Friday, 10 July 2015

Pope's trip to South America is a disaster in the making

The Pope's trip to South America is a disaster a disaster in the making. If some of these instances were not so outright scandalous they might be considered as sick jokes. These instances reveal deep problems with this papacy and the people in the Vatican in general and specifically with the men that surround the Pope. Charitably, we must assume they are idiots, but they are most likely must more than that. Manipulative, evil, destructive, Christ-hating monsters. Freemasons, communists and homosexuals have have no faith and no fear of the Lord.

I will make three points.

The Pope's homily requesting the people of Ecuador to "pray fervently for this intention, (the Synod) so that Christ can take even what might seem to us impure, scandalous or threatening, and turn it -- by making it part of his 'hour' -- into a miracle. Families today need this miracle!"

A comment that Fr. Federico Lombardi said the Bishop of Rome did not refer to anything specific.

Really Padre Lombardi?

Do you think we're stupid?

We have the socialist El Presidente with the bad haircut presenting the Pope with a Corpus of Our Lord on a communist hammer and sickle. We are told the Pope said, "this is not okay." Or he may have said "I did not know that" after it was explained to him. Did he say the first? The second? Both? It does not matter, The Pope should have handed this blasphemy right back to the tinpot dictator who has disgraced his country. What Vatican official would not have known the protocols that gifts to the "leaders" are discussed beforehand? El Presidente also put an "pectoral cross" of this blasphemy around the Pope's neck.

Lombardi assures us that the monstrosity will not end up in a Church.

Want to bet?

This is another beach ball moment if I ever saw one.

Yet, the worst of all?

The Most Blessed Sacrament distributed by laymen from paper bags.

Well, at least the bags were white.

Paper bag ciboria here, plastic cups at WYD in Brazil.

These people have no faith.

They are deceived or bloody evil.

Get right or get out!

UPDATE; The Lord's Day July 12.

Father Z is reporting that it seems that they were not actually "paper bags." 



Radical Catholic said...

According to Catholic News Services, before leaving, Pope Francis gave the hammer-and-sickle neck-bling he received from El Presidente to ... wait for it ... Our Lady, Protectress of Bolivia.

FrereRabit said...

The evil hammer & sickle "crucifix" is a defining visual moment for this papacy. The commie crucifix is actually a Jesuit own goal for the Catholic Church. The best explanation can be found on the sedevantatist site (which I do not visit normally) which has a very good set of videos in which the sound can be heard.

I also wrote about this yesterday here:

And if you want the Catholic satrical take on the story, try Leonardo Boff:

Kind regards.

Jennie said...

Something... "impure" and "threatening"... that cannot be named... that relates to "families"... this can only be one thing. It is spelled out quite clearly in the "instrumentem laboris" even if the pope will not pronounce the word verbally before millions for fear of a riot.

Anyone aware of the social trends of the last several decades and the infiltration of the priesthood and hierarchy over yet-untold decades will recognize that the pope can only be speaking about active homosexuality.

Many of his hand-picked inner circle and next layer of close advisors, clergy and laity, are homosexuals or advocates of homo "rights."

I don't believe the answer to this next question is in the affirmative for ANY previous pope, but is it time to wonder, is THIS pope gay?

I do not accuse him of impurity in his own actions, no! But such sympathy to a perverse group, a group destructive to the family not part of it, elevating them to the same level as a husband and wife in the sacrament of matrimony (that is his "prayer" for the Synod)... that seems much farther than necessary to go to be "pastoral."

Why would our pope have such strong feelings about 3% of the general population, who are guaranteed already rights beyond the rest of the community? This is maybe .001% of Catholics!

Is he personally identifying with the... homosexuals? The answer is clearly... yes. Is he one of them? We may never know... but given that HE is the one to open the topic, and with such crude language, and supported by his court, I no longer feel it is a sin to ask, merely ask, about an elephant in St. Peter's.

Murray said...

Radical Catholic,

This just proves the Holy Father's displeasure! Clearly, he wished to place the blasphemous object under the baleful eye of Our Lady, Destroyer of Heresies.



Thanks. Those videos seem to clear everything up, which is why we'll never hear about them again.

FrereRabit said...

"Those videos seem to clear everything up, which is why we'll never hear about them again."

Oh superb! Thanks for that! What times we live in, eh?


Unknown said...

You are all wrong. It is not blasphemous at all - not if you knew what the Cross is. Go read the letters of St. Paul.

FrereRabit said...

Here's one last link for the commie "crucifix" story. It is well-researched and suggests that the Vatican would not have been caught out by Morales presenting this object to the Pope.

Luciano said...

How long Lord Jesus? How long?
Maranatha Lord Jesus.

Dr Robert Brown said...

It's not exactly news that a Jesuit is saying something that is ambiguous enough to be taken various ways. It's long been enumerated
in the joke about the things that God doesn't know: He doesn't know what a Jesuit has said after he has spoken.

Like Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga he was ordained c 1970 and still seems to employ the 1970ish pastoral strategy: So interested
in the Lost Sheep that the flock is ignored and wanders away.

Unknown said...

I think the conclave was duped in electing Pope Francis. The accusation that Cardinal Kasper lobbied other Cardinals for the election of Francis is gaining tred right now. Pope Francis hates Catholicism, hates the papacy. Its real clear that everything that nearly two thousand years of Popes have accomplished Pope Francis is out to destroy. This is so clear that Catholics have to request his resignation. If a Papal figure did this five hundred years ago the Vatican would have been sacked. It just shows how close the anti-Christ is to becoming the world emperor and leader. Everything is starting to fall into place.

Damask Rose said...

From plastic cups to paper bags, bit of a come-down that. One shudders to think what they'll use next...

Anonymous said...

For those who are troubled (aren't we all?) Take comfort in hearing from this wonderful voice in these times, who until this week, has been silenced and now speaks as a "voice in the wilderness" from his imposed "sabbatical". God Bless and Keep You Blessed Father Michael Rodriguez! Our prayers continue for this fine Sacred Servant, who bravely says what should be said from every pulpit in the world, most especially those who purport to be Catholic.

Anonymous said...

The crucifix episode says more about Morales than anything else. The Pope accepted the 'gift' with dignity and as a courtesy to his hosts but clearly he looks disconcerted in the videos. To refuse would have been diplomatically impolite.

Lynda said...

The excuses being made show the darkening of the intellect, the diabolic disorientation. All details of papal events and meetings of Heads of State are agreed well in advance. Officials spend their days working on all these details. There is no "surprise" or spontaneity. These occasions are planned in detail and the pope would have signed off on these "gifts" in advance.