Wednesday, 17 February 2016

One year ago today

It was one year ago today on what was in 2015, Shrove Tuesday; I sat lunching with a colleague, and an email came over my smart-phone from Fogler, Rubinoff, LLB, one of Toronto's most expensive legal firms. It was a demand to cease and desist from writing on this blog anything said or done by Father Thomas J. Rosica, CSB, remove past posts and issue a public apology to him for challenging certain public statements by him on this blog. If I did not do so within an incredibly short period of time, I would be sued. If I did, I was threatened with a lawsuit, regardless.

Just over a two-weeks later, the matter ended. After retaining Counsel, I refused to comply with his outrageous demands and advised him so, giving him room to graciously exit the room backwards. Rather than take that opportunity, he chose instead to "double-down," as the expression goes, making even more ridiculous demands. We not only refused, but pulled the first magnanimous offer of settlement off the table and threw it right back at him. "Fish or cut bait" is one of the expressions, for what we did; in other words, he had until March 3, 2015 at close of business to either sue or go away. 

Go away, he did.

Between that February 17 and March 3 remarkable things happened.

  • Michael Voris came to my rescue with a video interview that sent a shock-wave around the Catholic blogging world.
  • Hundreds of bloggers took up the cause that what was really at play here was an attempt by a Vatican official and perhaps even those higher up to shut down debate before the Synod on the Family.
  • A Cardinal of the Holy Church, Raymond Leo Burke,  provided clarity on priests, laity and lawsuits, and did so publicly.
  • A holy bishop in an obscure diocese in a former Soviet Republic, Athanasius Schneider, offered Mass and wrote words of great spiritual comfort and consolation to my wife and me.
  • Upon entering Mass that first Sunday afterwards, a parishioner walked up to me and shook my hand. In his was a cheque for the exact amount, 100% of funds to cover the retainer provided to hire the lawyer (since returned to him) with the comment, "this is from Our Lady."
  • The offers of hundreds of people who would donate to a fundraising campaign to finance a robust defense of the frivolous and vexatious actions.
  • The offer of a "pro-bono" Canon Lawyer from the United States of America who would undertake a robust challenge in church courts to the action.
  • The prayers, rosaries, Masses of hundreds of readers of this blog which quickly grew to thousands. Friends old and new came to my aid. Knives came out from others who used the opportunity to slander, including accusing my wife and I of living in adultery, but they were quickly disgraced by their own calumnies and evil motivation and the power of your prayers. 
  • The new friends on blogs around the world.
  • PewSitter!
  • Last here but first in all things, the Grace of God poured out upon this sinner who is undeserving of it all.

That morning, this rather obscure blog had just over 600,000 hits after ten years. I suspect that by the end of the day today or tomorrow, it will surpass 1.8 million. 

For all of your prayers especially and notes. For your kindness and offers of help. For everything you did during that stressful time, I thank you. Fox thanks you and may Our Lord bless you.


Barona said...

God bless Vox! Continue your fight for Christ and His Truth.

Anonymous said...

Vox you are Blessed beyond measures, You had the God given best to come to your aid. Thanks Be To God!

S. Armaticus said...

The real "God of surprises". :)

He always provides!

God bless and keep on fighting the good fight.


Sandpiper said...

God and His Mother Keep You. Keep calling out the North American stench above the 40th parallel.

Tito Edwards said...

You have a prayer warrior and a friend here supporting you in many ways.

Tito Edwards
Editor of

Anonymous said...

Don says
Thanks be to God.
O` Holy Mary ever Virgin, and conceived without sin: Pray for us that have recourse to thee.

Pedro Erik said...

God Bless you and your family, my friend.
You have a friend in Brazil to fight for you.

Pedro Erik

Pedro Erik said...

God bless you and your family, my friend.
You have a warrior in Brazil to fight for you.

Pedro Erik

TH2 said...

What Sandpiper said.

Justina said...

Today is the day that, in 1941, the Nazis came to Niepokalanow to arrest Father Maximilian Kolbe--so perhaps you have a powerful Heavenly intercessor at work here as well.

Anonymous said...

Fighting the good fight against Pepper Spray and Darkness, Fr. Rosica himself. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and thank you for the fellowship you provide. You are a good and faithful brother in Christ. Yours and a few other blogs help so many Catholics feel connected to a larger community of souls in the struggle. For some reason the login to my gmail addy isn't working so I'm signing in as anonymous.

Mary in Massaschusetts

Anonymous said...

It is a hard thing going against an ordained minister of the Church, but your motives seemed pure and your words seemed truthful and so you prevailed. Keep up the good work!

Dorota said...

Thank you for your work, Vox.
May God always bless you and your wife.
Rosica has influence in high places, but couldn't destroy you, because you have placed yourself on the side of the truth.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, I wish you and your family peace, good health, and many blessed years. I appreciate that you work diligently on and off-line to defend and promote the True Church. You use your great and abundant talents to glorify God. Thank you for having tolerated me.


Mark Thomas

FLOR solitaria said...

Vox, all you wrote proves that Catholicism will live, no matter how much some people try to destroy it even from the top down. There is still hope. God bless.

Eirene said...

GOOD GOOD AND GOOD! Our God is Mighty and Powerful! You have our support here in Australia too, Vox and I first heard of this matter
via Michael Voris and couldn't wait to visit your site. It is now my first port of call as the sun goes down here in the Antipodes! Bullies are always cowards, especially in the face of unswerving opposition and God given courage. DEO GRATIAS. Love Eirene x

Laramie Hirsch said...

I actually started reading your blog BECAUSE of that incident with Fr. Rosica. And now, I check in about every two days. This blog is becoming a staple for my internet fare.

You de man. Keep it real.

-Laramie Hirsch, Toxic Trad

Anonymous said...

An awesome example of how God protects those who speak the truth in a world that despises it. What an opportunity for grace. A Psalmical moment -- I almost envy you given the grace-filled outcome.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Anniversary of beating the tyrant!
Keep up the good work, love your blog!
God also works everything out for good as demonstrated by the increased visitors to your blog following your battle with evil.
God bless,