Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Ontario to establish "safe space" for baby murderers

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi will be proposing legislation to establish safe zones around health facilities, after a rise in confrontations outside the Morgentaler abortion clinic here in Ottawa.Naqvi said women have the constitutional right to control their bodies, and the right to privacy. "It is critical that those protections be enshrined in law to provide consistent protection across the province," he told a news conference. "In an increasingly-polarized society, it is critical that we protect a woman's fundamental right to choose." Naqvi noted that several other provinces have similar laws in place. He said he plans to consult widely and hopes to have the legislation ready for consideration in the fall.

"The woman's fundamental right to choose?"

Choose what Naqvi?

Tell us, what is that choice?

It is this?

Image result for abortion pictures

Some choice.

You're not a very good Muslim.


sad Canadian said...

Muslims are not our friends on abortion. They generally believe for religious reasons that abortion is permissible for the first 4 months.

cassius dio said...

I considered that the legislation would be specifically targeted against saying Abortion is evil, as it is.

Another approach would be to dress up like a "demon" and wear a sandwich board saying "thank you for your childs soul"

Now, I admit this may be wrong, objectively, in a way. But how would a court deal with that? How does the media deal with that? It would be an interesting "shitpost" so to say.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

When I first came to Canada, with my husband, the Polish Canadian Congress permitted immigrant visa applications from within the country. We cleaned homes for a living while waiting for our visa, processed via Seattle.

When we realized we were expecting a child, we became very concerned regarding our ability to properly provide for our child, especially if I could not work. My husband planned to go back to school, as he could not find employment as a geologist. A lady doctor (perhaps I should say - a female doctor) I saw said that I should have an abortion, that anyone in my situation would have one. She said that without health insurance, should complications occur, the health costs will potentially be many thousands of dollars.

I was an apostate back then, but when I tried to consider that choice, I just knew - it is impossible to kill a child. I knew that after conception it is impossible to claim that it is not a child.

I was under a lot of pressure from many sides. How can you be so irresponsible and to have it! - people said. They made me feel guilty for not being able to consider killing my child. - Even the doctor said that anyone in your place would do it!

I can not say that my intelligent grown daughter is the most grateful and generous. Perhaps she is an underachiever in these most important areas. She chose to be satisfied with being a scientist and musician in one instead. God forgive her, she is also a feminist (that happened via brainwashing at McGill University.)

OK, I must have made mistakes. Or perhaps it is not my fault. But one choice I made that I never questioned is to not kill her, It was her, I know, all those 26 years ago.

The point I am making is this -

As long as 26 years ago many (including a female doctor) suggested or insisted that I have no choice to not kill my child, that not killing her is immoral and irresponsible. After she was born, and we struggled financially (I stress - we never took any government assistance), some still said to me that it is immoral to have a child, when can not provide her with a high material standard of living.

I tell the truth.

Chad H. said...

Some choice, indeed.

*looks down*

Oh, look! An eyeball fell into my lap!

Peter Lamb said...

God bless you Dorota. You are a wonderful lady. XXX

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Dear Peter,

God blessed me, but I was not faithful regardless. I still did not believe,

Since I had no health insurance, and very little money, I decided to apply for it with the Alberta Government, even though I was not eligible. I was told in the office (more than once) that I needed the landed immigrant status first. There was no other way.

One day, seven months pregnant (the status was granted about six months later), I said to my atheist husband, as we were on a walk - take my hand and please, pray with me for health insurance. He didn't want to, he felt embarrassed, but I insisted. I said: God promised that when two or more pray to Him, He will be among them.
Finally my husband agreed. I spoke the words, he held my hand.

It is true (hough I still feel that I am making it up) what I say happened next - I found an envelope with the Alberta Health Care card in the mailbox a few days later.
When my daughter was born, very healthy, many people said that they have never seen a baby as beautiful as her. She never wanted to sleep, and liked to be entertained all the time, but boy - was she beautiful and clever.

May God bless you, Peter.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota, Seeing that ol' Vox is giving his writing hand a break, here is my story regarding the reality of our Faith:

I got home from work in the dark and was walking up to the house thinking about my sheep which were about to start lambing. One second later, I was flat on my back, with a man on my legs, one on each arm and another throttling me with my tie. Five escapees from Pretoria Central Prison - two convicted rapists. One had the most evil, vicious pair of eyes I've ever seen. I knew he was the one to watch out for. I called him "Swazi".

My wife and children were already locked in a bathroom. They tied me up on my bed with my hands behind my back and my feet tied to the bedpost. One remained at the foot of the bed holding a hunting knife, while the others ransacked the house and drank my whisky. They were in our house from 18h00 until 22h00. Eventually, they finished packing their loot into our suitcases and were ready to leave. Swazi walked into the bedroom, took the knife from my guard and walked around the side of the bed to finish me off. I had finished preparing for death. As he got to me he raised the knife. I planned to twist to my side at the last minute, hoping he would put it into a lung and not the heart. I would then play dead and hope for the best.

The last words that flashed into my mind were: "Guardian Angel, please close your wings", meaning would he overshadow me with his wings to protect me. As the words left my mind, Swazi froze as if he had walked into a brick wall. He turned around, sheathed the knife and they left. I untied myself and escaped James Bond style and called the police.

The police would not believe that my wife and her visiting sister had not been raped. Of course they wouldn't have understood if I had told them that the Sacred Heart was enthroned in our home. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Peter ,here is a recent example of Gods protection.http://eponymousflower.blogspot.ie/2017/05/the-jihadist-couldnt-behead-me-and.html?m=1

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Peter, I struggle to say something fitting.
I am unable.
I do not think I will ever forget You and this story. I assume it affected your lives with undying trust and overwhelming gratitude to our Father and His holy Angels.

Thank You for telling it, and may God continue to bless You and family. You said not long ago that Your son was dying. How are You?

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota and Anonymous, Thank you for your comments. My son, Michael, died in the Bristol Royal Infirmary on 6 February from malignant melanoma. He had a most wonderful death. Father Arnold Trauner came from Austria to hear his Confession, gave him Viaticum and Extreme Unction. He died very bravely. His army pals gave him a great bachelor party in hospital and made a wedding chapel out of a hospital room and he got married on 20 January. The hospital, nurses and medical staff were beyond fantastic. The British Army paid for airfares for his siblings to come from America and Africa and paid all our hotel bills and for a magnificent funeral attended by about 2-3oo soldiers from various units. His original regiment had a memorial day for him on 26 May and did a 30 mile stretcher carry to raise funds for a little girl with cancer. They have put a brass bell in the pub with his name on it and are naming a barracks after him in Africa and a little memorial of him in the British Army Museum. Mikey was a very fine chap and soldier. RIP.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

May your brave son rest in peace. I can see how faith in God gives everything meaning. It fills our lives with love and beauty, where there could be despair.