctuary and many who breathe it are like zombies in an opium den. May God restore sanity to these deluded folks, especially those wearing Roman collars who are so guilty of scandal.

M. Prodigal said...

May God have mercy on this shepherd approving pagan worship.

Kathleen1031 said...

A smudging ceremony is for removing bad spirits from a person or place. To allow it in a Catholic church is an insult to God, to put one's faith in burning materials to remove bad spirits or demons in God's house, rather than rely on blessed incense, Almighty God, and sacramental confession. Christians are woefully ignorant (there is no excuse for a priest or bishop to be ignorant) about the lines that should not be crossed between Christianity and other religions. This is why Christians practice yoga, failing to appreciate the yoga positions are in fact prayer positions, you are invoking something, as Christians do when hands are clasped in prayer, we speak to God in this position. Each yoga pose has meaning, but not a Christian meaning. When Imams are invited to sacred places such as the Vatican and pray in Arabic, Christians are ignorant of the fact they are often claiming that space for Allah, who is not the God of the Christians. Again, bishops and priests should be well aware of this. No pope should ever have invited such to happen on sacred Vatican ground. Smudging ceremonies, Pachamama, and the like, are pagan rituals and gods, not for Christians. There is no excuse for such to happen.

Unknown said...

A smudge stepping-stone towards Belgium blessings? The surrounding neighborhood looks like it is determined to batter ram their way up the aisle. I have been persuaded to believe that the residential school issue is groundwork and fodder for pushing another end goal?

Robert Mignella