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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Archdiocese of Toronto: Televised Mass for Shut-Ins features Hymn to Earth goddess Gaia!

UPDATE: The Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Toronto has indicated that the matter will be discussed with Monsignor Brad Massman, age 76 and retired Rector of St. Paul's Basilica, to ensure that, "it does not happen again." Perhaps the good Monsignor Massman, who really should know better, might take a look at this article at the New Liturgical Movement on why we sing to God. 

For those of us that work to ensure that the music in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is focused on the true worship of God and with the dignity that befits the sacred liturgy, the introduction of hymns has been a challenging exercise. 

I contend that the single worst problem with Catholic worship today as it relates to what is ridiculously considered to be sacred or liturgical music resides in the 1967 document, Musicam Sacram. For the first time in the history of the Church; hymns were used to supplant the antiphons, liturgical texts from Holy Scripture structured in the Mass for over 1,500 years. This was right out of Luther's Mass. How diabolical! More often than not, we see these sacred texts in the Ordinary Form of the Mass, the Entrance, Offertory (yes, it exists) and Communion antiphons, replaced by hymns of dubious quality and theology. Hymns replacing scripture. The whole premise seems counter to the increased reading of scripture in the Mass that the reformers (I prefer to call them what they were, revolutionaries) allegedly wanted; or was it?

Less control of course is given over the recessional hymn which is certainly not necessary as technically speaking, Mass has ended just before with the Ite. Yet, this is a time, should a hymn be chosen, for glorious singing of praise or thanksgiving to God or perhaps the Blessed Mother or Saint of the Day.

For those poor souls trapped inside and unable to attend the Holy Mass in Toronto, they often choose to be subjected to the liturgical banality of a televised Mass for Shut-Ins which does not substitute for the Sunday obligation.

Is that not bad enough?

No, it seems.

How about this hymn to the pagan earth goddess, gaia at the end of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You can listen to it yourself at 27:30.

This is a disgrace. How hard, some of us have worked for proper liturgy to the glory of God and the edification of his people. How disgusting it is to see this priest and these laymen and women and these musicians do such a disgrace. So unprofessional; so scandalous to the faithful held hostage by these liturgically incompetent musicians and priests who permit this right under their noses. Have they no faith? 

There is no excuse for this in Toronto, not with the presence of St. Michael's Choir School and the outstanding work done there for over eighty years. Msgr. Ronan would not be amused but I think, they all hated him anyway.

Let nobody tell you that the liturgy in the Archdiocese of Toronto, except for a few minor exceptions, is not impoverished, banal, self-serving and narcissistic. Those are harsh words, this is a condemnation and I am tired of preaching and working for something better when ecclesiastics really don't seem to give a damn. 

A few months ago, a bishop stopped to question me about the book, the Simple English Propers and his questioning of the existence of the Offertory Antiphon. I had to explain to a bishop, what it was. Who the hell am I to explain liturgy to a bishop?

I have over 25 years as a Cantor in the Ordinary Form. I find this liturgical bile reprehensible and insulting to Our Lord and to the work that those of us faithful have done. Frankly, I think there is simply no hope for the reformed liturgy. I am becoming more convinced than ever that the future of the Church is back to its past. 

Pagan gaia worship, and on the official Archdiocese of Toronto YouTube page!


Cardinal Collins, you need to fix this!

For more on the composer.




I am pleased to see that this is making the rounds in Italian and the writer drew the parallel with the Bishop of Rome's environmental manifesto:


Gaia in Greek mythology is the goddess who personified the Earth generates divine races. Second born after Chaos and before Eros. He was revered, especially in Attica, as the goddess of the dead and the underworld. In late period it is to merge with the various figures of the Universal Mother and the Mother of the Gods. It was identified by the Romans with Tellus.

The global environmental movement has spread the name, and in some even the worship of Gaia, arguing that the earth is a sentient super-organism, which lives in the spirit of the ancient goddess worship and reverence it deserves.

The British chemist and environmentalist guru James Lovelock's book "Gaia: a new look at life" (Gaia: new ideas on ecology) writes that "all forms of life on the planet are a part of Gaia - part of the spirit the goddess that sustains life on earth. From the beginning of this transformation in a living system, the actions of Gaia have created diversity in evolution of living creatures on the planet earth. "

A hymn to Gaia was sung at the end of the Mass broadcast on Sunday by the television channel CTV Toronto, Mass and entrusted to the archdiocese Canadian television space (in the video above per minute 27:30).

The song is titled "Beautiful Gaia" and was written by American Carolyn McDade, feminist and composer of songs spiritualeggianti often used in the liturgies Protestant and Catholic unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

O Gaia calling us home.
O beautiful Gaia calling us on.

Waves crashing on granite.
O Gaia calling us home.
Waves crashing on granite, calling us on.

What the hell?! This is outrageous. Will email Cardinal Collins following this comment.
And, the priest substituting his own words for the Dismissal—ugh!

Thanks, Vox, for the alert!

Anonymous said...

There's 2 minutes of my life gone only to be creeped out beyond words....... Like being completely in the twighlight zone...... I looked up the composer of this little ditty; appears to be one Carolyn McDade. Why any song written by this lady is considered suitable for a Roman Catholic Mass is beyond me.......

Maudie N Mandeville said...

But how about that plunging v neck outfit she was wearing?? Isn't that why many of us attend, either to show off our new outfit or to oogle the sleeveless or speghetti strap, plunging neckline short dress that the twenty something babe is wearing??? Isn't that why ad orientem was changed in fairness to the priest?
Or so it seems.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Thank you for reporting on this liturgical abuse. And to think that the Archdiocese of Toronto wants us to pledge to the Famiy of Faith campaign to raise funds. Gaia worship is what happens when spiritual priorities are misplaced. Let's hope that Cardinal Collins puts an end to this. Peace to you and your readers!

Freyr said...

This was third hand by the time I heard about it. Has anyone sent a letter to the chancery?

Vox Cantoris said...

I have written the Chancellor for Spiritual Affairs on this and the refusal of Holy Communion on the tongue at St. Pius X Church by the new Pastor.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame her. Really. She probably has NO idea that she should not be singing this song. I think one of the first places we should begin using the proper chants of the church is for the TV Mass. Musicians, if they are not directed by their pastors, (and the pastors have not had the best liturgical training until late) have no idea what is inappropriate. When they are told, they are often in shock. I know that I was. Where does one go for training or help in our diocese? I have no idea.

Vox Cantoris said...

But would not Msgr. Massman former Rector of St. Paul's Basilica know better?

I will consult with any priest and I am more qualified than the usual suspects.


Niall Mor said...

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. I'm absolutely appalled.

Jen said...

Very bizarre, the whole thing. The singer pronounces granite as "gra-night" so it's possible she does not know the word "gaia" either. But wouldn't she look up both words? She has professional voice training, and part of singing is studying up on the meaning of your pieces.

Clearly this is a low-budget "mass" managed by a production company. They arrange the "staging" and probably the music too. I doubt the priest is aware of what songs they insert.

My real concern: is a priest visiting these sick and homebound people and bringing them the Eucharist? Wouldn't a priest of this parish routinely come to Anoint, Confess and give Communion?

If so, there would be no need for this cheesy mass, especially when they could watch a much better "production" on EWTN.

Anonymous said...

What the $%#$%&#$ !!!!!!!!!!!!?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Whereas yesterday there was some effort put in by the enemies of Christ to keep the myth of continuity going (well, not really since Assisi and the mosque/belial-temple fiascos, since the old testament as good as the new fiascos where our betters sat at temple listening to our elder brothers in the 'faith' exhort God to finally send the messiah etc.), today, there is no need. They realise that if they have the kit and the title, they can sell anything as Catholic and we will buy it. I wonder what St Athanasius would have done. Stupid question. We already know.

'Oh belial we hear you calling us hooooommme, ohhhhh beautiful belial, calling...'

c matt said...

How long before the Toronto diocese opens a "St. Moloch" parish? Perhaps Los Angeles, DC or Chicago will beat them to it.

Unknown said...

Good on you for calling them out on this nonsense. Of course, the neo-pagan song is only the tip of the iceberg. Notice the total absence of anything sacred in that 'televised Mass.'

Larry Betson said...

Disgusting...when is someone in the Church going to put a stop to all this nonsense, makes me sick.

Larry Betson said...

I am sickened by this. When is the Church going to put an end to all this nonsense. Do any bishops have control of their diocese anymore? Do any of them have a spine?

Anonymous said...

I've often watched this Mass, just to see what the musicians chose. Has anyone noticed that the musicians rarely (if ever) choose the proper psalm for the day? And let's not even discuss translations.

Unknown said...

I would really like to know what the statistics are on those viewing this. The setting is so devoid of sacrality, I suspect anyone who actually values the Mass would have been turned off a long time ago.

Lynda said...

And the silence and excuses just go on and on ad nauseam. Collusion with heresy and endangerment of souls.

Lynda said...

Public reparation in the Church after its reconsecration is necessary.

Vox Cantoris said...

Fortunately, it was a TV studio.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Ravasi participates in Idolatry — “Mother Earth” Cult. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCtMAH0KTmU

Anonymous said...

This is all part of the neo-pagan agenda: The acceptance of sexual promiscuity (Holy Communion for civilly divorced and remarried) and homosexuality obviously leads back to a paganist mindset. The next thing will be women priests and after that the introduction of licentious rites such as naked dancing, and, ultimately, the re-introduction of temple prostitution. It is just the process of apostasy that will result in the regime of the Antichrist.