Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Are we to conclude then what many of us have believed for seven years now? That Georg Gänswein is really Pope Benedict's prison warden?

What a disgrace. What a circus. What fools are these idiot prelates. From Bergoglio on down.

They've been caught and found lacking in all things moral and ethical.

Benedict XVI wrote the essays with Cardinal Sarah, the letters prove it. 

When will the Swiss Guard do their duty and arrest Bergoglio and free Benedict from his prison?




JayJay said...

The Swiss Guards appear to be walking in tight (perhaps TOO tight) formation. Probably just like all the other Vat employees. Could this be the problem???

Alexis Bugnolo said...


You have the gift of mind reading, because you just wrote what I wrote 2 days ago and published minutes ago...

We must regard Ganswein as a prison guard

Anonymous said...

I guess for Catholics who just jumped on the bus of careful attention with Borgoglio it may look this way .But for those of us who have been watching the antics of Gorgeous George during the Ratzinger /Benedict papacy, we know the pro hx directives came along with Ratzinger as Pope too.
Georgie was the Vatican contact who worked in tandem with Dolan for that NY Met fashion blasphemous spectacle. Georgie is either opus dei or attached at the hip with group.
You guys just keep believing Benedict is a prisoner and those of us who know about the Roman get togethers can sit back and laugh .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you argument is about as cogent in its conclusion as a Democratic Speech. But if you intend to imply that Benedict is a practicing sodomite, you should be thrust down to hell, in my opinion, because you are of the devil. The man did more than John Paul II to fight the lavender Mafia and exclude the unworthy from the priesthood. His coauthored book on the Priesthood is merely the last chapter in a life dedicated to that.

Johnno said...

The fact that Bergolio is throwing raging fits and is attempting a deceitful pathetic coverup over a book defending priestly celibacy of all things just further proves how far this lunatic is from anything remotely to do with God, let alone Catholicism.

You'd think those morons in conservative-land trying to pass off some old off-the-cuff remarks by the humble Frankfurt that he didn't want to end celibacy would've caught on to his Peronist schtick long ago. But these ones protect the idea of the institution at the cost of the truth with as much ludicrous gusto as the US State Department on every shit foreign policy decision.

The Swiss guard won't do jack. We ought to turn to the Muslims at this point. I'm sure Franky will let them in! Just tell him you are looking for pizza. Halal, of course.

Kathleen1031 said...

The church is in the hands of the devil right now.
It doesn't help anybody to have such fighting in the ranks.
I encourage you in charity to try to stick to the topic and not get personal.

Anonymous said...

No the modernist liberal Benedict is being held prisoner against his holy will and do not forget it Johnno and Kathleen !
It was NOT the homosexual communist party members that Dodd planted in the seminaries,it was the sexual revolution and liberals .....just like Ratzinger who wore a suit to Vatican Two.
sure sure sure

Alexis Bugnolo said...

Anonymous at 11:15

the link you give disproves what you say...

Anonymous said...

Just because Benedict is liberal on some points doesn't mean he isn't being imprisoned by those even more liberal than him.