Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Will you also be "contra mundum?"

Given the state of the Church today and those hirelings who abound unmercifully, it is good to know that today is the Feast of the "the greatest soldier that the Catholic Religion hath perhaps ever had," St. Athanasius, Pope of Alexandria, (today's Coptic Church).

How great was this man who stood against the world, -- Athanasius Contra Mundum! He stood against the world which suddenly "awoke and found itself Arian." What will the future faithful Catholic world say about this generation? Will it say, we "awoke and found ourselves ..." something of a similar nature?

"Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ." Athanasius of Alexandria

How far will you go, fellow Catholic, in following those bishops, cardinals, popes and so-called, Catholic leaders, who lead you astray? Will you follow them as they march under the rainbow? Will you go with them into heresy who say that adultery is not a bar to Holy Communion? Will you participate any longer in the liturgy that was reinvented for a modernist man who has lost his mind and his soul? 

Or, will you instead by as the great Saint who did not yield to those filthy and wretched heretics of his day and remain faithful to the Doctrine of Christ even though they will persecute you for not having the mercy of Moses?

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From the Divine Office:

The great Athanasius, the greatest soldier that the Catholic Religion hath perhaps ever had, was an Alexandrian. He was ordained Deacon by Alexander, (in the year 326,) Bishop of that city, whom he afterwards succeeded. (In 325) he had followed Alexander to the Council of Nice, where he wrestled triumphantly against the blasphemy of Arius. For this reason he was honoured with so much of their hatred by the Arians, that their vindictiveness never forsook him from that time forward. In the year 335, they called together a Council at Tyre, composed for the most part of Arian Bishops, where they suborned a wretched woman to charge Athanasius with having raped her when she had received him as a guest into her house. Athanasius therefore came into the assembly, and with him a certain priest whose name was Timothy. This Timothy arose as though he were Athanasius, and asked her, saying Woman, was it I that was thy guest was it I that raped thee She cried out indignantly Yea, thou it was that didst rape me, the which she attested with an oath, and called on the honour of the judges to punish such iniquity. Upon this discovery of her perjury, they drave the shameless woman from their presence.
The Arians also accused Athanasius of having murdered the (schizmatic) Bishop Arsenius. This Arsenius they kept shut up, and brought into the court a dead man's hand, which they declared had been his, and had been cut off by Athanasius to use in sorcery. But Arsenius escaped in the night, and when he appeared before all the Council whole and sound, the brazen-faced crime of the enemies of Athanasius was exposed. This appearance nevertheless they attributed to Athanasius being a warlock, and persisted still in their attack on him. He was driven into exile, and banished to Treves in Gaul. Thenceforth, under authority of the Emperor Constantius, that abettor of Arians, he was hunted to and fro with unceasing persecutions. He suffered hardships which it is difficult to believe. He was sent wandering all about the Roman world. He was twice more thrust out of his See, and again restored through the authority of Pope Julius of Rome, and with the protection of the Emperor Constans, the brother of Constantius, by decrees of the Councils of Sardica and of Jerusalem. The vindictiveness of the Arians never let him alone. In his third exile so great was the danger of his life from the pursuit of their undying hatred, that he had to lie hid for five years in a dry cistern, unknown to all men, save one of his friends who brought him food.
After the death of Constantius, Julian the Apostate, who succeeded him, allowed every sort of Bishop who had been banished to return to their own Churches. Athanasius therefore returned to Alexandria, and was received with profound reverence. But it was not long before the same Arians got Julian to hunt him down again, and again it behoved him to fly. A band of soldiers were sent in pursuit of him to kill him, and as he fled up the Nile, their boat pressed hard on his. Athanasius, before they were yet in sight, had his own boat turned round, and went down the stream to meet them. As the vessels passed one another the murderers called out to ask if they knew where Athanasius was, and the servant of God himself cried to them in answer, Ye are close to him! whereupon they redoubled their exertions to ascend the stream, and Athanasius went peacefully down to Alexandria, and found means of concealment till the death of Julian. Yet once again he had to fly from another persecution at Alexandria, and in this his fifth and last exile he hid himself for four months in his own father's sepulchre. From all these so many and so great dangers did God deliver him, and at last he died in his own bed at Alexandria, (upon the 2nd day of May, in the year of salvation 373,) in the reign of Valens. He wrote much that is both godly and luminous in explaining the Catholic Faith, and governed the Church of Alexandria in great holiness, amid all changes of weather, for six and forty years.
V. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us.
R. Thanks be to God.
 R. This is he which wrought great wonders before God, and the whole earth is full of his teaching * May he pray for all people, that their sins may be forgiven unto them. Alleluia.
V. This is he which loved not his life in this world, and hath attained unto the kingdom of heaven.
R. May he pray for all people, that their sins may be forgiven unto them. Alleluia.
V. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, * and to the Holy Ghost.
R. May he pray for all people, that their sins may be forgiven unto them. Alleluia.
Homily by St Athanasius, Pope of Alexandria.
Defence of his own flight.
It is written in the Law, Num. xxxv. 11, Ye shall appoint you cities to be cities of refuge for you, that in these cities they which were pursued to put them to death might enter and be safe. And in the latter days when He was come, even that very Word of the Father, Which had spoken aforetime unto Moses, He gave again the same commandment When they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another. And, a while afterward, He said When ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, stand in the Holy Place, whoso readeth, let him understand, then let them which be in Judaea flee unto the mountains; let him which is on the house-top not come down to take anything out of his house; neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. Matth. xxiv. 15-18.
The Saints, therefore, knowing these words of the Lord, have obeyed them in their lives. What the Lord hath now commanded by His Own Mouth He commanded through His Saints before that He Himself was come in the flesh, and to obey this commandment worketh in a man perfection, since whatever God commandeth is a thing which it behoveth man to do. For this cause, that very Word of God Which was made flesh for our sake thought it meet when they sought Him, even as at this present time they are seeking us, to hide Himself, John viii. 59, and, when they persecuted Him, to fly and escape from their laying in wait for Him although when that time came which He had Himself decreed, and wherein He willed, as touching the Body, to suffer for us all, He willingly gave Himself up to His enemies.
Holy men of God, therefore, have learnt to take example from their Saviour, (and the Same is and hath been the Teacher of all such, whether of old time, or in these latter days,) and know how that it is lawful to baffle their persecutors by flying from them, and by lying hid when they seek them. For since they know not the day nor the hour wherein an all-seeing God hath ordained their end, they do not daringly give themselves into the power of such as hate them, but rather, knowing it to be written, "My times are in Thy hand," Ps. xxx. 16 and that "the Lord killeth and maketh alive," 1 Kings ii. 6, they "endure unto the end," Matth. xxiv. 13. "they wander about," as saith the Apostle, "in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, [tormented (of whom the world is not worthy,)] they wander in deserts, [and in mountains,] and" hide "in dens and caves of the earth," Heb. xi. 37, until either their appointed time come, or until more plainly God, the real Appointer of times, speaketh unto them, and chaineth up the persecutors, or manifestly giveth them over into the hands of the same, as may be His Own good pleasure.


Chad H. said...

It's no mistake that this piece was put out a few days ago: http://unamsanctamcatholicam.blogspot.ca/2017/04/priests-sober-reflections-on.html. It's rather insulting and uncharitable, forgetting the bigger picture of traditionalists as a whole and encourages people to go with the flow.

When we go against the flow, how quickly does the other side saddle us with being too [whatever label is in vogue]?

Vox Cantoris said...

I've heard it all Chad, those mean, nasty "trads." Mad Trads, Rad-Trads, whatever. Well, people have been like a bear in a cage prodded and poked with a stick for 50 years. The old codgers are sometimes a bit curmudgeonly. They were denied the Mass, then they had it once per week or maybe once per month at 2PM or 4PM or 1PM and told to get out for a baptism at 2:15 (St. Theresa Shrine, Toronto). Charity for everyone except the rigid, self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-Pelagians that we used to just call Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Christ is Risen!

Dear Vox,

The feast of St. Athanasius is very special to me since it was on this day years ago that I received my First Holy Communion.

St. Athanasius has 2 feasts on the Byzantine calendar - his principal feast (today, May 2nd) and Jan. 18th, which he shares with St. Cyril of Alexandria. These are excerpts from Vespers from his feast on Jan. 18th (couldn't find any for May 2nd, but they're still very appropriate):

In Tone 4

6. You braved dangers and patiently suffered persecution,
righteous Athanasius, divine orator.
You exposed the wicked lies of Arius and his followers;
you proclaimed the doctrine of the true faith:
the Son and Spirit are one essence with the Father,
most blessed priest!

5. The lightning-flash of your teaching
enlightens those in darkness.
You chase away all false doctrine.
You bore the brunt of battle for the faith,
Athanasius, uncompromised rock!
True shepherd and unshaken fortress of Christ’s holy Church!
Therefore we assemble in your honour,
rejoicing to magnify you, all-praised one!

4. You persistently advance in all virtue, God-inspired one;
consecrated priest,
divinely instructed and anointed by the Holy Spirit,
shepherd of truth and warrior of faith.
All the Church glorifies your memory;
through you she is perfected in holiness and glorifies the Saviour!

Source: www.royaldoors.net

O Holy Father Athanasius, pray to God for Bishop Schneider who bears your name!

O Holy Father Athanasius, pray to God for us sinners!

Yours in Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

I'm just a pew sitter, but I googled How to Help the Marginalized, and I didn't see anything any bishops were doing. So I concluded that trads weren't marginalized - they were behind enemy lines. And if anti-trads are the enemy, what does that make them? AntiCatholic, imho.

I must say I'm always amazed at the Prot comments I read on Youtube videos. They are so loving to each other, so Christian. How did we go from finding favor with all the people, and loving each other, even in face of death, to hating each other? I don't know. An enemy has done this. I only ever heard one FSSP priest preach about this, years ago. He spoke like a father to his children, so good and kindly. He said "don't you be like that." God bless him.

Peter Lamb said...

I'm getting geriatric; I stand rejected by my family and my Catholic friends as a heretic, i.e. a sedevacantist, but I can't understand why. I was born a Catholic. I was educated by beloved Loretto Nuns and Christian Brothers. I clearly remember the days before the Catholic Church was invaded by judeo-masons; the sacred beauty of it. There was no disunity among Catholics. Well, I haven't changed and Catholicism hasn't either, so where have I gone wrong? Follow my reasoning and show me my mistake!
There has been much talk of Amoris Laetitia. Now in the old days, this Apostolic Exhortation would have been indisputably Magisterial. It was promulgated by the Pope, as Pope, as teaching on Faith and Morals, to the Universal Church and all Catholics would have joyfully accepted it and submitted to it, the Church being Infallible and Indefectible and the Pope teaching with the Authority of Christ, Himself.
However, in AL 297 the Pope says:
“No one can be condemned for ever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!”
Now that does not gel with what Sr. Colombo taught me from the Penny Catechism!
Listed among the Dogmas of the Catholic Church are the following:
1. The souls of those who die in the condition of personal grievous sin enter Hell.
2. The punishment of Hell lasts for all eternity.
The Pope denies a Dogma of the Faith! It is a one liner; in black and white; there is nothing ambiguous; nothing that requires a long, complicated theological explanation. The Church says punishment in hell lasts for eternity. The Pope says it does not! The Pope utters an indisputable, undeniable, formal (public, manifest), pertinacious (knowingly), heresy!
Am I correct? Let's check the definition of Heresy:
“Heresy consists in a stubborn denial of truths which have been defined and proposed by the Church as divinely revealed doctrines.”
(Canon 1324-1325 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law).
And Pope Benedict XV says:
"Such is the nature of Catholicism that it does not admit of more or less, but must be held as a whole or as a whole rejected: “This is the Catholic faith, which unless a man believe faithfully and firmly; he cannot be saved"
(Encyclical Ad Beatissimi, n. 24)
So, if he's a heretic and out of the Church, can he still be Pope? Apparently not:
The topic of a pope becoming a heretic was addressed at the First Vatican Council by Archbishop Purcell, of Cincinnati, Ohio: “The question was also raised by a Cardinal, ‘What is to be done with the Pope if he becomes a heretic?’ It was answered that there has never been such a case; the Council of Bishops could depose him for heresy, for from the moment he becomes a heretic he is not the head or even a member of the Church. The Church would not be, for a moment, obliged to listen to him when he begins to teach a doctrine the Church knows to be a false doctrine, and he would cease to be Pope, being deposed by God Himself. (The New Princeton Review, Volume 42 p. 648, also The Life and Life-work of Pope Leo XIII. By James Joseph McGovern p. 241.)

Peter Lamb said...

The Papal Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio of Pope Paul IV teaches that: if anyone was a heretic before the Papal election, he could not be a valid pope, even if he is elected unanimously by the Cardinals. Canon 188.4 (1917 Code of Canon Law) teachers that : if a cleric (pope, bishop, etc.) becomes a heretic, he loses his office without any declaration by operation of law. St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Antonius, St. Francis deSales, St. Alphonsus Liguori, and many other theologians all teach that a heretic cannot be a pope.
St. Alphonsus Liguori: – “If ever a Pope, as a private person, should
fall into heresy, he should at once fall from the Pontificate. If,
however, God were to permit a pope to become a notorious and
contumacious heretic, he would by such fact cease to be pope, and the
apostolic chair would be vacant.”
For brevity, I just quoted one Saint and for the same reason here's one theologian:
“Given, therefore, the hypothesis of a pope who would become notoriously heretical, one must concede without hesitation that he would by that very fact lose the pontifical power, insofar as, having become an unbeliever, he would by his own will be
cast outside the body of the Church.”
(Billot — De Ecclesia, 1927.)
Well, that seems pretty clear to me. An heretic cannot become Pope, because he's not a member of the Church and if a Pope becomes an heretic, he is no longer a member of the Church and Pope and the Chair of Peter is vacant. Such is my logic and my problem is that I just cannot fault it! Also the Church seems to agree. I must be missing something?
So, what to do about it, the Pope being a heretic I mean? Well, I did some checking up and here's what I found. (Again only a few for brevity.):
St. Cyril of Alexandria:
“It is unlawful, and a profanation, and an act the punishment of which is death, to love to associate with unholy heretics, and to unite yourself to their communion.”
St. Athanasius:
“Saint Anthony never held communion with the Meletian schismatics, knowing their wickedness and rebellion from the beginning; neither did he have friendly converse with the Manichees or any other heretics, except only to warn them to return to their duty, believing and teaching that their friendship and society was harmful and ruinous to the soul. Thus also he loathed the Arian heresy, and taught all men neither to go near them nor to partake in their bad faith.

Peter Lamb said...

II Lateran Council
“The accursed perversity of heretics has so increased that now they exercise their wickedness not in secret, but manifest their error publicly, and win over the weak and simple-minded to their opinion. For this reason, We resolve to cast them, their defenders, and their receivers under anathema, and We forbid under anathema that any one presume to help heretics or to do business with heretics."
St. Thomas Aquinas:
To know whom to avoid is a great means of saving our souls. Thus the Church forbids the faithful to communicate with those unbelievers who have forsaken the faith by corrupting it, such as heretics, or by renouncing it, such as apostates.”
Well, as far as I can see, a Catholic must have nothing to do with a false heretical "pope", or his church and so I don't. But what about the "Recognise and Resisters" who recognise an heretic as still being a valid Pope and Bp. Fellay and the SSPX, who also do and who offer the Sacrifice of the Mass to God in union with an heretic and who want to join the heretic's church? What can they see that I cannot see? Why do some of them hate sedevacantism and call me an heretic? Am I not just following the teaching of Holy Mother Church? Why do they ostracize me? I just don't get it, but I suppose it's part of getting geriatric!?

Anonymous said...

Many catholics today believe in positive thinking, energy, chakras, self healing, homeopathy, yoga, meditation and mantra chanting, etc.

So, "they awoke and found themselves... new agers?".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I asked the Lord for His word tonight and opened to Matthew 26:57-68, Jesus before the High Priest. The HP and council look for false accusations to discredit and put Jesus to death. Jesus responds with silence, and finally by disclosing his true identity as the Son of Man. The council's outrage is followed by spitting in Jesus' face and mockery - "Who struck you, Messiah?"

I can't help but feel this is going to be the faithful remnant's fate. We must remain faithful, know who we are and stand strong, and God WILL have the last word. We will be humbled, humiliated, mocked but our perseverance in the true faith will be a transforming light for the body of Christ, much as it was for St. Athanasius in his steadfast defense of the faith.

john said...

Archbishop Lefebvre was a true hero.

Anonymous said...


Ana Milan said...

Dear Peter:

Life for a Catholic has become an ongoing persecution since VII. Satan is in a great hurry to split us up & get rid of Christ's Church on earth for all time. He only has until October this year to finish his intended devastation. VII was his main tool for doing his bidding. Most of the prelates at that time were corrupted men placed in seminaries by Bella Dodd on behalf of the Communist Party in the '30s & '40s. But even though they have caused havoc by their trashing the Liturgy of Ages & down-playing the Sacraments (even denying Last Rites) & catechesis, God is still wth us as He promised to be until the end of time. Our Lady has warned us several times in the past as you know that Rome would lose the faith & that the Apostasy would start at the top. She also said that he who should speak would fall silent Benedict(?).

Jesus never said that following him would be easy. He told His apostles to go & teach all nations what I have taught you. He wanted His Word spread throughout civilisation, but missionary activity has dwindled to almost a halt since VII - it's not politically correct, which is in keeping with the Liberation Theology PF is steeped in & surrounds himself with 'advisers' who are also of the same mindset. In order to get away from this contamination many Catholics have left His Church which St. Peter laid the foundations for in Rome. They say they have gone to the catacombs to preserve the faith but Jesus did not say 'go to the catacombs when things get tough, as they will'. He is testing us - are we strong enough to withstand this punishment He has allowed in order to sift the chaff from the wheat? We who 'remain & resist' do indeed bear the scars of VII - the silence (even rudeness) from Bishops & Cardinals who fail to respond to the innumerable requests & signed petitions of both clergy & laity to give true Christian leadership in these dire times. We can only admit that they have lost the faith or, in some cases, never had it. The fact they hold such position at all is because it is God's way of flushing out Satan's disciples & rid His Church of them once & for all. It does does not mean that He has flown from His Church - quite the opposite, He is very much in the centre of things & will wait until exactly the right moment to act. All predictions to date about these times we are living through have come to pass. Popes come & go along with their heresies & blasphemies which Christ's Church has suffered many time before & still lives. I think I did reference you before to an article by a priest (published at 1P5) a few months ago when he prayed before the Blessed Sacrament as to whether or not he should remain a priest. He recounted that a clear voice immediately answered him - "My Church is being crucified. Will you leave her?" In answer to this testing question he has remained, as we all should. Outside the Church there is no salvation remains as true to-day as it ever did. Yes, people do have plausible excuses but their clergy really don't. Starting up new groups (churches even) outside the Communion of Rome (even bad Rome) they have lost apostolic succession & unity with the Body of Christ. Jesus, of course, knows the dementia that causes them to leave but still, lovingly, awaits their return. Not triumphantly when everything has been put to rights but now so that they can be instruments of the restoration of the one & only True Faith present in the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church Jesus charged His Apostles to found, and which St. Peter did, in Rome.

minbee66 said...

Anonymous suggested some Catholics today "awoke and found themselves... new agers?". May I suggest an alternative: Some Catholics, such as the Alinskyite Dorothy Day "awoke and found herself ... a 'Catholic' Worker?"

Kate Hennessy has written a tome about her "granny" entitled "Dorothy Day: The World Will Be Saved by Beauty: An Intimate Portrait of My Grandmother."

Hennessy is now on a speaking tour to promote her book and Day's cause for sainthood. She got an extremely warm response from Fr, Thomas Rosica, when she appeared on his "Witness" program recently(the program is on the Salt and Light Youtube channel). Rosica is a great admirer of Day and helps Kate to present her in the best light.

Two of Kate's claims are that Day was "not political" and was only "a loyal friend" of Communists, so that opponents make too much of Day's Communism.

Kate's claims are disproven in Carol Byrne's "The Catholic Worker Movement (1933-1980): A Critical Analysis (2010) and at the blog "Dorothy Day Another Way."

Any help in spreading this information would be greatly appreciated by this writer, who is the Dorothy Day blog's author and a subscriber to "Vox Cantoris."

God bless you.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Ana, Thank you for your response. As I have said before, you are a very loyal, brave, gutsy Catholic woman and I admire you greatly for that.
I agree with every word of your response up to "In answer to this testing question he has remained, as we all should."

Dear Ana there is one stumbling block you have to get over and that is the realization and acceptance of the fact that the novus ordo/conciliar church is NOT the Catholic Church. Your confusion stems from equating the buildings, vestments, trappings, titles etc, which once belonged to the Catholic Church, with/as being the Catholic Church. They are not.
The Catholic Church is made of its members, living and dead, not of bricks and mortar. Who are its living members? Those who are baptized and profess the Catholic Faith in its entirety. You and I qualify as Catholics; bergoglio and all the conciliar anti-popes do not.

Be careful of attaching too much importance to reported private revelations. Our anchor is public revelation - the Deposit of Faith.

Oil cannot mix with water; Christ has nothing with belial; judeo-masons and communists deny Christ, (the ultimate heresy), and cannot therefore represent Christ; nothing can be itself and its opposite at the same time. If there was only one true Catholic left on Earth, the Catholic Church would reside in that single person.

Yes, the Catholic Church is suffering its passion, but that is you and I and all the other true, faithful Catholics. The false, satanic novus ordo church is inflicting that passion upon us, who are the Catholic Church. bergoglio and his minions have received the baton from their predecessors and continue the scourging.

Saint Athanasius did not remain in the arian church. He did not recognize those heretics as the representatives of Christ and by doing so, increase their evil influence and power. He let them be anathema; he left them and gathered the few Faithful in the fields, where Christ was with them as always. Christ and Apostolic Succession were not with the arians!
Remember St. Hermenegild. He died rather that accept the Blessed Sacrament from the hands of a heretic!

Dear Ana, I pray to Our Lady that she will let you understand that the conciliar church is not the Catholic Church. Your great loyalty is misplaced dear Ana. "You are with me, or you are against me", so says Our Lord. You cannot be with those who deny Christ and also with Christ. Saint Paul did not say "fight them from within", he said "let them be anathema!"

"Recognising and Resisting" a true Pope is Catholic nonsense. There is no such thing in Catholic Ecclesiology. A true Pope speaks with the authority of Christ and cannot teach error. There has NEVER been an heretical Pope in the history of the Catholic Church - such a thing is impossible, because IF a Pope were to utter heresy, he would immediately cease to be Pope.
God bless you Ana. :)

George Brenner said...


From 2007,

" The pope of Rome has drawn a line in the sand: the Roman Catholic “Church” will pursue ecumenism, but only on its terms. All other “churches” must recognise the Roman Catholic “Church” as the one, true Church; this is the ultimate objective of the ecumenical movement, and on this point Rome will not budge. U.S. Dominican priest, Augustine Di Noia, under-secretary of the Inquisition, said that the document does not call into question Benedict’s pledge to work for ecumenical progress. “The Church is not backtracking on its ecumenical commitment. But... it is fundamental to any kind of dialogue that the participants are clear about their own identity,” he said. As stated by Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican magazine, “The Pope’s intent, it seems clear, is to lessen confusion in the Church, and at the same time to reinforce the sense of Catholic identity over against a type of exaggerated ecumenism in which all Christian communities are increasingly, in practice, regarded as equally valid expressions of Christian faith.” In other words, Roman Catholics (and everyone else) must know that their “church” is the only true “church” on earth, and this fundamental doctrine must never be sacrificed for the cause of unity."

In Christ,

George Brenner

Don't allow all the vast confusion to interfere with the one and only one true Catholic Church. This present status in the Catholic Church will not be allowed to continue for long.

mazara said...


Peter Lamb said...

Dear George, We are one in that there is only one true Church of Christ, apart from which there is no salvation and that is the Catholic Church.

Bear in mind that it is standard modernist practice to state something orthodox here, while stating the opposite there.
"...the Church of Christ SUBSISTS in the Catholic Church ..."; Assisi; "...to proselytize is a sin ..."; "...there is no Catholic God" etc., etc., puts the lie to what you quoted. The church of man is the goal of the novus ordo - of that there is no longer any doubt.

We are agreed that this apostasy will end and that the Immaculate Heart will prevail.

Where we don't agree is that the confusion is IN the Catholic Church.
This is impossible. There can never be confusion in Christ, who is pure Truth. Consequently, there can never be confusion in the Deposit of Faith, or the Church of Christ.

The confusion is in thinking that the church of belial can be IN the Church of Christ, or even worse, equating the church of belial with the Church of Christ; the confusion of thinking that one can be IN the other; the confusion of thinking that oil can be mixed IN water. We have to grasp the fact that we are dealing with two separate entities - the Church of Christ and the church of belial.

The root of the confusion lies in "Recognizing and Resisting" the judeo-masonic anti-popes as Popes, instead of rejecting them as satanic heretics.

By coincidence, Novus Ordo Watch has this morning published an article which, to my mind, absolutely demolishes, yet again, the R&R position. Reading it will be like taking castor oil for many, but please God some will read it with an open Catholic mind. :)


George Brenner said...

Ah, but you nailed the issue, Peter in your latest comment. The Catholic Church IS in deep peril. BUT there are ENOUGH Catholics of good will who live within the true Catholic Church as promised by Christ that would not even be on this earth for one second without the truth being known by those that truly do care. Do you really believe that Christ would have abandoned his Church and sacraments or over 50 years? We have been dealt what we deserve and this will pass/This is guaranteed. KEEP the faith, Peter......

In Christ,


George Brenner said...

Great last comment Ana Milan,