A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What is going on in Dolan's New York?

Iconoclasm, sodomite organists to "marry" another man, organists living with priests, luxury rectory renovations.

There are three churches in New York City where the liturgy has been properly celebrated, the music properly executed and the traditional Latin Mass offered. Holy Innocents has survived, for now, an attempted closure. Yet, Our Savior is under a new pastor who has spent like a drunken sailor on the rectory where he lives with the organist while creating havoc with the magnificent iconongraphy. Now we have a report that at St. Agnes, the organist and choir resigned due to the new priest's admonishment, the current organist, a man, is to "marry" another man and the pastor admonishes and harasses the attendees of the Latin Mass to the point of turning off the air-conditioning.

Where is Timothy Dolan in all of this?





franciscanusanglicanus said...

My opinion in this can only be summed up in one word. Disgraceful.

Lynda said...

Hardly just a coincidence that these things are happening to the three places with the Traditional Mass. Sounds more like diocesan policy.

TLM said...

YET........with all this going on we not only hear NOTHING from Dolan, we hear NOTHING from ANY of them about the BARBARISM going on at Planned Parenthood. Hmm.......where are they? Where are our fearless leaders that manage to scream about so called 'climate change' and all things U.N., and every other secular cause, but not a word about the BARBARIC INHUMANE AND ILLEGAL selling of aborted baby parts by this EVIL organization? Where is the Pope for that matter????!!!!! Their silence amounts to their being complicit with the same SIN. They are the ones with the megaphone, and they are SILENT???? I'm sorry, but their silence CONVICTS THEM of the same sin. They have just as much blood on their hands as the abortionists and procurement companies. These prelates, these so called 'Sons of the Church of Christ' are a disgusting disgrace.

Anonymous said...

The page one story in the latest issue of CatholicNewYork, the newspaper of the NY Archdiocese says it all. The story is: Bishops Cite ‘Significant Gains’ Against Death Penalty. This page one drivel comes from the USCCB chairmen O'Malley ( the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities) and Wenski (the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development). Committee on Pro-Life Activities, get that? Read this story in light of the death penalty figures graphed here: http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/documents/FactSheet.pdf
The NYCatholic story http://cny.org/stories/Bishops-Cite-Significant-Gains-Against-Death-Penalty,12877
Do these one-eyed clerics not know about the 2800 babies aborted every day? And this stupid piece of fluff comes at us just as we are seeing one video after another about the trafficking in fetal body parts. And on everything since well before the SCOTUS decision on gaity, we have the Grand Silence from the Grand Marshall. I think he thinks no one hears him if he keeps his big mouth shut. Sorry Your Eminence we “hear” you louder than ever.

Lee aka Canadian Catechist said...

Hi Vox,

my question was tweeted to Cardinal Dolan and Wuerl last night from Canadian Catechist. Where are you ? Even the Bishops in Africa are speaking out about the PP murders and selling of babies in the US. We may need to look to Africa for any kind of leadership. The entire situation is disgusting ! These "princes" are more concerned with polls than souls!

Anonymous said...

I've attended many Latin Masses at St. Agnes. Father Murphy has become an increasingly obnoxious presence taking many opportunities to attack and belittle the magnificent music and the prayerful faithful. His notorious directive to the Latin Mass congregation to get out of the church because the liturgy took too long was a clear signal that traditional Catholics are not welcome at St. Agnes. The new organist is not only a scandal but is an incompetent musician. He is clearly out of his league and ignorant of the performance nuances of traditional sacred music.