Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Bergoglian payoff to Danneels won't go away and is going to get ramped up very soon with the appointment of Danneels protégé and is that protégé another pervert and sodomite sympathiser?

I've written a number of posts on the Cardinal Pervert Protector of Brussels

Edward Pentin won't let this scandal go. Good for him.

In the interview below he asks German journalist Paul Badde about the St. Galen mafia and the presence of Danneels at the Sex Synod to Destroy the Family.

During the synod, I asked various synod fathers about Cardinal Danneels and why he was chosen as a papal delegate. They all express ignorance, say they have nothing to say, or don’t know anything about it.

Yes, I asked a number of bishops, too. They have no opinion about it either. Is it a conspiracy of silence?

No, they don’t know how to react to it. They’re afraid, that’s the issue, so no one dares criticize the Pope for that decision. That’s for certain. They could comment, but they play innocent or naïve.
Well, if the bishops are too afraid of Jorge Bergoglio, what do we, the sheep do? We fight on with faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We resist no matter what insults we might receive, even if that occurs in a daily homily from the Pope himself. We are Catholic. We will not abandon our Faith, the Truth, our Mother. We will maintain the faith of our fathers. We will resist. We will resist the evil. We will resist the Pope himself, if necessary. If our local bishop goes down a path against the Faith, we will resist him. If he resists the Pope, we will guard his back.  

Danneels influence will continue in Belgium; Rorate reports that the replacement for Archbishop Leonard is imminent and he is a pervert and sodomite sympathizer!

A double-header for the
Danneels Masonic mafia continues aided and abetted by the Bishop of Rome himself.

Still Controversial: Cardinal Danneels and the Conclave of 2005 (603)

German journalist Paul Badde recounts the actions of the Belgian cardinal — whose participation in the recent family synod drew criticism — at the time of Pope Benedict XVI’s election.

 11/05/2015 Comment
Wikimedia Commons/Carolus/CC-BY-SA 3.0
Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels (r) with German Cardinal Walter Kasper in 2008.
– Wikimedia Commons/Carolus/CC-BY-SA 3.0
VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ choice of Cardinal Godfried Danneels to attend last month’s Ordinary Synod on the Family as one of his 45 papal delegates was heavily criticized on account of the Belgian cardinal’s record.
The archbishop emeritus of Mechelen-Brussels advised the king of Belgium to sign an abortion law in 1990, told a victim of clerical sex abuse to keep quiet, and refused to forbid pornographic, “educational” materials being used in Belgian Catholic schools. He also once said same-sex “marriage” was a “positive development,” and congratulated the Belgian government for passing same-sex “marriage” legislation, although he has sought to distinguish such a union from the Church’s understanding of marriage.
The cardinal, who was pictured standing next to Pope Francis on the loggia of St. Peter’s basilica on the night of the Pope’s election, also admitted in September to being part of what he called the St. Gallen “mafia” club that was opposed to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.
German journalist and author Paul Badde reported on their ca

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Anna Sze said...

WE NEED SOMEONE LIKE ST. DAMIAN, if I may quote from

"Hear, dear reader, the words of St. Peter Damian that come thundering down to us through the centuries at a time in the Church when many shepherds are silent while clerical wolves, some disguised in miters and brocade robes, devour its lambs and commit sacrilege against their own spiritual sons;

"... I would surely prefer to be thrown into the well like Joseph who informed his father of his brothers' foul crime, than to suffer the penalty of God's fury, like Eli, who saw the wickedness of his sons and remained silent. (Sam 2:4) ... Who am I, when I see this pestilential practice flourishing in the priesthood to become the murderer of another's soul by daring to repress my criticism in expectation of the reckoning of God's judgement? ... How, indeed, am I to love my neighbor as myself if I negligently allow the wound, of which I am sure he will brutally die, to fester in his heart? ...[48] "So let no man condemn me as I argue against this deadly vice, for I seek not to dishonor, but rather to promote the advantage of my brother's well-being. "Take care not to appear partial to the delinquent while you persecute him who sets him straight. If I may be pardoned in using Moses' words, 'Whoever is for the Lord, let him stand with me.' (Ezek 32:26)" [49]"

I don't think I need to add anything to that.

S. Armaticus said...

Damian Thompson at the Spetator likewise is not letting it die.

George Brenner said...

Do cry for me, Argentina
The truth is you left our doctrine
All through your wild days, your mad resistance
We kept holy our faith, don't keep your distance

Have we said too much?
There's nothing more we can think of to say to you
But all you have to do
Is look at us to know that every word is true