Wednesday, 8 April 2015

JONAH INTERNATIONAL - More persecution by the homosexualist agenda and the hard Left

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Mr. Arthur Goldberg, the Co-Director of JONAH INTERNATIONAL - Institute of Gender Affirmation. JONAH, -- Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, is a non-profit international organization dedicated to educating the world-wide Jewish community about the social, cultural and emotional factors which lead to same-sex attractions. JONAH works with those struggling with unwanted same-sex sexual attractions (SSA) and with families whose loved ones are involved in homosexuality.

Our Jewish brothers' Rabbinical sages explain that because mankind has been endowed by our Creator with a free will, everyone has the capacity to change. Furthermore, the Rabbis emphasize that parents, teachers and counselors have a special responsibility to educate, nurture, and provide an opportunity for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions to journey out of homosexuality. As Catholics who accept the teaching of the Church we believe this as well. I know people personally who have come out of the sin of sodomy to live holy and productive lives. We only have to look at the Courage Apostolate to know of the good work that is done and the success that people can have in living as children of Our Creator.

Through psychological and spiritual counseling, peer support, and self-empowerment, JONAH seeks to reunify families, to heal the wounds surrounding homosexuality, and to provide hope.

Mr. Goldberg has reached out to seek the support of the readers of this blog. I have reprinted below his letter. Friends, we are in this together. The fight for the truth is not easy and it is not going to go away. We have seen the persecution of little people such as pizza makers and florists. JONAH INTERNATIONAL and Mr. Goldberg are also on this list and are in need of our prayers and financial support.

I imagine that there was at time when the Southern Poverty Law Centre did good and worthy work; if they ever did, that time has long since past.

Dear Readers of Vox Cantoris,

I am being defended in a "first of its kind" lawsuit by a superb Catholic oriented pro-bono law firm, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund ( (FCDF). They have spent nearly $3 million (American) to date to defend us. However, as the date for the trial is quickly arising (June 2) and an immense amount of pre-trial work is now needed, FCDF must raise some additional funds. Thank the Lord, a benefactor based in the mid-west has offered a $100,000 matching grant to them. In other words, FCDF must raise $100,000 in order to receive the extra $100,000. This will be a major breakthrough in reaching their goal of $300,000.  With this matching grant, a gift today of $100 becomes $200, a $1,000 gift becomes $2,000, a $10,000 gift is doubled to $20,000, and so on.  I therefore wondered if you would be willing to post on your blog information about FCDF (who have successfully defended a number of cases attacking Christians on a pro bono basis.) I am hoping that your readers may decide to help a co-religionist whose commitment to Catholic principles is without question. FYI, FCDF has scheduled a 54-day Miraculous Novena starting on April 9 to pray for their successful defense of us and for the protection of religious freedom.  Please allow me to set forth below a bit more about the specifics.  

JONAH, the organization I co-direct, ( and I (individually) have both been sued by the radical Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for "consumer fraud" for simply providing resources for men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions to find appropriate assistance to lead a life consistent with G-d's commandments.  The purpose of the plaintiffs in the litigation is to create a chilling effect on people and organizations that stand for the position that change is possible, a position that is directly commanded  by  the Bible. (See my book: Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change.)  JONAH only works with people who express dissatisfaction with their homosexual ideation (or other sexually based issues such as pornography or sex addiction), helps them assess and overcome deep issues, and does not seek to coerce anyone into changing their sexual orientation. We support the right of client self-determination. Because the intent of this lawsuit is to totally deny individuals the freedom to seek help for their own unwanted same-sex attractions and directly affects freedom of religion, a fabulous law firm specializing in freedom of religion cases, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, agreed to defend us pro-bono. (See,  The case has dragged on for nearly two years and, in the process, our pro-bono attorneys have spent approximately $3 million of their own funds defending us. The trial is scheduled to begin in early June and while the attorneys are beginning the intense pre-trial work to defend us, they have exhausted much of their own financial resources and now find themselves in a major economic bind. Thank G-d, they recently received an offer from a benefactor in the mid-western United States to provide a matching grant of up to $100,000 and I as their client wish to assist them in finding the necessary matching funds. I am hoping that you can publicize their need on your blog how every dollar contributed will provide the resources for us to be properly defended in court.

Charles LiMandri, the CEO and President of FCDF has been standing up to bullies such as the SPLC for over 12 years – defending an individual's right to matters of conscience and not forcing someone to violate the laws G-d handed down to us to follow. Chuck believes we have a very good chance of winning the case by convincing the jury that we did not commit fraud while trying to help men overcome same-sex attraction, a choice made freely by those who come to us.   But we need help to do so.

In order to complete the tasks at hand with the case, FCDF actually needs to raise a minimum of $300,000 but a major start is raising $100,000 so that they can receive the second $100,000 pledged under the matching grant. I am reaching out to you to publicize their work in defending our precious constitutional and religious rights. This first-of-its-kind case is the tip of a very large and dangerous spear aimed at the heart of religious minded people in America. The SPLC has made it clear that its $340 million war chest will be used for lawsuits to bankrupt traditional Jews, Christians, and other believers as though we were violent haters and racists. In addition to a war chest of multiple millions, the SPLC has 15 activist lawyers on this case ready to make life a living hell for anyone who dares to resist their efforts to shut down help for homosexual people seeking to live a life as envisioned by the Holy Bible. They aren’t concerned about the cost; they’re assuming that none of us will care enough to pay the price of defending freedom.

Mr. LiMandri has stated that "JONAH is perhaps the most critical religious liberty case of our time. It has the potential to set a chain of events in motion that will severely hamper ministries that help men and women with unwanted same-sex attraction."

The opposition has no intent to stop these attacks on our Constitutional and religious rights until they completely exterminate our religious freedom. They will not tolerate any of our faith beliefs, and they have a $340 million fund available in their attempts to silence us! The Southern Poverty Law Center wants to silence us. We need to stop them and  need to find additional finances to continue the fight.

If your readers wish to provide secure online donations directly to FCDF, they can do so by going to their website,  Alternatively, checks may be sent to the FCDF address at P.O. Box 9520, Rancho Sante Fe, CA,  92067.

Most sincerely,

Arthur Goldberg, co-director


Anonymous said...

There is no such a thing as a homosexual person. And we ought all hate intrinsic evil. It is not a matter of freedom of opinion. The truth cannot be outlawed.

Anonymous said...

Vox, feel free to use my coined description of modern homosexuals... the Gaystapo.

Dorota said...

Disturbing alleged testimonies of past JONAH clients can be found on the internet. I am strongly opposed to the imposition of the homo-agenda on society. But I should be equally opposed to therapies involving taking a baseball bat to a symbolic mother figure. I hope this did not happen. If it did, it will make the homo-mafia's task of outlawing therapy for homosexuals with unwanted desires so much easier.

Luciano said...

Vox - I will be contributing to this cause and to the courage apostolate. Thank you for informing us of this, we have to support the great cause against the ruling elitist homofascists both outside and inside the church.

Dorota said...

Luciano, forgive me. I know of no better way of seeking understanding on this matter, but by asking a direct question.

I am convinced that God commands us to seek Him first. God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in ONE Person. Whoever denies the Son, denies the Father. I know that all other issues God's children face in their lives, can be properly approached and resolved under the condition that they seek God first - be it social justice, environmental problems, declining moral standards.

It seems to me that according to Church teaching, a Catholic should proselytize to all who deny Christ, and have nothing to do with them, once they denied Him.

Vox Cantoris said...

Our Blessed LORD said in Mark 9:39, "For he that is not against you, is for you."

This great evil that has descended upon the world, the rampant masonic secularism, marxism, Islamism and homosexualism is going to have in its opposition only two groups; believing Catholics and believing Jews. They will come for both of us because we both stand with the LORD.

Let us work together in common cause and leave up to Our LORD, the rest.

Luciano said...

I am with you on this Vox

DJR said...

Dorota said...
God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in ONE Person.

That is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. Catholics believe there are three divine persons in one God.