Sunday, 26 April 2015

Catholic Church funeral for dog in Belgium!

Miss Roxy, now 14
I love dogs. This picture above is of Roxy, she is over 14 now and still acts as if she were a puppy. Roxy was a rescue from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She was one of about 150 dogs in a series of cages and boxes found in a barn north of Toronto in the summer of 2001. She was about 6 months old at the time and she has been a great dog. 

As I said, I love dogs, but sometimes, things go to far.

As if you thought things could not get lower for the Church in Belgium -- what a country, it has become so evil -- what can one expect when "they share a border with the Dutch!" It puts its citizens to death through euthanasia, it aborts its young and is not so slowly dying and being replaced by Muslims. It's bishop in Antwerp believes the Church should bless or marry sodomites and lesbians, its churches are empty its society and culture in collapse. It's preeminent Cardinal who refused to retire is a protector of sodomite pederasts and yet is so praised by our the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis and held in prominence for the sin-odd on the suffering family. Is this the more of the "Francis effect?"

What else can we expect from such a rotted society and culture but that said by a woman in the video below when she states, "the churches are deserted, for once they are full we must not criticise."

Wrong sister. We certainly must criticise. You, the priest, the rest of the clowns who would be present for such a scandal and those who destroyed the faith in this once great Catholic region. 

The "funeral" took place at the Church of St. Victor in the Diocese of Namur permitted and presided over by the pastor, Francois Lallemand. Belgium has become a sewer and the bishops and priests of the Church there are to blame.

So, without further adieu; here is the funeral for Miss Chewa a rather celebrated canine in life and death. I send out a special thanks to my brother-in-law Mario, Liliane his wife and the delightful Marie-Therese of Paris, her mother, for their impeccable translation through the Belgian accent.  

(Lady with black and white Chihuahua) – “Miss Chiwa fell in love with Kenzo. They were supposed to get married, but love sometimes goes in another direction and it resulted in her getting married with a second, whose name was Kenzo, who strangely resembles him. So there you go, this is why Kenzo, in memory, has come back to visit his first love.”

(Ladies talking) – Are those boys or girls? (in the buggy)

Song playing says “In the morning when I get up I have so much to do. I am Miss Chiwa....”

(Lady speaking to congregation in pews) – “The good thing about Miss Chiwa was to have always helped others who did not have kibbles for their animals and also refuge when ...[unintelligible] ... in several places. I am sorry if I am forgetting anyone but I would like to say thank you Monsieur (Father ?) for accepting to do a small ceremony, for Miss Chiwa. I am very grateful.”

(Priest) – Miss Chiwa became a ‘star’ meaning a star that must also bring its light on other realities...”

(Song) – “Dad and Mom, I would like to thank you for all the love that you give me...”

(Owner with Kenzo) – “You see this is your love. You are her love.”

(Song) – “I am Miss Chiwa...”

(Blonde owner outside church) – We drove her to Enzo I believe, the taxidermist. Her little body is there resting.  We will get her back in 3-4 months and she will come back home. I preferred this because my brother was cremated in car accident a few years ago and it really affected me. So she will always be here with us.  Yes we will continue, in the name of Miss Chiwa, the combat, for all the unhappy dogs, but in the name of Miss Chiwa”

(Lady outside church with glasses) – It is for all the friends who are here. We do not force anyone. The churches are deserted; for once that they are full we must not criticize. I am not a believer, but I am here.  Those who don’t have dogs cannot understand. Each person mourns differently. Those who are catholic go to church and others who are not will do something else.”

(Guy with red hat) – “Animals are worse than me. I hold on to them 100%. When I see an animal on the street, I cry. It’s cool to see, but I cried.”


Anonymous said...

I doubt the Catholic church will make a habit of having funeral rites for any old dog in the street ,this after all was a celebrity dog ,money doesn't just talk ,it apparently barks as well. To think of the millions of babies aborted and the Christians been slaughtered in the middle east who will never have the dignity of a funeral ,this should cause outrage ,but it wont because many Catholics have totally lost any sense of the Sacred .God have mercy on us

Anonymous said...

Belgium where everything is catholic, even dogs and paedophiles.
New Evanelization is a success, no doubt about it.

Unknown said...

...too outrageous for words. Its' the logical outcome of a Church, and a people, that has lost all connection to sound doctrine.

FrereRabit said...

God have mercy on the Catholic faithful of Belgium, if there are any remaining. The Devil is within the gates. Unspeakable and revolting sacrilege.

The presiding clergy should be sentenced by a Church court to pick up dog mess from the pavements around their city until they understand properly that dogs belong in streets and a church is for the people of God.

Unknown said...

For what it is worth,
I would like to point out these are french Belgians!

Anonymous said...

What sacrilege! Reparation.

Anonymous said...

Canadian travelers said...

I'm a Canadian currently visiting Antwerp and all I can say is how incorrect every comment made in this post is. The city is beautiful. Everyone is so respectful to others including animals, as it should be! Catholicism is everywhere, their churches are far from empty and I have no idea how you can call it a "rotted society"?!?!? I'm guessing you've never ever visited Belgium. This is one of the most beautiful cities I have every visited with some of the friendliest, most welcoming people ever. It's as close to heaven as you'll ever get, so they must be doing something right. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't visit here. You're lies, judgement, negativity and bigotry will just bring everyone down!

Canadian travelers said...

There is no "dog mess". Antwerp is very clean and dog owners are very respectful. Wish I could say the same about you!