Wednesday, 27 June 2018

What did Rocco Palmo know about pervert McCarrick and when did he know it?

Rocco Palmo, who has blocked me on Twitter, publishes the gossipy insider Lispers in the Loggia blog.

Since 2002, at least, it has been known that McCarrick was a diabolical narcist, homosexual predator and fraud. 

With all of Palmo's contacts and his access to the AmChurch Power Brokers, what did Palmo know about it and when did he know it?

This deepens Wuerl's complicity in the McCarrick scandal. Wuerl put out an extremely vague statement denying any "charges" during McCarrick's time in DC. Yet this report says the harassment settlements were reached when he was in DC. Wuerl did zip to warn seminary houses, etc


TLM said...

If you have had the occasion to listen to Michael Voris, he states that 'EVERYBODY KNEW'. Even 'the laity knew', and when the laity knows, you are guaranteed the clergy knows. He calls it the 'open secret'. I think yours is a legitimate question Vox.

nazareusrex said...

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Kathleen1031 said...

Every group covers for it's own.
These men are either active sodomites or covering for active sodomites. It's a big, men's club with all the benefits, fine dining, wine, travel, "conferences" (some at Ft. Lauderdale in summer, imagine!), and you don't work too hard. Easy gig! The down side is you have to put up with people (ugh!), act like you care, and put a pious expression on your face as you do the thing, but hey, every job has it's down side.
They ALL know all of it.
Keep asking good questions! Out these buggers.

Dymphna said...

One reason why I had to stop reading him years ago was his smarmy talk about Cardinal McCarrick.

jmbutk said...

One homo covering for another.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that there were some that were well-meaning (and not necessarily self-serving) who thought that they were protecting the laity from scandal and the institution's reputation by covering up. But have they considered that upon their judgement before Our Lord Jesus Christ these reasons will not be enough when Christ asks them why they didn't speak up and protect the innocent children?

For the sake of their soul, anyone who has direct information should go to the nearest police station and give a won't change what happened but it will show the victims that they are not standing alone. And these horrible pervs need to learn fast that no one will cover for them ever again.

Nancy Reyes said...

Wuerl was in Pittsburg when the abuse was going on in Altoona in the 1990s.
Presumably he never noticed.

TLM said...

Somewhere I read (think it was Steve Skojek's site) where Cardinal Wuerl's 'nick name' if you will is 'Donna Wuerl'. This kind of thing is common knowledge among a good number of Catholics, so why aren't they outing them?

Anonymous said...

Tom A and everyone , i highly recommend Malachi Martin's book , "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church."
remember Martin WAS the Scriptural Scholar for the Vatican at one time and then he left the Jesuits and asked to be laicized.
Regardless of what has been written about him. Malachi did see a bigger picture.He was the first one who ever referred to Wuerl as 'Donna' to me.
there is so much infighting going on among Catholics right now it is sickening. "This Pope said this or that".
Learn about the Popes and the history of their reigns. This book is a great place to start. Then like the wide Dowd commented on this blog, you will understand why the Church Jesus Christ founded HAS TO go back to it's Pre Constantine era.

Unknown said...

Cardinal Donald "The Lavender Don" Wuerl's days are numbered. His favored seminarians all received special attention, special education and all the perks that went along with bed buddies.

One seminarian actually left the priesthood because he refused to have "Twirl with Wuerl". I can;t make this stuff up. When the grand jury report is released there will be mentions of Wuerl and his boy toys walking around his mansion in Pittsburgh naked, so all the neighbors could see.

A portion of the Roman Catholic Church (and we do not know how big or how small this portion is) is a 24/7 version of New Orleans on Fat Tuesday.

Schloeder said...

And now what do think about ex cardinal McCarrick?