Monday, 8 February 2016

Ave Regina Caelorum - Isabella Leonarda

We are at the door of Lent. Since February 3, the seasonal Marian Antiphon is now Ave Regina Caelorum. 

It is the one, when Easter is early, that is the least known and sung. Given that, it was not often set to polyphony. In my time as part of the Toronto Oratory Choir we would sing this yearly.

Isabella Leonarda was a Religion of the Ursuline Order from the age of sixteen. She died in 1704 after eight-four years - an extraordinary age and talent. Putting to rest the lie that the Catholic Church oppressed women, it was through the Church that a holy artist such as Leonarda was able to put her talents to full use and the glory of God and the Blessed Mother.

A full biography can be read at Women's Sacred Music Project.

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