Thursday, 2 July 2015

Justice Thomas is called a "clown in blackface." What would that make the person who said it?

Clarence Thomas official SCOTUS portrait.jpgI have no horse in the race in U.S. politics but I have long been impressed by Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas. In what I have read of him and hearing him speak in interviews and reading some excerpts of his decisions he has come across to this Canadian as a man of dignity, grace, courage and humility. He rose from child poverty and a racial segregation to rise to the position he has today. He is also a Roman Catholic.

On the other hand, I could never get Star Trek, notwithstanding the Canadian son who played the main character.

George Takei, a man who engages in sodomy with another man, was also on the series. The child of Japanese immigrants interred during World War II, called Justice Thomas a "clown in blackface."

I should think two things.

One, Mr. Takei is fascist and a racist.

The second is; I doubt he would like to be called one of these.

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