Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Francis accuses Middle Eastern priests of living la vida loca

Bishop of Rome Bergoglio has chastised the suffering priests of the Middle East. Being of Maronite ancestry myself, I found his remarks insulting, repugnant and hypocritical.

Bergoglio said that they live in luxury.

"There are perhaps - not many -some priest, bishop, a religious congregation who profess poverty yet lives like a rich person."

Like this?

Image result for pope santa marta room
Bergoglio Bedroom at Motel St. Martha
Image result for pope santa marta room
Lobby at Pope's Apartment

Image result for spadaro tagle booze
Antonio Spadaro, EssJay and his special friend, "Cardinal" Tagle having fun in poverty
Slumming in Rome, thinking about the luxury rectories in the Middle East


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something, or is there no crucifix above Francis' bed?

Barona said...

Interesting 'homoerotic" statue amongst the huge array of alcohol. Vox, you have done Our Lord and the Church a great service by publishing this photo.

Anonymous said...

He should focus on Latin America and the cocaine fueled parties closer to home in Rome.

Anonymous said...

Is there is anything more pathetic than Jorge Bergolio's mouth, other than these idiots who are his as-lickers? I think not!

peasant said...

What the Church in the Middle East has that the church of Rome does not is a daily and nightly fireworks display. Perhaps Bergoglio would want an explosive detonated in his but. You would not want to have any remains as some fool would want to venerate the relic. A nuke on the Vatican starts to sound like good idea. If no country claimed responsibility it would be seen as a blessing from God. Of course some idiot would then claim that Bergoglio was translated into heaven.

Anonymous said...

The least faithful of the Middle Eastern Christians has more faith than all these disgusting hypocrites combined.

orate fratman said...

I have not spotted a crucifix anywhere in Bergo's bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Crucifix in his bedroom??? That thing that he wears around his neck is not a True Crucifix.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've been following the Q posts since March and they have given information before it become public. The info drops give you just enough to make you want to do your own research for more details (think breadcrumbs).

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