Monday, 18 June 2018

American Catholic Bishops are useful idiots and dupes of the Democratic Party

Writing from Canada, I am aghast at the absolute stupidity of the political system in the United States that cannot deal with the problem of illegal immigration.

What is more scandalous is the position taken by certain Catholic bishops in the United States on this issue.

What a bunch of putrid, communists, What useful idiots who have lost any sense of being a Shepherd of Christ and instead have put their hopes in a political machine whose roots are in anti-Catholic and racist known as the Democratic Party. The bleating about these poor children by the same hypocrites who kill them in the womb is nauseating.

The bishops who support this sham can go to Hell, with their money.

American Catholics, without every penny from the collection. Starve the bastards.


Woody said...

Are these kids being separated from their real parents or just adults who claim to be their parents? What documentation do these folks have when they make the claim that they are family?

Michael Dowd said...

"American Catholics, with-hold every penny from the collection. Starve the bastards."

TLM said... got this! A good number of these kids DO NOT belong to the people bringing them across. They're being 'trafficked' across...and the US Bishops KNOW THIS. They are a bunch of vile disgusting men taking their orders from the deep state to keep their coffers full. It has NOTHING to do with keeping 'families' together, it has NOTHING to do with Catholicism! These vipers are as Catholic as Mohamed. Time for real Catholics to starve them to death!!!

AMalek said...

The American Bishops are total Marxist shills appointed for the sole purpose of bringing down the United States. It doesn’t hurt that they are receiving thousands of dollars per migrant with which to line their pockets. We in San Antonio got a nice mafia don from Chicago as our Archbishop to ensure that the largest city along the border would be as porous as possible. The border is critical for the globalists so that the gun running, drug running and human trafficking be allowed. IT’S NOT ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS. These bishops are complicit in high crimes against humanity and treason.

Dan said...

The Pope shares a lot of blame. If he was Catholic and talked and led as a Catholic pope, we wouldn't be overwhelmed by bishops like these.

Actually, I'm going to go ahead and lay ALL the blame on this pope.....

Anonymous said...

Why are you, or anyone who is a faithful Catholic, surprised at the political system in the U.S.? The country was founded upon anti-Catholic, Satan-inspired Protestantism and Masonry. It has always operated under demonic influence. The naturalist's (and Masons) who have been president, and that is all of them, even the fake Catholic Kennedy, can do nothing other than what their master, Satan, allows.