Friday, 3 January 2020

The slap heard around the world

Pope slaps woman's hand; video goes viral » Sirf News

VIDEO: Pope Francis Repeatedly Slaps at Woman Seeking ...

You've seen the pictures by now. I could not comment on it prior due to my malady and there is not much to say now but this.

Bergoglio hit a woman, twice and he stormed off as the petulant monster that he has often displayed. There is no excuse. She waited for hours to see him, to plead about something - China? A personal situation? What did Jesus do when the woman touched the hem of his garment? 

A commentator, whom I thank dearly, has just replied and in justice, I print it here: 
"Spanish speaker here and I apologize for my broken English. I do not like the man who now usurps the chair of Peter and I think there is no excuse for slapping a woman, but I clearly hear him saying to her: "Hey, dame la mano". That's it. No more. Which translates: "Hey, let go of my hand" or "give me my hand". Nothing added. I am surprised that people say he called her "bruja" or "puta" or anything else. I tried to hear several times and I never hear something similar. I mention this out of justice."
Even Pope Francis gets angry: Catholic head filmed ...Yes, Bergoglio is human, but it is no excuse. He did the same thing in Mexico. Remember this? 

Don't give me the garbage that he is human. This is a result of his egoism, his desire to be god, to be seen as so humble. Well, I guess the smell of that little sheep wasn't good enough for the man who grovels and kisses the feet of tribal leaders and loves to be seen with the global elite.

The man is a putrid disgrace. The woman was desperate, clearly. Where was his mercy? Oh, he's apologised? Means nothing. Let him seek her out and apologise to her. He hit her, twice.

The man is a creep and a disgusting boor on top of everything else.


Ana Milan said...

Nothing to add really. His liking for Catholics is zilch - seven million handed over to the Chinese Communist Regime. How many more will follow? It's plain to see that this prelature's love of Sodomy is keeping them from doing their duty to Christ & His followers & those who aren't sodomites are convulsed with fear & left gutless. They have dug their own graves which are now so deep they won't be able to get out of them. It will take Divine intervention - He who invested St. Peter with infallible authority & charged him & the other apostles with the Great Commission which grounded to a halt decades ago will now have to act against their successors who appear to have sold their souls to the Devil even before they entered our seminaries to destroy every vestige of the OHC&A Church. They will pay the price for what they have done! I pray that the faithful will be protected by Our Lady's mantle.

Anonymous said...

Spanish speaker here and I apologize for my broken English.

I do not like the man who now usurps the chair of Peter and I think there is no excuse for slapping a woman, but I clearly hear him saying to her: "Hey, dame la mano". That's it. No more. Which translates: "Hey, let go of my hand" or "give me my hand". Nothing added.

I am surprised that people say he called her "bruja" or "puta" or anything else. I tried to hear several times and I never hear something similar.

I mention this out of justice.

Unknown said...

Is slapping inadmissable?

Bergoglio slaps Our Blessed Mother around every chance he gets.

He slaps the faithful as well.

Stay awake Francis. If you die suddenly unrepentant like the "audacious servant who had buffeted the Lord, [you may be] hurled into hell body and soul" by the Holy Spirit. (Maria Agreda, Mystical City of God.)

Anonymous said...

Well said I would only add when will we have a Pope that acts like a mature grown man of God? Enough with the crowd antics e.g. kissing airport runways or muslim feet. How about kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament in prayer away from TV cameras?

Anonymous said...

"I am surprised that people say he called her 'bruja'"

Listening to his words again, I hear, "Bruja! Mano/s, mano/s!" Perhaps that's not what he's saying, but the audio easily gives the impression it is. So I'm surprised anyone, especially a Spanish speaker, would be surprised that others would have this interpretation. The same voice I'm hearing say "Manos, manos!" (or "Mano, mano!") is the voice I'm hearing, just a second before, say, "Bruja!" I don't think this interpretation is a stretch at all.

susan said...

I (and a lot of others) hear "bruja" very clearly at the beginning. I don't think it's arguable.

Glad you're feeling better Vox....Deo gratias.

Kathleen1031 said...

There is something really poignant and meaningful about this encounter.
Her dear face, and being Chinese, given what Rome has done to Chinese Catholics. If she was pleading with him about China, my God, he turned away from her, as he has turned away from millions of faithful Chinese Catholics.
He's going to spend his eternity with the faces of those he sold out in front of him. He has no fear of God.
His delight in pulling back his hands from the faithful pilgrims who may have looked forward to that papal encounter for years, only to be humiliated by the pope as they reached down to kiss the papal ring as is Catholic custom for how many hundreds of years? Being humiliated and embarrassed by the pope, what an experience! He obviously enjoyed that. And here he gives this woman no thought at all, no turning back to try to rectify it, realizing (as he should!) that this is her one-time experience and she is left with something terrible. He has slapped and yelled at a woman who clung to him desperately. He most likely saw her make the sign of the cross and deliberately turned away from a faithful Catholic.
He may have been hurt, but should have immediately tried to repair it.
No, he walked away and forget her as so much dirt under his feet.
If that woman was ill, maybe very ill, and saved her money to go to Rome and ask the pope for something, a blessing, whatever it is, imagine being slapped and yelled at by this "representative of God's mercy". What a travesty. May God remove him and soon, amen.

Trg said...


Anonymous said...

Spanish speaker here again,

Cam, Susan,

My mother tongue is Spanish. I live in an English speaking country for over 20 years ago. My name is a very Spanish name and I can tell you that many people have troubles to understand my name. I can divide them in groups depending on what they understood. Some of them they even understand "Lucy" which is way off my name. My husband thinks some words in Spanish are very similar, words that for me are very different. Same in the other way. I sometimes have troubles with some words I think sound the same but for English speakers the sound is different. It is not uncommon to make those mistakes when we hear a language we did not grow up with although still surprising that "Hey" can be heard as "bruja". Maybe it is because of the way English speakers pronounce "bruja". I don't know.

I heard again, twice, the audio and no. I even heard it in slow motion from Fr Z's web. I definitely stand for what I said before. Clearly he said at the beginning: "Hey" which is a very common expression in Spanish especially for a situation like this. Then he said: "Dame la mano".

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile not a word from Pope Francis about the slaughter of Christians.

Dane said...

@Spanish speaker.

I cannot thank you enough. Yes, Francis has earned every suspicion. It is WELL deserved. But as you say, in JUSTICE it must be put forth that he did NOT say and do worse than he actually did. The Francis defenders were quick to outright LIE to defend him in their written articles. Shame on them!

We do not want to be like them. Thank you, again.

Anonymous said...

If there were at least some phonetic resemblance between 'hey', or its Spanish equivalents, and 'bruja', then perhaps I could be more open to Spanish Speaker's interpretation. But where is there any resemblance? There would have to be at least some to explain the disagreement, no?

luis_rcoelho said...

Shocking to witness the immense ignorance of catholics.
Bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemason, the destroyer of St Francis prophecy of the False Prophet. 2 Tess 2:7 has been fulfilled, God asked B16 to resign so the last biblical prophecies may be fulfilled in these end times.

Luís Rodrigues Coelho said...

Looks like most everyone, really, believes this impostor to be the pope.....when he is the destroyer of St Francis prophecy of the False Prophet.

susan said...

to Spanish speaker...knock it off. Your bona fides are truly less than impressive. I've been an "English speaker" for 58 years, and I consistently hear English words wrong....hence my not infrequent, "what'd ya say?" And most people experience the same thing, even in a native tongue. I think the fact that you are so dead-set on making excuses for the ill-behavior of a clear false-prophet and present danger to the Church speaks tomes about your motivations. Quit gaslighting the crowd; it's not working. We can see very clearly that the sky is blue, and hear very clearly that he says "bruja"...not. even. arguable. So go ahead and argue it some more, we're not buying it...we're very, very awake.

Sorry Vox, but this crap is serious and I'm tired of the obfuscation and PC false 'niceness'. Things have GOT to be stated very clearly, truthfully, and with no BS...the flames are up to our eyebrows.

Merry Christmas.

Hythloday said...

Kudos to Susan for matching the imposter’s petulance. I’m firmly in the Spanish speaker’s corner now.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people !
Why such short memories?

Benedict did his share of hand slapping too.

susan said...

Nice try 'gaybriel' @ 9:53. Keep citing that one-time event where Ratzinger tapped a reporter's hand in frustration, while ignoring the pathological, repeating, patterned behavior of abuse and exploding temper tantrums of bergoglio.
Try again.

Johnno said...

We now have a more credible examination of what the woman was saying. Worth highlighting.

Other have noted that Bergolio listened to her briefly before slapping her. So he may have done so not because she pulled him, but because she accused him to his face of betraying the Chinese Catholics. Wouldn't be the first time his face turned suddenly sour when called out in public, particularly about having knowledge of the abusive practices of his appointees.

Johnno said...

Also of note, it turns out that Cardinal Zen issued his own Dubia to Francis back in July, which has, of course, never been responded to by the humble one.

Cardinal Zen also pointed out a fragrant act of deception by the Vatican where they carefully cropped a quote of Benedict's to make it sound like he said the opposite of what he intended.

And to boot, Cardinal Zen also claims that the China deal that Francis signed was the exact same one that Benedict outright refused to, because it essentially tells the Catholic faithful in China to submit to everything the Communists demand them to.

I've said that it's likely the China deal, which apparently involved McCarrick, is highly likely something that involved selling the Chinese Church out for 20 pieces of silver. The only thing McCarrick was good at besides sodomizing was fundraising. The fags in the Church are desperate for money which is why they are raiding hospitals and the Knights of Malta. And given we can't see a single reason where the Church has gained anything in this secret deal whilst giving Xi Yiping everything, is likely because Francis got China to just give him money, or at the very least a sizeable loan, because the only reason anyone runs to china for is to borrow money, to access their large consumer market, or for construction. And we can safely rule out the last two where the Vatican is concerned.

Looks like others like Taylor Marshall are coming to the same conclusion.

Frankie Iscariot II sold his sheep to the hyenas. And when one of the poor lambs bit his garment to plead with him, he scowled and told her to take a hike.

Trg said...

I'm Tex Mex so maybe my Spanish doesn't count but I never heard "hey" in Spanish. That's so different from "bruja". Hey is English to me