Monday, 29 April 2019

Bergoglio undermines the security of the United States of America - Will President Trump respond?

Bergoglio contro la Rivoluzione Bolivariana. – Ancora ...

In a normal circumstance, Christian charity demands that we always presume that someone is acting with good intention. Thus, when someone undertakes what appears to be an act of charity to ostensibly relieve apparent human suffering, we are to see that as an act of love as the hymn Ubi Caritas reminds us, "Where charity and love are, God is there."

Yet, the act of Bergoglio or Rome to send $500,000.00 from Peter's Pence to aid migrants set to invade the United States is a whole other matter.

While on one hand, a sympathizer of the globalist migration conspiracy will say, "He is doing the work of charity" others, such as this writer will state the opposite.

Bergoglio has a hatred for the United States of America in particular based upon his Latin American upbringing and his communist sympathy. He has previously upbraided President Donald J. Trump for not being a "Christian" as he wishes to build a wall to protect America's southern border.

Bergoglio has no business invading in this matter. These are not legitimate refugees, they are economic migrants. The United States and in fact, Europe, are under attack from a globalist plan to destroy our cultures and our societies. Bergoglio has signed on with this evil. 

Evil you ask? Yes! Indeed. Yesterday, Maria Bartiromo sojourned to the border at El Paso. There she met two girls, 10 and 8, alone on foot who crossed the border after being abandoned by their mother. Another woman with a babe in arms could not feed him breast milk because she had no food. Yet, they both were chubby. Another family had to fight off the kidnapping of their daughters for sex slaves. What kind of parents put their children in this kind of risk. If Bergoglio really cared about these people he would tell them to stay home and build their lives there and demand their corrupt governments reform. But how can someone corrupt demand honesty of others? We all know about the IOR.

This writer is not anti-immigrant. My grandparents came from Lebanon. All of us in North America, even the indigenous, came from elsewhere, they across a land bridge, we across the oceans. The issue is not immigration, the issue is a planned invasion to undermine the whole of North America.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a communist and a globalist as well as a heretic and a pervert protector and a homosexualist.

It is time for President Trump to retaliate.

It is called RICO!


Kathleen1031 said...

Yes and not only that, but to stem the flow of money into the coffers of the USCCB by giving Bishops money for constant "resettlement". Ever since those funds started our bishops have been about little else. Our diocesan letters and papers almost always refer to "welcoming the other" and all such nonsense. No nation is under compunction to allow an invasion into their lands by illegals and they have a right to defend themselves against any sort of invasion. It is a shame that so many Catholics are unable to cognitively or morally comprehend what they are bringing down on our heads. People believe they will not personally be impacted by this invasion, but they most certainly will. The director of ICE just stated that these migrants are coming "to every community", so all will share the joy of illegal migration. What needs to happen, unfortunately, is for Democrats to be directly affected, because they are the ones preventing our president from doing the job 63 million Americans elected him to do. It was never the economy, it was always immigration and the American people understood this was a key issue.
This pope has directly and negatively impacted both the temporal and spiritual worlds. He has all but wrecked Catholicism, wrecked Europe by filling it with Islam, wrecked the church, and now he has his Soros sights set on America. He is a most dastardly individual. Evil.
Will Americans let him? President Trump needs to stop the flow of money into the USCCB coffers for Resettlement Funds, and when RICO happens, many Catholics will be dancing in the streets. Also very important, for heaven's sake my fellow Catholic pilgrims, stop supporting the funding of an invasion on our own shores by giving money to this evil organization.
Give gift cards to faithful priests.

Michael Dowd said...

"It is time for President Trump to retaliate. It is called RICO!"

The entire mass immigration problem may be precipitated by the Catholic Church in Central America, the Democrat Party and George Soros to embarrass President Trump so that he won't be re-elected in 2020. Clearly, it is time for an investigation.

AMalek said...

This a spiritual war. How sad that our Vicar of Christ is on the wrong side of it. Very strange feeling to hope that our non Catholic President, supported by Evangelicals, will overcome the corruption and evil in our Church. God will use who he wills...

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the former Bishop and present one ,of Camden NJ Diocese for taking Fed monies through Faith Based Charities and resettling 9000 Somalian Muslim "refugees" in and around the suburbs of Atlantic City NJ. Yes this happened several years ago mainly in areas populated by 55 and over developments.

What a cultural experience they provided for both these resettled immigrants and fixed income elderly
Americans ! Illegal drugs being openly sold in our grocery store parking lots and yours truly followed by one very large Muslim male into the ladies room
of the same grocery store where he blocked my exit.

Thank you St Michael for standing in front of me and inspiring me to confront my would be assailant
close and upfront which apparently shocked him to the point of changing his mind and running out the door..

Yes resettlement is just wonderful when you can make money for your pederast infected Diocese despite the fact Catholics are with holding their donations.How wise it is to resettle these people who have earned their bread through theft and drug dealing in their own country and plopping them in ghetto neighborhoods here where they can do the same! How clever to place them nearby the elderly populations of your Diocese who are clueless as to what the game plan is.
Thankyou Francis for donating 500 grand of your Peter's Pence to illegal immigrants invading our nation, the same nation whose Catholics give you the biggest chunk of Peter's Pence...

Anonymous said...

The utter lack of Christianity in the article and comments is very sad and unsettling. The cruel words against the Holy Father are beyond anything one would expect from a good Catholic. Opinions such as these should be kept within and the person they are aimed at should be prayed for most especially when he is God's appointed servant. I will pray for you all. Please remember Jesus'words " that which you do to the least of my brothers, you do it to me". God bless the Holy Father and God bless you all.

Vox Cantoris said...

Come back at 4:30 EDT and see what you think.

Dymphna said...

My diocese helped bring thousands of Somalis to my area. It was a horrible mess. One town even specifically asked Catholic Charities not send it more there. It caused a lot of hard feelings in the community. Although the Lutherans and Episcopalians also helped everybody blamed the Catholics.

Peter Lamb said...

Great comments Kathleen and Anonymous at 10:16 am! How I regret giving every cent I gave to Peter's Pence. But then I didn't know better. Our Lady will crush the heads of these minions of satan. We must be getting closer to Divine chastisement.

Gerard said...

Good luck with getting help from Trump the Tweeter, Vox. He's as phony as Francis the Merciful.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous 12:27, it is utterly lacking in Christian charity to welcome people breaking the laws of your country and attacking and killing your family and neighbors and so holy of the Pope in aiding and abetting these crimes.
So tell me , why is Vatican city surrounded by high walls ? Oh wait, as I recall it was to keep out the Moslem invaders. how come the streets of Vatican City are swarming with Vatican police who stop suspicious people? Why is it that Francis the humble and charitable one had bodyguards?
News flash.......Romans are getting damned sick and tired of their city filled with homeless defecating
in their streets and being placed on their tax dollars in the same condos they have high mortgage payments on! Neither do they appreciate the Romanian youth being picked up by a Vatican City ambulance and taken to Vatican City for parties.
Honestly do you even have a clue what is happening and is or isn't Christian?

Fr. VF said...

You are hilarious! No one could be that idiotic in real life!

Anonymous said...

I have a GREAT PR PHOTO OP idea for Francis the charitable and humble. he should head right over to the Shop Rite in Absecon, NJ in his secular dress like Ratzinger wore for Vatican Two.
Peter Pence in hand, he can donate directly to all the Moslem Somalians dressed in their black buquas and tee shirts .He can pay their grocery bills thereby keeping the cashiers who buy drugs from them in broad daylight out of the parking lot on their breaks. He might even save some poor senior citizen from being mugged that day !

Anonymous said...

What's even more pathetic in Camden Diocese all the while they are bringing in Moslems, is that long time Catholic parishioners with large families, whose breadwinner has lost his employment, are being told to just go to the local food banks when they call their rectories for assistance.
Rectory employees have been complaining about this for a long time because the pastors provided them with laminated read outs and do not want to be bothered speaking to these desperate Catholic parents.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Vox.

How would the administration respond if Putin did this, China, Iran...?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you are not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is for Fr VF who said "No one can be that idiotic in real life"
Only someone who doesn't know what is happening in real life!

"Police and Refugees Clash Over Occupied Rome Square"

Anonymous said...


"Ex-cop procured boys in Rome"

"A FORMER police officer pulled up outside a bar known as Twink - slang for a gay youth - next to Rome's central station. He drove a Fiat Panda marked "Emergency Blood" so that he could park easily. Then he picked up Romanian "rent boys", some under-age, for encounters with Catholic priests."

Johnno said...

" that which you do to the least of my brothers, you do it to me"

Yes indeed. And we are interested in protecting the homes, security, live and livelihood of a nation of people, including those who are being used by globalist nutbags as cattle for human transportation to further sell us on the necessity of a socialist society to care for the problems they created.

All perfectly in line with Jesus. And not in line with Francis in cahoots with human smugglers and charitable profit-houses with six figure salaries for caring for the poor, who count on various anonymous saps to go around admonishing people who are protecting themselves and their neighbours, and their property, and the wages of their labour as being violators of Christ's commands.

Anonynous dopes like this are the ones chasing after the Lord demanding more multiplying of bread and fish, and then being aghast when He refuses and instead wants to feed them True Bread! But Anonynous doesn't care about that bread, he just wants the 'do unto me' because that makes him 'like Christ.'

And that's how they make man into God. Not satisfied to take His Throne, now they're clamouring for His Cross, so they can claim to be the ultimate victim group that we must all worship and adore.

Anonymous said...

There is an old adage,"Charity begins at home."
Early Christian communities gave aid to their fellow Christians mainly living among them.To the widow and orphans and those struggling to survive in their communities.

Why are our donations going to further the illegal immigration crisis especially for those who hate Christians? Why are the Bishops encouraging this ? Is it all for their own income purposes for Federal Government monies?

Faith Based Charities has morphed into Globalist Agenda funding.

Kathleen1031 said...

If people don't understand by now that Islam cannot live peacefully side by side with Christians and Jews, they're never going to get it, or the reality of allowing any foreign group to invade your country is supremely dangerous and bound to change your nation in ways you never imagined. These silly people ought to go to California or Paris and see how unfettered immigration is and what it looks like. At least see the video "Paris isn't Paris Anymore" to get some idea. And read up on CA, which has turned into the cesspool of America. Arguably our most beautiful state, it is a filthy, dangerous sludge pile of human poo, because the homeless and migrants simply poop on the street. Thanks to the needle exchange program, which gave out 53 million needles for drug users, they are all just dumped on the streets, making it a biohazard to walk down the street. Consider Long Island, which has a great deal of MS-13, a brutal gang we will be seeing more of. Consider Johnny Rotten, the 70's punk rocker who has a beach house in CA, and who is joining the chorus of people who have had enough of multicultural enrichment. He said the homeless build tents on his lawn and literally camp outside his door and the beach nearby is so disgusting people can't use it. It is filled with human poop and needles in the sand.
We need to ignore the folks with misplaced compassion who clearly have no idea what reality is going to look like. Tune them out. They are so out of touch and either don't pay taxes or are living in Fantasy land without a basic understanding of what they are helping to bring.
Islam, is 100% incompatible with the West and with the US Constitution.
Nothing is going to change that.

Anonymous said...

In truth migrants are been exploited, its all about money. These people are been driven from their homelands by contrived war and deliberate destabilisation.In Britain they even passed men off as children one woman who fostered a war child discovered on a trip to the dentist she had an adult male in her home. In some countries the number off native citizens homeless is sky rocketing because immigrants are priority for housing. Its called positive discrimination.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents escaped the Marxist Soviet takeover from Lithuania . One of the first clues their nation was being taken over by Communists was the export of a third of the people of national origin and an import of Moscovite citizens. Destroying national identity is par for the course during a change in governing ideology.
In 2012 Maduro took away the guns from private citizens for the "children's sake" in Venezuela and imported Columbian gangs to work in the populace for the government. Hmmm sound familiar in anyway?
Look at the Islamic invasion of Western Europe.
Ask yourselves if Francis and our Bishops are working for a change in government ideology.
This is the Communist One World Order Globalist governing ideology in action.

Peter Lamb said...

"This is the Communist One World Order Globalist governing ideology in action."