Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New NAZI's!

Below are just four links which I quickly took off of PewSitter. When we consider these, Patricia Jannuzzi, Memories Pizza and Barronelle Stutzman, the florist in Washington State, all are current situations for which we can easily call out the homosexualist movement as the new fascists.

My question is this:

Why are we taking this and when are we going to fight back; and why are we allowing what is no more than 2% of the population to dictate and dominate the agenda as they have been allowed to do?


TLM said...

The 'homofascists' and their allies are pretty much declaring that Christian teaching on the matter is hate speech, and punishable by law. How many Christians are going to have to be jailed before ALL Christians of right mind stand up to this evil?

As I've said in other posts.....Cardinal Francis George got it right: 'I will die in my bed, my predecessor will die in prison, and his predecessor will be martyred in the public square.' The only part of that quote that I take issue with is the timing. It may be going just a little faster than he anticipated, I do believe.

Dorota said...

Since you asked, Vox, I am going to tell you some of it.
Have you any idea that large numbers of people are completely unaware of these stories? Many are convinced that it is the poor homosexuals who are persecuted (always by Christians, not Muslims who chopped their heads off) and in need of special care and attention.

Kirk announced in "The Overhauling of Straight America" in 1987 that they were going to use our kindness and empathy to destroy us and our families. In "After the Ball" he admitted to a most ruthless, diabolical social engineering. They got the UN, the WHO, the media, the schools and the universities. They got the departments of gender studies in all universities. This agenda has thousand of round-the-clock useful idiots and/or fanatics to overhaul our civilization. They write their dissertations in moral filth and call this evil science! They find our Christian morality abhorrent, and their main goal is to destroy it. They call paedophile Kinsey their hero. Google: "Genderbread Man Presentation, Calgary". The woman in the video calls that sick perverted creature a philosopher.

Recently in Poland some people realized that this was coming from the West, and they began to inform themselves and put up a fight. You know, what happened? - Priests-professors from our most respected Catholic University KUL wrote articles for main stream media and Catholic press, defending gender ideology and calling it science! Many bishops have now spoken against it, but it was too late, for they were accused of backwardness and evil manipulation of the masses.

I tried to warn people about the homo-mafia. The response always was that I was overreacting, because this minority could not reproduce and was going to become irrelevant in no time. How naive! Now they got our children, brainwashing them into early sex and experimentation with all kinds of deviance as desirable, normal and healthy.

This issue of this "small minority" is THE issue they are using to come after Christians. We will either celebrate sodomy or we will die.

Vox Cantoris said...

We need to stand up to them. We must never accept this sodomite fascist agenda. We may have to put up with it for a while but it will come crashing down. We need to resist and challenge it.

As for those who have hid themselves in the Church as clergy, they must be outed and discredited.

Anonymous said...

Umm. Did you ever consider the fact that the majority of people don't want to fight back?

Anonymous said...

I hate to be discouraging, but someone who is willing to make you lose your job doesn't care if you starve to death. As Veneremur Cernui has reported, the case of the law in Indiana prompted dozens and maybe hundreds of homosexuals calling for Christians to be slaughtered, put in concentration camps, etc.

They will begin to torture people soon. And as numerous cases, as I understand it, from the Cold War demonstrate, including that of CIA station chief William Buckley in Lebanon show, torturers CAN force you into renouncing whatever they want you to renounce. Don't quote me on this, but the source is Kalugin's book _Spymaster_ (on the torture of the CIA station chief in Lebanon, Buckley.)

That is why it is critical to emigrate. Study the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom, the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle, and then choose. The short of it is that Hong Kong and Singapore are not plagued by democracy, which is destroying the west, to the same degree that the USA, NATO, and Japan are. Since getting into these countries is a great option but is very difficult, a third best option is Australia, but here one will be in bad trouble since its culture is part and parcel of the west. I suggest the website "". God have mercy on us all.

Jonah said...

To understand the power of the "small minority" you need to discover who their covert controllers are and the resources available to them. We are losing because the war is unwinable in the secular sphere. The problem is much larger than anyone suspects:

Anonymous said...

This is the work of Satan. The battle is between powers and principalities. Objective factual and moral truth is now outlawed and those who uphold same, persecuted. Any one of us who has upheld the truth in the public sphere has suffered persecution. We must be prepared spiritually and morally to persevere in the truth, and not to deny God and His Holy Commandments. Of course, for the world to have become so corrupted, it was necessary to destroy the Faith among vast swathes of the bishops and priests, and the Enemy took over the Church's seminaries, universities, Holy See's Curia and the Vatican II Council, many decades ago. The vast majority lost the true Faith, and morality as a result. The majority of so-called "practising" Catholics are practising a false religion given to them from the leaders of the Church. They were deliberately denied knowledge of the true Faith - hence the subversion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the sacraments, prayers, devotions - and Catechetics. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi. The Apostasy came from the top. The world would never have been able to infiltrate its evil ideologies into homes, schools, parishes, work places were the Church not so infiltrated by evil, and therefore, rather than fight the evil, colludes with it (including in the persecution of those who refuse to submit to the evil doctrine).

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious. What is the right thing to do if two divorced Catholics without an annulment decide to get married to each other, and order a wedding cake from a pro-Catholic baker. Should the baker not make them a cake? Would the baker be an accomplice to adultery? Curious about your thoughts, Vox.

Vox Cantoris said...

Ah, Anonymous; as the Pharisees did with Jesus over the issue of marriage you too are trying to play a trick.

You also reveal yourself.

Let me say this however; if I were a baker and a person engaged in sodomy came to buy a cake, I would take their money. I would not discriminate against any customer. I would not ask any customer what the latest sin they committed was before I served them, I have my own.

Now, if this couple wanted me to cater their wedding, I would say "absolutely, and all the money from you will be donated to pro-family organisations working to preserve the truth about marriage."

In fact, I would go further, I would put up a sign welcoming all sodomites engaged in so-called marriage to use my services and create a new funding source for these same groups and others involved in ProLife work. That would have all of them/you knocking on my door, right? Yes, I would certainly take your money.

But alas, I am not a baker, I am but a humble Cantor. So, I will chant at your sodomite marriage if you hire me and all the money will go to pro-family work, but I can't guarantee that I won't have laryngitis on the day of your nuptials and have to back out at the last hour due to illness.

The baker is no more an accomplice to adultery than they are to sodomy. Your sin is not my sin nor is it their sin.

Let me answer you this:

My godson, baptised as a Catholic married a non-Catholic in a garden in a non-Catholic wedding by some woman representative of the Province. I did not attend such a travesty and the state can say they are married, they are in fact, not.

Now to answer your question.

The Church would not marry two divorced Catholics without an annulment (unless you live in Aurora, Ontario but that's another story). Therefore, your question is moot.