Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Bergoglio throws a temper tantrum!

From the Facebook page of Antonio Socci:

Reliable sources inside the Vatican have pieced together what happened. The book “From the Depths of Our Hearts” is clearly by Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah (as is indeed the letters between the two of them -  made public by Cardinal Sarah -  demonstrate unequivocally). Everything had been decided and agreed upon from the very start. The other day – when the part defending celibacy was published -  pandemonium broke out in the Vatican because Bergoglio was fuming with rage. In fact, that authoritative  pronouncement by Benedict, stops him from tearing apart ecclesiastic celibacy, as he had intended to do in the upcoming Post-Synod Exhortation. So, he personally summoned Monsignor Gaenswein, Benedict’s secretary, but also Prefect of Bergoglio’s Papal Household and, furious, ordered him to have Benedict XVI’s name removed from the cover of the book (being unable to demand the changing of the texts therein).

Bergoglio demanded a full and total disclaimer. For this reason the first filtered report spoke of sources “close to Benedict XVI” who said Benedict had not written the book with Cardinal Sarah, nor had he approved the cover (that is, his signature on the volume).

This however, was not true and Benedict XVI was unable to accept speaking falsely by implicitly accusing Cardinal Sarah of having involved him without his consent. Neither did Pope Benedict have any intention of taking back what he had written in defense of celibacy in the book. In fact Cardinal Sarah immediately made the letters exchanged between them public, which showed the book had been decided upon by both of them, and without doubt he made them public with Benedict’s permission. To re-establish the truth.   

On the other hand, Benedict also found himself needing to protect his secretary from the South American’s “vengeance”, seeing as he had received a peremptory order from Bergoglio. So this solution of compromise was adopted: in  successive book editions the author will be Cardinal Sarah “with the contribution of Benedict XVI”.  The text of the book, nevertheless, remains the same.

With this messy compromise, the Bergoglian court can say to the mass-media that “Benedict XVI removed his signature from the book” (even if it’s not true) but in actual fact the book remains just as it is, with Sarah’s signature and Benedict’s name as author of the parts agreed upon.

A very ugly story of clerical bullying, which, in the end aims at muzzling Benedict XVI.  

The fundamental question remains however: If Bergoglio – in his Exhortation -  hits out at celibacy (with the ordination of “viri probati”), he places himself de facto in direct contrast with the  doctrine of the Church, reaffirmed in recent days by Pope Benedict XVI. Thus, he becomes  responsible for a very grave rift, fraught with consequences.

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana

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Anonymous said...

How sad - that we so-called ordinary Catholics, who officially has nothing to say in the Church matters, can not simply expel anti-pope Bergoglio, who single-handedly destroyed so much in a such short period of time. Did anybody had foreseen that we can have Judas on the throne of Peter? Why there is no mechanism to remove anti-pope from being a head of the Church? What a scandal!

Kathleen1031 said...

This is the horror show that never ends, and here is the latest chapter.
This is what comes of having an obvious non-Catholic on the Chair of St. Peter, where he never should have been in the first place, and from which he should be removed.
This is a fight for the soul of the church. We can lament Benedict's abdication, but not now question his faithfulness to Christ and the flock.
In his diminished state, he has made a grand gesture, and I hope people don't try to take it from him. What will happen to him, we fear.
Cardinal Sarah will be persona non grata, will he have any position at all after this. Perhaps not, but he will have also proven his creds, and his fidelity is also unquestioned. Say what you will, these two men did not have to write this, and it has without a doubt made it much harder for Francis to blow up the priesthood. To be frank I wasn't much of a fan of either.
This changes things.

Anonymous said...

One blog on day one wrote of Bergoglio OH THE HORROR!

Peter Lamb said...

"If Bergoglio – in his Exhortation - hits out at celibacy (with the ordination of “viri probati”), he places himself de facto in direct contrast with the doctrine of the Church ..."

So what's new? bergoglio denies the existence of hell and the immortality of the human soul - 3 dogmas of the Catholic Church denied! (Among various of his other heresies.) He has long placed himself de facto in direct contrast with the doctrine of the Catholic Church and far out of the Catholic Church - filthy heretic! - duh !!!

"Thus, he becomes responsible for a very grave rift, fraught with consequences."

A grave rift where? In the frankenchurch! Great! May they rift greatly and rot in hell with their master.

Consequences for whom? Frankenchurch? Great! The more the rifts the better! Foul impostors!

Unknown said...

Oh dear God, like has been said, there should be a way to rid the church of this imposter. The photo that circulated around with Pope Benedict with a black eye and bruising on his face? what happened? Bergoglio is an evil heretic. All this is absolutely disgraceful. Even if they were normal men behaving like this we would be up in arms and we can't do anything about this? God help us and your holy church