Friday, 19 May 2017

An Archbishop, a Prime Minister and Sacrilege

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A Mass was held earlier this week at the majestic Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal to celebrate the historic founding of that once great Catholic city.

The picture below is of the Archbishop of Montreal. A man whom all my contacts there say displays love of the Blessed Sacrament, prays continually, invited in the FSSP, strengthened Opus Dei, lead Eucharistic processions and borne the rebuke of up to 70% of whatever is left of the effeminate Montreal clergy.

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Why then do we have him giving Holy Communion, the veritable body, blood, soul and divinity of the God-man to the Prime Minister of Canada? A poor measure of a man who has ushered in euthanasia, legalised marijuana, dresses like a Mohammedan in a mosque, prohibits anyone from running for election in his party who has a pro-life position, advocates for the murder of babies in the womb, has just forced through $600,000,000.00 CDN to fund abortions overseas and forces genderist ideology on Canadians.

What should we expect, really?

It was the Catholic "Church" of Canada Inc., that did everything they could to get this degenerate elected.


Ana Milan said...

This is a very public scandal & should be given as much negative publicity as possible. No Bishop has the authority to offer the Sacred Host to anyone upholding abortion, SSM, euthanasia or other public sin with the added insult of not allowing any candidate of a different mindset to stand for his party. Such sacrilege must be publicly abhorred by the other attending Bishops & by members of the prelature.

Barona said...

If this Archbishop really - I mean REALLY believed - he could not have given Holy Communion to Trudeau.

These men are ultimately apostate, do-nothing bishops.

Anonymous said...

One really has to wonder what kind of mental gymnastics certain people engage in to justify such a profanation. Justin Trudeau is clearly obstinate on the issue of abortion. There is no way he can be in a state of grace as long as he cooperates in the destruction of innocent life by enabling the culture of death.

FYI "progressives": you cannot be "personally opposed to abortion" AND "publically pro-abortion" and insist that you are a faithful Catholic. To state otherwise is an affront to the martyrs who lived and died faithful to the teaching of Christ. Scandal is exactly the right word to describe Trudeau being given Holy Communion by an Archbishop, no less, who should know better. Yes, it's Trudeau's choice to present himself for Holy Communion, and the communion line is hardly the place for a confrontation. However, give no choice but to confront a manifest sinner who has disregarded the binding counsel of the Church, it is appropriate that a public and obstinate sinner be denied the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

sarto2012 said...

If this "cleric" believed, he would not be handing the scared species to a man standing. He is giving out the N.O. Cookie. No sacrilege.

Peter Lamb said...

Bishop Fellay has been given permission by bergoglio to "freely ordain" his priests. One step further towards joining the NWO "official" church. How can so many good SSPX Priests not see the ridiculousness of the R&R position? I can't understand it, so I asked Fr. Trauner, who was a SSPX Priest for 25 years. Here is his reply:

Father Trauner, could you please tell me why it took you roughly 25 years before you moved away from SSPX?

It is now about four years since I left SSPX, the community in which I received my priestly training and Holy Orders, so I have had quite some time to reflect upon things...
People come to SSPX from many different walks of life. Many practice the Catholic Faith in their chapels after a true conversion. So overall there is a lot of sincerity and – normally – good faith. That is true for the laity and also for the clergy, to a large extent.
The real reason why most “traditionalists” come to SSPX, and why there are so many vocations there, is the following: From the start – SSPX had been founded in 1969 and was acknowledged by the Novus Ordo authorities in 1970 – they have established a worldwide apostolate running parallel to the Novus Ordo set-up.
They have been able to do so because of their R&R position: Recognizing the Novus Ordo authorities as the Authority of the Catholic Church; but reproaching this authority with being unfaithful to the Deposit of the Faith (liturgy, teachings, disciplines...) and therefore Resisting it by doing that which they believe to be truly Catholic...

How did things, then, come to a head for you? What precipitated your move?

In my case God gave me a good kick by turning my life upside down. I had been in equatorial Africa for a number of years, and I had never monitored, or managed my health properly. The SSPX parish in Libreville/Gabon had around 1700 attendees at regular Sunday Masses, the school had about 200 students. So there was always enough to do, and I really loved this apostolate.
Then I moved to other countries, and at long last my health gave out while I was busy founding a new priory in Nigeria with other priests. So I had to leave Africa and the apostolate quite precipitately.
I found shelter with some traditional religious sisters who follow the Benedictine Rule. They live in the German Black Forest. While being there, their Mass priest, an elderly confrere, helped me to regain some health; and he also shared with me all the things which he and the convent had witnessed with regards to SSPX, over 35 years.

Peter Lamb said...

The year I came back to Europe was 2012. It was the year when it became public knowledge that SSPX had been entertaining discussions and relations with the Novus Ordo set-up in total secrecy, for just about 15 years. This was made public not by SSPX, but by a Novus Ordo participant in those negotiations.
There was the “Doctrine Preamble” on which the Novus Ordo set-up and the SSPX leadership had agreed, in April 2012. This, too, SSPX had tried to keep secret for as long as they could, but it was eventually leaked.
Both of these facts constituted a serious blow to the confidence many priests and members of the laity had put in SSPX for so many years.
By looking more closely into this, I became aware that SSPX was doing exactly the same thing their founder, Archbishop M. Lefebvre (+1991), had been doing all the time. The “Doctrinal Preamble” was a reprint of a paper once elaborated by him, as SSPX rightly claimed in public.
I had entered the SSPX seminary in October 1988, three months after AB Lefebvre had consecrated four bishops. I had been at the consecration ceremony, and I had taken it for granted – not having any clue of theology at the time – that it was a supreme act of necessity “for the survival of the Catholic Church”, as AB Lefebvre had stated explicitly that day. I had deemed the cause worthy of consecrating my life to it.
Now – in 2012 – I was becoming aware that things were not quite what they had seemed to be. AB Lefebvre had negotiated with the Novus Ordo set-up occupying the posts of authority of the Catholic Church. He had signed a deal with them, only to revoke his signature the next morning (May 5-6, 1988). Then he had proceeded to do those episcopal consecrations two months later. So I had taken it for granted that he had not only seen through their scam – that of a “false catholic Church” – but also that SSPX was doing the same thing, following the same line. Now it had been made public that merely ten years later new discussions had started; that they had led to concrete steps towards unifying SSPX and the Novus Ordo set-up (the opening of the Roman basilicas in 2000 for the use of SSPX pilgrims; the ‘liberation of the true Mass’ in 2007; the ‘lifting of the 1988 excommunications’ in 2009), all while keeping the talks secret from the general public.
Since I was already out of the SSPX apostolate in 2012, it was relatively easy for me to make up my mind and to break with them.
Later I learned that they were to propose to put me in charge at Basel (Switzerland); it would have been the first time for me to be in a position of responsibility in SSPX. Thanks be to God this had never happened before. Thanks to God’s grace, I had been able to see a glimpse of the truth before it was too late... Eternal thanks be to God that He has made it so that I was able to follow up on that...

Peter Lamb said...

Why can't so many other good priests in the SSPX see the nonsense of the R&R position?

Firstly, the crucial point regarding today’s problems – the question of the Authority, and Primacy of the Pope, and its relationship to the true constitution of the Church founded by Christ – has been eclipsed from our training. Later on it was deformed more and more in the priestly training. This makes it difficult for SSPX priests to realize that there is a very serious dogmatic and theological issue on which they are wrong, and on which they are misleading the souls of those trusting them.
The theological arguments brought forward by the position which holds that the Apostolic See is (at least) formally vacant (Cassiciacum Thesis of Bp. Guérard des Lauriers), have never been taken seriously. In their own ranks they ridicule this position. They do this by twisting and distorting the arguments – in which they are intellectually dishonest; and by taking advantage of the many cases of scandal among clergy and laity who have held the position of the Apostolic See being vacant – here they neglect to acknowledge that this sad human side of reality is also largely present in their ranks, and that this has nothing to do with the value of the theological arguments brought forward.
So they make it very difficult if not morally impossible, for the clergy and laity who follow them, to take the problem seriously and to care to discover the truth. For the arguments proving that the Apostolic See is vacant, are theologically conclusive!
Secondly, a large campaign of misinformation has been continually maintained with regards to the validity of the Sacraments. The two major and totally devastating points are:
- The SSPX position on the validity and on the legitimacy of the “New Mass” has continually been shifting.
- Their understanding of the new rite of episcopal consecration has always been wrong. They regard it as valid and do not discuss the serious objections raised against its validity.
So the fact is that now there is either total confusion on the topic of the validity of Holy Orders, in the ranks of SSPX; or they just do not care and eclipse the question from their minds (since it has become in practice insoluble for them, given their willingness to cooperate with “Novus Ordo priests”).
As far as the question of certainly validly ordained bishops goes, they have upheld the myth of other consecrations being doubtful, or invalid. Thus they have discredited a whole series of certainly validly consecrated bishops (especially from the AB Thuc line). This gives them a strong argument with regards to them being the only ones having bishops in the “traditional catholic” world...
Thirdly, it is humanly speaking quite difficult to leave the place where you have been for some time... to abandon the work which you are doing in good faith, for the good of souls... to see through the theological aberration underlying the R&R position... to make the great leap, not knowing what tomorrow will be like... So they end up staying, and only God knows what end they will meet. For one is always influenced by those by whom one is surrounded!

Kathleen1031 said...

That has to be one of the most beautiful homes for God I have ever seen. Truly, it is magnificent.

Peter Lamb, I don't know much about the SSPX, only to know they have been considered the "guardians of the faith" for some time. In my own mind they had credibility, but their silence in the face of the massive apostasy we are all witnessing from this pope, the Cardinals, Bishops, and Rome, has entirely removed them, for me, as trustworthy sources of the one, true faith. There is little they could do at this point to change that, except to publicly repudiate this pope. I am sure that is not forthcoming.

These men are comfortable, either in league with, or comfortable. They are not going to rock that boat. It might affect their pension. Money and comfort is more important than a dead Christ. They have chosen.
It makes it harder for us to know who is who when they put on exterior trappings of a traditionalist. Better for us if they are open apostates.
God help us all.

Jonah said...

The apostasy of the progressives has been obvious and easy to defend against. The corruption of "conservatives" has been more covert and insidious. The love of sodomy and the war against the weak came upon the "traditional" Church by stealth and misdirection and has been resisted by only a few. There may be no remaining institutions, apart from faithful families, free from this infiltration and subversion.

mazara said...

A wonderful miracle.