Monday, 15 April 2019

Invalid Communion Matter equals sacrilege and idolatry. Par for the course at St. Joseph's in Ottawa

How much worse can it get at St. Joseph's Ottawa, an Oblate Parish. Forty years ago, I lived in Ottawa and was an active parishioner at St. Brigid's and experienced first hand, the Oratorian Affair. It was lead by the heretical and modernist anti-Catholic forces from that parish. It's pastor then was Douglas Crosby, OMI, now the Bishop of Hamilton. He stood by and tolerated the abuse his flock administered on their fellow Catholics. 

The story of this parish is partially discussed below. 

Toronto Catholic Witness Blog has uncovered the latest. It is long past time for Archibishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J. to act to discipline this place.

Sacrilege at St. Joseph's Parish in Ottawa: illicit matter is being used for "hosts" for "Mass"

It has been brought to the attention of this blog, that St. Joseph's parish, in Ottawa is using illicit matter for hosts at Mass. An email (see above) confirms that illicit "wheat free..." wafers are being used for those faithful who suffer from Celiac Disease. The practice at St. Joseph's is to consecrate valid hosts, whilst at the same Mass also simulating the non-consecration of "wheat free..." wafers. 


Peter Lamb said...

I have been reading "Work of Human Hands" by Fr. Cekada. Once one realizes and appreciates what the evil modernist heretics have done to the theology and Catholic doctrine of the Tridentine Mass by creating the protestant novus ordo mass of paul the sick, one will never set a foot in a bleak, glacial, protestant novus bogus church again.

Irenaeus said...

Unbelievable. Seven years. And how long has Archbishop Prendergast been there? Since 2007. He hasn't done anything to end this.

I have been told by a member of the faithful in Ottawa that there are people at St. Joseph's who support women's ordination. Go figure.

Tom A. said...

I am not shocked. Given how the Rites of Ordination were tampered with in 1968, and the NO's questionable consecration, no Catholic should ever approach NO communion. Ever.