Monday, 18 June 2018

The Hypocrite Pope

The man called Donald Trump un-Christian for want to build a wall to protect America from hoards of migrants.

He has spent five years calling the faithful everything from "rosary counters" to "self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-Pelagians."

He slandered the victims of the priest and episcopal perverts in Chile.

I could go on.

At least he knows himself.

Dictators begin by slandering groups of people, Francis warns


Drawing from the account of Jezebel and Naboth, pope says we need to be on guard, both with political leaders and in our own lives

Dictatorships advance by slandering persons or groups of people, such as happened with Hitler and the Jews, but also, Pope Francis warned, as is happening in many countries today.
The pope said this today in his morning homily, drawing from the First Reading, from the First Book of Kings, which recounts how Jezebel, the cruel wife of King Ahab of Samaria, used slander and falsehood to have Naboth killed in order to take possession of his vineyard, which her husband greatly coveted.


Michael said...

Francis sure seems especially good at pointing out the faults of others, especially those faults that are most abundantly found in himself.

TLM said...

Too funny!! The Dictator Pope calling out 'Dictators'. A real piece of work!

mazara said...

God works in mysterious ways ,His wonders to perform.

consecrated to Mary said...

He is a typical marxist,leftist. They always accuse others of the things they themselves are guilty of.

consecrated to Mary said...

He is a typical marxist, leftist. They always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.

Helen Weir said...

Pope Francis isn't the only one taking the objections raised about his own approach, and laughably attemptong to turn them against the critics themselves. Over at Canon 212, there is a link leading to an article posted by the bishop of Bridgeport, admonishing the "closed borders" crowd that we are not allowed to "pick and choose" what we like or don't like about the Faith-as though we have become the cafeteria Catholics! The article is right, of course, to point out that truth is indivisible. The only problem is that what liberal prelates are trying to "teach" these days has nothing to do with it.

Aqua said...

Pope Pius V, in 1571, did the yeoman's work of organizing an alliance to resist and ultimately defeat an Islamic invasion through the Mediterranean into European Christendom. He prayed to God, and to our Blessed Mother, and the barbarians were defeated in a miracle. Angels from heaven blessed and aided our warriors in battle. Islam crawled back into its hole, as Christendom was blessed by God.

Pope Francis I welcomes the invader through the same Mediterranean Sea, their same invasion path into European Christendom. His Bishops threaten anathemas against all Christians who resist the invading, murderous barbarians.

God, be the judge between the two. I stand with Pope Pius V. We await a miracle.

Facts matter. Islam worships a devil god. We worship Yahweh. Tear down the idols. Defend the Holy of Holies.

Kathleen1031 said...

Amen Aqua, truly these are incredible days, we are witnessing history, but what kind. Catholics are encouraged, no, threatened, if they do not allow their nations to be overrun by invaders, who in the case of Islam actually hate and despise the host nation they wish to take over. They make no bones about it, their business is in overcoming the host nation, and they will use Islam to force the population into dhimmitude (subservience to Islamists) or death. Many dhimmis are ready for the taking, we can see them, running about talking about how necessary it is we take in Islam, and not be without "mercy". How mercy has been turned on it's head, Jesus said no such thing that we must take in the enemy which will kill us or our children! We were not intended to live in fear of gang rapes, child rapes, FGM, honor killings, or all the other barbaric practices! But the dhimmis are ready, and so we must be ready, to say NO, you may NOT have our nations, our culture, our lands, our children.
This is one battle we cannot, must not, lose. We must fight for Christianity, no one can sit it out. We must go to the Lord someday with full hands and say, I did my best Lord!

Paul Dale said...

Amen Kathleen 1031

...just as the Jews have done to Christendom these last five hundred years or more.