Sunday, 24 June 2018

United States Catholic Bishops are complicit in human smuggling

Follow the money.

There is a reason that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is so eager to see open borders. The sodomites hidden away are complicit in a vast smuggling operation, human trafficking, in order to provide a steady supply of child sex slaves. In addition to sex slaves, wages of low-income Americans, mostly Black, continue to be depressed. Hollywood celebrities desire cheap service and a steady supply of sex slaves.

Catholics in America must withhold every single dollar from the collection plate and special collections. You must educate yourselves into the real corruption in the Deep State which includes the Catholic bishops. This is not the Church of Christ. Make no mistake about that.

Out the bastards.

Be like him!

The People Smuggling Industry
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 21, 2018
It is quite apparent that the national press in America is no longer concerned with finding the truth about important matters.  Ideology and the crass pursuit of profits have pretty much destroyed honest journalism in this country.

A vivid example is the chaos surrounding the southern border.  Millions of foreign born people have illegally crossed from Mexico and congress still cannot come up with policies that might stem that tide.  The truth about what is happening down there is horrifying but largely unreported.

Smuggling human beings into the USA is now an enormous criminal enterprise that operates openly in Central America and Mexico.  The process begins with the “vaquetones,” usually young men who scour poor neighborhoods for desperate people who want to live in America.  The vaquetones (translation: the brazen) direct the migrants to the actual smugglers called coyotes, a term invented in the 19th century to describe Mexicans who provided laborers to the Southwestern United States.

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Ana Milan said...

Vox, the link you give to is blocked to me or, to be precise, my country. It's hardly Bill O'Reilly limiting his article to certain readers as I should imagine he'd want everyone to know what's going on. I wonder if he's aware of this?

Your own résumé on what's happening at the Mexican border & the involvement of the USCCB disgusts me. Their complicity must be a factor in blocking the real news from being distributed worldwide. The very few worthwhile members of the hierarchy must be supported & encouraged to come clean about their tainted brothers & the sooner the better. Their involvement in people trafficking, LGBTQI activism support, muted (if any) denouncement of abortion/euthanasia, opposition to Trump government & acquiescence with liberals is extremely anti-Catholic & they should be publicly prevented from occupying the political arena. Only when such matter are highly relevant to CC teaching do we want to hear from them & then in a trenchant proclamation of the Word of God.

Tancred said...

Remember how +++Mahoney exploited his groundskeepers?

Kathleen1031 said...

My husband is a lifetime Catholic, I am a convert. We have attended Holy Mass faithfully for many decades. We have stopped financially supporting the church. It is not easy, it is very hard in fact. Currently we attend a Traditional Latin Mass, which we love and appreciate, and is what makes it so difficult to stop financial support. We know the TLM is likely to be ended once it no longer supports itself, but in all good conscience we can no longer support the Catholic Church, which has obviously completely fallen to apostates and heretics. I don't wish at all to imply others should do the same, we have no leaders, so we are flying blind as well, but we feel with certainty now our church is actually gone, and we have been supporting a demonic imitation. At least that can end, as we wait on the Lord for what comes next.

Anonymous said...

Did you realize these people are catholics?? And most of them more ortodox than the average catholic?

Anonymous said...