Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holy Father, please explain the "scandal" you muse about creating

People wave as Pope Francis leaves the Apostolic Nunciature in Quito, Ecuador, on July 6.
Pope Francis rides in "air-conditioned" comfort in fossil-fuel vehicle in Ecuador

Exactly what does Pope Francis mean when he says this when at Los Samenes Park in Ecuador during his homily he asked the million or so gathered there to:
"to pray fervently for this intention, (the Synod) so that Christ can take even what might seem to us impure, scandalous or threatening, and turn it -- by making it part of his 'hour' -- into a miracle. Families today need this miracle!"
Poor Father Federico Lombardi was left again to spin the Pope's comment and he stated that the Pope was not referring to any specific proposals discussed in the anticipation of the Synod.

Well, let's see.

The two proposals from last year and that seem to be on the docket again are Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried and some kind of accommodation of sodomy and its perverse lifestyle.

Given that the Pope says that these things to pray that change are "to us impure, scandalous and threatening" what the hell else could he be referring to when he asked that Our Lord Jesus Christ can turn this around "into a miracle." How can yo ask Our Lord to intercede to commit impurity or scandal?

Even CNN sees that something has gone awry with the headline that "Pope...'hints' at Scandalous Changes for the Church."

The Pope himself is either engaging in some sick game with the faithful, has heterodox and possibly heretical views or is suffering from some form of dementia.

What other explanation can there be?


Anonymous said...

"Did God really say you shall not eat...? You surely will not die" Most cunning.

gracem said...

He is suffering from all three!

Anonymous said...

There are many indicators and plenty of evidence pointing towards an attempt to open the doors to contraception in the Church (in official Church documents, as opposed to bad priests and faulty ideas of "conscience" that already propagate heretical approval of contraception). Read paragraph 137 of the Instrumentum Laboris - it has the doublespeak language that clearly opens the door to intrinsic evil within the Church...

"When the reference to the subjective pole prevails, selfish choices are readily risked; in the other case, the moral norm is taken as an unbearable burden, not responding to the demands and possibilities of the person. The balancing of the two aspects, lived with the accompaniment of a competent spiritual guide, could help the spouses to make choices that are fully humanized and in keeping with the will of the Lord."

That is not what the Church has taught! Humanae Vitae teaches that "The very nature of marriage and its use makes His will clear, while the constant teaching of the Church spells it out." Thus, no "accompaniment" by a priest is needed! And the idea of "balance" between the married couple's conscience and objective truth is subtle heresy as well! Pope Francis is well on his way to opening the doors to contraception!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he has an IQ below Forest Gump!

TLM said...

And if that is the case, Anonymous, (that he is on the way to opening the doors to contraception) he has to also know that opening the door to contraception is opening the door to abortion, failed marriages, unbridled sex without marriage, homosexuality, polygamy, bestiality, and the list of depravities goes on...and on. Contraception is the 'gate way drug' to complete immorality. The Holy Father is not stupid, he may be many things but stupid he's not. It's pretty much common knowledge by now that contraception is the crack in the wood that allows the termites in. And I believe the goal is even more than contraception. Communion for irregular marriages and the acceptance of homosexual unions into FULL communion with the Church. He seems to be pushing for complete apostasy from Catholic teaching.

Anonymous said...

As he once said to parents of Franciscans of the Immaculate, "We'll see...we'll see!"

Joji said...

What concerns me about the contraception issue is not that it's a "crack in the wood allowing termites in," but that if the Church - via any pope or any synod or "collegial" or "pastoral" action - reverses an established doctrine based on natural law, then the "Church" is not divine. The Church, the Bride of Christ, cannot be untruthful.

A shift in contraceptive teaching also would not be a "development of doctrine" (a term many misunderstand). Rather it's a reversal of doctrine to accommodate new post-modern social standards.

There is a true Church in harmony with God's laws, and I always thought it was the Catholic Church. But if the doctrine on contraception can be reversed almost on a whim, so can any doctrine.

The Church risks losing all her moral authority and her pride of place in the principled organizations of the world over centuries.

Lynda said...

Blasphemous. And still our "good" bishops and priests pretend the pope is not a flagrant heretic and enemy of God and the Holy Faith, and the Natural Moral Law.

Anonymous said...

I feel ill. Nauseated and dizzy. Something very Luciferian is afoot in the Vatican and is becoming bolder and bolder. Holy Mary, crush the head of The Serpent!

Anonymous said...

There's worse to come

Anonymous said...

The question on whether this man is a Catholic or not must be answered. Once that question is answered we can know whether he is a pope or not. Everything he says sounds unCatholic. His own words seem to condemn him.

D.A. Goritsas said...

Relax. The Holy Spirit will not allow harm to come to the teachings of the Church from the successor of Peter. Jesus promised it, and I believe Him no matter how stormy the waters.

As far as I see it, Pope Francis major weakness is he is an ambiguous communicator. The devils in the media twits these words. The Pope may be tolerant towards socialism and environmentalism (which I think is naive), but he has never taught heresy.

Michael Dowd said...

When Pope Francis speaks can evil be far behind? If he makes the moves suggested by the commenters above he will have made himself a heretic and thus ipso facto no longer a legitimate Pope. Let us pray for him and may God have mercy on his soul.

Michael Dowd said...

D.A. Goritsas. I believe Pope Francis knows exactly what he is doing and ambiguity servers his purposes. I question very much whether he even believes that Christ is God, the miracles He performed and all the rest. Pope Francis is a socio-political figure who wishes to create a heaven on earth. He is a follower of Fr Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a fellow Jesuit,, who believed practically nothing the Church teaches. Please read about this in 'The Jesuits"--The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church by Malachi Martin who himself was a Jesuit.

Anonymous said...

If he's truly a successor of St Peter he will not be attempting to destroy the Church. But if everyone follows the direction of a man who is not truly the pope he can do grave harm because nothing he says ot teaches is guaranteed to be infallible. This is why we must know if the man is even a Catholic. Please read the Benzinger Bergoglio blog to compare his proclamations compared to what the Church has always taught. We no authority judge him, his predecessors do.

Anonymous said...

Denzinger Bergoglio. my bad.

Anonymous said...

"What other explanation can there be?"

Please take note that several times prior to his issuance of Humanae Vitae, Pope Blessed Paul VI had signaled supposedly his determination to alter the Church's teachings in regard to artificial contraception.

Churchmen, Vatican "insiders"...time and again interpreted the above. "What other explanation can there be?"

The "experts" were wrong in regard to Blessed Paul VI and artificial birth control.

The same will apply to Pope Francis and the Synod. His Holiness will uphold the Truth.

Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Christ tells us what we don't want to hear, Satan tells us what we do want to hear .Christ cleanses us from sin He does not give the stamp of approval to them

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The council of the malignant, the Sinod, prolly will approve Communion for Adulterers while simultaneously claiming it is not changing Doctrine but the hypocrisy will stink like the bottom of a monkey's cage and expose the modernists hypocrites for who they really are, heretics/apostates.

It is only the Holy See of Peter (Vatican1) that is preserved from teaching error and so the Sinod is the way for the modernists to act.

And then when it is observed that men act on their beliefs the entire world will see that the Catholic Church does approve of divorce-remarriage.

ABS was born into a Perfect Society in 1948 but it is now a Purloined Society - stolen by modernism/new theology and theologians - and there is not one -not a single one - man in the Prelature who possesses Tradition in such strength that it could be applied against our Inertia Into Indifferentism