Saturday, 14 November 2015

Will we always have Paris?

Will we always have Paris? Or will it be lost to a deranged underclass of evil and political response to it that will betray its exalted liberty? We have in Paris, a mass murder committed by Muslims. May those murdered rest in peace, may the Muslims who did this receive Divine Justice.

The truth is, Paris was lost over two hundred years ago. It was lost with the persecution of the Church. It was lost with regicide. It was lost when the whore of man called, "reason" was put upon the Altar of God in Notre-Dame Basilica. It was lost at the War on the Vendée and the Martyrs of  Compiègne.

France made its choice in 1789. The King of France made his choice a century earlier by failing to consecrate France to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus setting in motion what we had last night in Paris. What does it say for us today and the refusal of the Pope and Bishops to follow Our Lady's request?

This will happen again and again and no words from Cameron or Obama or Hollande will come to the solution. As for Trudeau, well, he's just not ready in more ways than one. Trudeau is a curse upon Canada. Islam is a curse upon the earth.  

There is no "moderate Islam." This is the real Islam and it is how the Christian world from Persia the rest of the Middle East and across northern Africa was destroyed. Europe was invaded numerous times. It took hundreds of years to push the Mohammedan hordes back and now Britain and Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States invite them in. 

Of course, there are good Muslims, but let us be clear; if they are good and peaceful it is not because of their religion, it is in spite of it. 

They can yell that their "god is great." He is not, their god is Satan, no matter what Father Thomas J. Rosica has to say about their call to war and mass murder not being that at all. He is not expert and he knows nothing of what he speaks. They do not worship the One, True God. They worship the devil. What we see now is the real Islam. Rosica and Vatican II's nuanced statements are wrong.

Islam is a curse upon the earth. It, together with the sodomite and lesbian agenda, are twin curses upon the earth because the True God has removed his protective hand because we have turned from Him. 

In 2006 in Regensburg Germany, Pope Benedict XIV quoted Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos saying:
"Show me just want Muhammed brought that was new and there you will find things only bad and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."
The Emperor lived from 1391 to 1425, he knew well what it was he was speaking of because he had to live with it. 

The current occupant of the Chair of Peter, whilst Archbishop of Buenos Aires responded saying, 
"Pope Benedict's statements don't reflect my own opinions; ... these statements will serve to destroy in twenty seconds the careful construction of a relationship with Islam that Pope John Paul II built over the last twenty years." 
The statement today by the Vatican is more of the same.
“We are shocked by this new manifestation of maddening, terrorist violence and hatred which we condemn in the most radical way together with the Pope and all those who love peace,” Holy See press office director Fr. Federico Lombardi said in a statement. “We pray for the victims and the wounded, and for all the French people. This is an attack on peace for all humanity, and it requires a decisive, supportive response on the part of all of us as we counter the spread the homicidal hatred in all of its forms.”
This is a statement of Masonic origin. It is a betrayal of Truth as found in Our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no mention of him. The words nothing more or less than what any secularist leader would say. It is not what the Church should say.  It is bile and shows the fundamental fundamental problem, the bishops and popes of the true Church of Christ have bought in to the world and diplomacy and international brotherhood as stated in equality, fraternity and liberty. It is a lie and these men will be held accountable for it. 

Whom do you think was more accurate; Jorge Bergoglio? Federico Lombardi? How about St. John Bosco:
“It would take too long to tell you all the stories about this famous impostor (…) Mohamed’s religion consists of a monstrous mixture of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. Mohamed propagated his religion, not through miracles or persuasive words, but through the force of arms. [It is] a religion that favors every sort of licentiousness and which, in a short time, allowed Mohamed to become the leader of a troop of brigands. Along with them he raided the countries of the East and conquered the people, not by introducing the Truth, not by miracles or prophecy; but for one reason only: to raise his sword over the heads of the conquered shouting: believe or die.” 
What must happen is for Europe, Canada, America, Australia, etc., to return to the faith of its fathers, The answer is not in no religion, the answer is in true religion. Nature abhors a vacuum and so does evil. If evil, in this case, the false religion of Islam, meets no resistance of Truth, it will fill the vacuum of no religion that has permeated throughout what was once called, Christendom. 

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was right about most things. He said it two decades ago. He was mocked for most of the last part of his life. He has been right about most things. No less here.

Because the immigration polices of the West and the lie of multiculturalism has happened and it was combined with a self-hatred of our Catholic heritage and declining birth-rate, it may now be too late. What may happen is a restriction of liberty, internment of whole classes of people and mass deportation. Are we ready for that? 

Muslims of good will who wish to live in peace must, must root out this evil, extremist, Islamist ideology. it must be terminated in every way.

The short-term response is military. They must be hunted down and killed whether in Paris, Toronto or Syria. There is justifiable killing. 

Unless the Catholic Church starting with the Pope preaches to the world that only through Our Lord Jesus Christ can true peace be found then this will continue and get worse. How much more of this will need to happen before people wake up? 

God help us.


Ana Milan said...

Still the Pope & Hierarchy holds out against the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and they call themselves Catholic. The place is overrun with perverts and still the vast majority of Catholics say the Holy Spirit is in control. How can this be so? The Vatican perceives Muslims as worshiping the God of Abraham although they call him Allah and have openly stated he is not the God we worship and we are idolaters, which gives them the reason for their murderous attacks on Christians. To date, the Vatican has stood by, tut tutting now and again but offering no sound judgement on them or calling for their leaders (religious & political) to stop the mayhem and lead godly lives.

We have seen how a last minute petition with under 3,000 signatures had an effect on the closing days of the Synod. Another carefully drafted online petition organised collectively by ALL catholic websites should be started immediately to counter this depravity, beginning with the immediate Consecration of Russia and followed by the election of a new Pope, as this Papacy has shown a thorough rejection of Christ's Commandments and disdain for His true followers. They must be ousted without further delay.

Fox said...

Have these so called religious leaders forgotten about the crusades? This IS NOT A NEW MANIFESTATION. The masons have been lying to the world and managed to convince most people, even Catholics, that the crusades were a bad thing; (that the Church murdered in cold blood anyone that does not believe as it does). What happened in Paris yesterday, the Charlie Hebdo murders last January, 911 in New York, the massacres all over the middle east for generations, and right up to today are all a result of one thing. The organized destruction of the Catholic Church and faith, by the infiltration of the masonic order. They have been running the Church for decades and this pope if not one of them is at the very least their puppet.

The Vatican is doing the devil's work. They will get their reward. The gates of hell will not prevail.

Anonymous said...

The Crusades were Holy and are still. The Inquisition was Holy and are still Holy. Catholics Church needs another Holy Inquisition to root out the perverted Priests, the Homosexuals Priests and the Offspring of Satan who betrayed Christ and seek the destruction of the Holy Catholic Church or Christ will do it in His Glorious Second Coming. This time he will destroy those who have betrayed Him and who have taken the mark of the Beast.

Dorota said...

There is one aspect of this rarely discussed - the moderates. The so called moderates of all religions despise faithfulness to their own, for the sake of peace and unity, of course. Christians are willing to sweep Jesus under the carpet, because He is in the way of unity with other religions which the moderates will not call false. These moderates do not oppose the masonic plan of multiculturalism, because they desire for everyone to be unity-oriented like themselves. Others are just backward fanatics. All the time the architects of the new world order know that multiculturalism is forcing many honest believers of all religions to get angry, because they are forced to be unfaithful. The hypocrites are the preferred kind of people, they are moulded in schools, universities and be the media, like Christians willing to call themselves Christians, yet denying Christ and His teaching. All the honest people are marginalized and persecuted, as an obstacle to peace, Into this mix are added the agents of the CIA and the Mossad, the GLADIO, to stage false flags and crack down on the remnants of liberty.

Dorota said...

Regarding the Pope's masonic affiliation, I believe in 1999 he became an honorary member of the Buenos Aires Rotary Club. He sent them a letter of gratitude on July 26, 1999. This information has been available on the internet for a while.

Apparently it states:

"I am particularly pleased to address Mr. President to acknowledge receipt of the kind note that you sent me together with the Honorary Secretary dated the 23rd of the current month, whereby you kindly confirm me as an Honorary Associate of this prestigious institution.

I thank you warmly for this kindness, and at the same time I congratulate you for the outstanding work that you perform for the good of the community.

I reiterate to you the expressions of my heartfelt appreciation."

Barona said...

Freemasonry is France's grave digger, Islam is the shovel. The public statements by the world leaders (mis-leaders in reality) is to clamour for more "values", more "liberte, equalite et fraternite", and other falsehoods, properly understood (as the Pope's understood them and denounced them), in the war against Islam. Islam must be dealt with primarily as a spiritual battle. Bombs and bullets are a band aid solution. You fight lies and error with truth; sadly the Freemasonic-Islamic power struggle is a war between two false religions. It is a war that the Freemasons cannot win. There only hope is to return to the Faith of their fathers. Victory is then guaranteed in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mark Thomas said...

May God grant eternal salvation to the victims in question. May God grant peace and comfort to each victim's family and friends.

Whatever possibility that France has to escape Islamic domination revolves around Catholicism. That pertains also to that which remains of the Christian West.

Specifically, and I don't mean any offense to our holy and beautiful Eastern Catholicism, but only Catholicism via the TLM can save the Christian West from Islamic domination.

Novus Ordoism cannot possibly save that which remains of Western Christendom.

"Novus Ordoism", that is, ugly, wreckovated churches, boring, minimalistic, all-vernacular Novus Ordo Masses, sanctuaries overrun by laymen, EMs, altar girls, ecumenical/"interreligious" surrender, Communion in the hand, ugly vestments, Fridays devoid of any sense of Penance, Sunday's filled with working, shopping and violent sports, support of abortion, artificial birth control and sodomy among the majority of "Catholics"...cannot possibly save the Christian West.

Only the restoration of the Traditional Roman Mass and all that would follow from said restoration — that is, a strong sense of Catholicism — can save what little remains of Western Christendom.

Tomorrow (Sunday), in France, for example, each Catholic who wishes to save himself, family, friends, and nation from eventual Islamic domination, must seek a Traditional Roman Mass parish (center, chapel).

Each Catholic must send an unmistakable signal to Rome and the French bishops (said bishops have run the Church in France into the ground).

That signal is as follows: During the past 45-50 years, you have insisted that the liturgical "reform" and "revised" Mass have "renewed" the Church. Well, sorry...but that does not correspond to reality. Sorry, Popes, Cardinals, bishops, and were/are mistaken.

Each (Latin Church) Catholic in France must signal Rome and the bishops that it's time to restore the TLM to each parish.

In regard to combatting (spiritually and peacefully) it's invasion by Islam, France isn't running out of time...France has run out of time. That applies also to Europe.

Catholics in France must act

Sorry, but the reality is that Novus Ordoism has flopped.

His Holiness Pope Francis, and, of course, our Cardinals, bishops and priests, will refuse to recognize that reality.

But Catholics in France (and throughout the West) had better recognize that reality.

Catholics in France had better wake up now...and when they wake up tomorrow (Sunday), they had better seek TLMs at which to worship.

It is a given that Rome and our bishops will continue to insist that the liturgical "reform" has "renewed" the Church. But beginning in France, Western Catholics had better attach themselves to the TLM and Holy Tradition.

Otherwise, the massacre yesterday in Paris that was the result of the Islamic invasion of France will occur again and again...until the last Christian leaves France.

Only the Traditional Latin Mass, which will result in the restoration of Holy Tradition, a strong sense of Catholicism, and large Catholic families, can save France (and Western Christendom) from Islamic domination.


Mark Thomas

Dorota said...

Mark Thomas,

only faith in Jesus Christ can save us. If we believe Jesus, that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, we will find Truth, the Way and we will have Life.

First things first. Once we start believing and following Jesus again, when yes will mean yes, and no will mean no, we will find our way to the right worship.

I fear that you may be accused of idolatry.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

I would love to pin the Vatican down on what their idea of "a decisive, supportive response" would entail.

"In these cases, where there is an unjust aggression, I can only say that it is licit to stop the unjust aggressor," Francis said. "I underscore the verb 'stop.' I'm not saying 'bomb' or 'make war,' just 'stop.' And the means that can be used to stop them must be evaluated. After World War II, the idea of the United Nations came about: It's there that you must discuss, 'Is there an unjust aggression? It seems so. How should we stop it?' Just this. Nothing more."

Yes. Just this. Nothing more. Brilliant.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

"they have to stay in their own country." Amen.

Mark Thomas said...

Dorota, thank you for your reply. Peace and good health to you and your family.

Yes, it's about believing in and following Jesus Christ. That is why liturgy is of vital importance in our lives.

As the Church teaches via Vatican II, liturgy "is the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church. While the liturgy daily builds up those who are within into a holy temple of the Lord, into a dwelling place for God in the Spirit, to the mature measure of the fullness of Christ, at the same time it marvelously strengthens their power to preach Christ..."

The TLM, as compared to the Novus Ordo, is more God-centered ("vertical worship) and powerful in conveying the Faith to worshipers.

A powerful dose of Jesus Christ via the TLM is what the Western Church needs desperately to fortify Her Faithful against the Islamic invasion of the West.


Mark Thomas

Kathleen1031 said...

Prayer, military, end immigration and deport.
There is nothing else that will work. Our church leaders are anti-God and anti-Catholic. They should be removed, if there is such a remedy.

Eirene said...

Wonderful to actually read a Roman Catholic blog that tells it like it is about:-

The Vatican's relationship with Islam
France and her shameful history vis a vis Almighty God and the Church

O, the fresh air of Truth is blowing on my face. God bless you all
at Vox Cantoris! I am with you all the way!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to read the truth! Thank you!

BrazilianJoe said...

OMG, the Vatican is shocked! Shocked! Do you believe in this? Hundreds, thousands of christians being persecuted, gang raped, murdered, beheaded around the globe, for years and years, and I do not remember of any a "shocked" reaction from the Vatican. Pure indecent public relations, just because Paris attacks are now mainstream media, and they had to say something, anything, even a crap like that.

What happened in Paris was not a "shocking" natural disaster, but a deliberate and planned act of murder, absolutely coherent with the commandments of Islam. What a bunch of stupid cowards we have now in Rome. For sure, these low-brows believe in radical and moderate islamists. There is no such a thing. Their creed is one and the same, not open to interpretation. The only difference is the timing: the radicals are doing right now the same atrocities the moderates will inevitably do in the future, when their Mahdi, their messiah, come to Earth, according to islamic prophecies.

Last, what does the Vatican mean by a "decisive, supportive response on the part of all of us"? Folks, I must and hope be wrong, but I bet it means more 'inclusiveness', more 'accompaniment', more 'mercy' ... It is hard to believe, but it seems to me that these men are using that tragedy to advance their own agenda ... Sorry, but I am really fed up with these people.