Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Bergolian thugs in fake Catholic media accuse Cardinal Sarah of being a liar

Update at 06:30hrs. EST.

From Joshua McElwee, to James Martin, Massimo Faggioli to Austen Ivereigh and a so-called priest named Dan Horan - all these have come out like vultures condemning our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI that he is incompetent and that Cardinal Sarah is a liar. I won't reprint their comments here, there are two links below that summarise them.



Yet, Cardinal Sarah has said that it is wrong to interpret this book as being opposed to Francis. Meanwhile, Father Fessio of Ignatius Press has announced that he will be publishing the "fake" book from the incompetent Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah has issued a letter vehemently defending his honour against those who have called him a liar, including his correspondence with Pope Benedict XVI.

What this reveals to me is that the filthy rats listed above know that they are on the ropes. They are vicious and they have come to realise that the jig is up on them, and their filthy master, the Argentinian boil on the seat of Peter.

Pope Benedict XVI must speak. 

Someone raised a question yesterday, "Why is the Swiss Guard not staging a rescue."

Papa Ratzinger is in danger, he is a prisoner but something bigger is happening here and it may be divine.


MyronM said...

Vox said: ..."something bigger is happening here and it may be divine."
Indeed, something bigger: 3rd Secret of Fatima (vision* + commentary**) becomes urgently relevant.
Lucy’s vision is about the crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ: that is why they appear in this vision: “a Bishop dressed in White, … in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.” The Lord Jesus as the Head of the Church allowed the Jews to crucify Himself first. Similarly is happening now: Pope Benedict XVI, as the last vicar of Jesus Christ, crucified the visible head of the Militant Church, i.e. himself by breaking it into two parts: if a head is broken in half, it is a dead head. Along with this broken head - no longer the pope, but “a Bishop in White” - dies the whole Mystical Body. The blood of the martyrs, which angels collect in crystal cups, is suitable for sprinkling the faithful, as long as it is the blood of saints. From this vision it follows that the last Roman Pontifex Benedict XVI as the “Bishop in White” will receive the grace of conversion and perfect repentance, and his blood will acquire the power of sanctification. The first pope, Saint Peter the Apostle, received the grace of conversion and repentance, just as the last pope, Benedict XVI, ‘Gloria olivae’, will receive it.
Why is the cross of Christ’s Mystical Body not debarked? And why is it a cork oak? Because the cork is fire resistant and floats in water almost without immersion! What does it matter? Fire and water are attributes of the Holy Spirit and the second Comforter whom Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to send to his Church on earth. The crucifixion of the Mystical Body is the judgment of the Holy Spirit. The cork oak is a witness to this crucifixion, will survive the cataclysm of this judgment and will release green branches, and those elect to the Kingdom of God will find shelter in its shadow!

Tom A. said...

This is simply one wing of the modernist false church disagreeing with the other wing of the modernist false church. It has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism except for those who still confuse the conciliar sect with the Catholic Church.