Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sykes, Picot, Bush and Obama, you have much to answer for!

Radical Islamofacism along with homosexualism are two sides of the same coin of chastisement that is occurring by the removal of the protecting hand of the Most High because of our sins. When ancient Israel turned against Adonai, He removed his protection. We have turned against the Lord by our sins of sodomy, abortion, pornography, rampant greed, heresy, religious indifferentism and now, the wrong interference in the affairs of others. 
Jan Sobieski

Islam has, from its beginning represented an existential threat to Christianity. This applies now even though the lands once "Christian" may not be in their policies, or Christians as individuals. Over history, Islam has been humiliated with defeat after defeat and generally pushed back. These push backs have taken hundreds of years in some cases, the Iberian peninsula as an example. In some cases, it has only been through Heaven's intervention as at Lepanto and the courage of great Catholics such as Charles Martel, Don Juan, Jan Sobieski and St. Antonio Primaldo to lead the citizenry with prayers to the One, True, God to defeat these Mohammedans and their evil intentions. 

Now, we are faced with it again. 

Notwithstanding the evil that these monsters associated with ISIS/ISIL have done, there is a reason for it. We can go back the current dilemma as far as Sykes-Picot and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire for the roots. The creation of borders and new nations out of sync with historical tribal and ethnic boundaries and a lack of respect for the peoples in these lands. combined with a sucking of the lifeblood economically and the propelling to power of heinous dictators is at the historical root of all of what we are facing. The victors of the Great War laid the foundations for the current bloodshed just as they laid the foundations for Hitler's rise to power and the next war. As Germany was bled to the point that it gave rise to to Adolf Hitler, so has the Wests actions and attitudes in the Middle East lead to today's crisis. We are so arrogant we deny that Russia has a right to its interests in Syria whatever they be in the same manner as ourselves. Such hypocrites we are.

Millions and millions of souls have been lost because of the evil Masonic masters behind Europe and North America dictating their goal to dominate the world. The only solution now is more bloodshed to destroy these monsters, lest they cause us more destruction. It is them or us. 

We cannot negotiate with these monsters. This is not a war with Islamic nations, it is a war against an Islam of individuals who, notwithstanding the reality of living in a modern world, have fallen into first century Islamic actions of murder and mayhem so inspired by their deranged, murderous, perverted founder. Yet, many of the Islamic nations actively support and finance these monsters and we turn a blind eye as we continue to trade with them and operate business as usual.

Those men from Sykes and Picot up to Bush and Obama and the European heads of Masonic governments have much to answer for. George W. Bush was warned by Pope John Paul II. He dismissed the Holy Father's pleas and insulted the Nuncio. The invasion and destruction of Iraq, a ridiculous creation in the first place under Sykes-Picot, was a disaster. It should never have happened. It unleashed Hell on the innocent there. That being said, the malefactor Barrack Hussein Obama committed a greater evil by abandoning those suffering people and deserting them at the time of their greatest need. At the end of the day, his crimes are even greater and more blood is on him as he was in a position to not let this happen. If all of this were not enough; the destabilisation of Syria by Barrack Hussein Obama has lead directly to the current situation. Basher Assad was never the problem anymore than Saddam Hussein was the problem. For their own people? Sure, and action short of invasion and all out war should have been taken. But why are we not invading Zimbabwe? I don't think Robert Mugabe is much better than Assad or Hussein. The difference is, Zimbabweans are Africans and they have no oil. In the case of Hussein, like Tito in the former Yugoslavia, these men were governing areas that were multi-ethnic and artificial creations where only a strongman could keep the peace. Neither Iraq, nor Syria represented and existential threat to Europe or America, but now, the Islamic monsters spawned by a century of corruption do.

Yet, there is an even greater crime. Notwithstanding whatever historical roots to the current problem remain, the fact that Hussein Obama and most of Europe sat by whilst Christians were beheaded, disemboweled, crucified, removed from their historical lands and literally wiped out as articulated so well by Cardinal Edwin O'Brien, is the greatest curse upon them. They could have acted and did not. They could have stopped ISIS in its tracks two summers ago, they did not. They could have prevented the whole refugee-migrant crisis and they did not. 

Now, these same Masonic malefactors and their newest puppet, Justin Trudeau, demand that we further erode what is left of our Christian culture by admitting hundreds of thousands more Muslims to it.

No, this is not the answer. The answer must now be to destroy ISIS in every way, support the legitimate governments now there and create safe-havens for all these migrants to return. If this means providing global funds to rebuild, then so be it. The answer for these people is there in their own land and if necessary, with new borders undoing the damage of the last century. 

For those Muslims in our countries, they must live in peace and we must be strong enough in our Christian faith to evangelise them and bring them to Christ. Mohammed will not save them. If they meet him in the next world, it will not be in a nice place. If they cannot live in peace in our lands, then there are options. We have seen them before in Canada during past wars. They may become necessary again. 

There is no excuse for the vicious, vile, evil, monstrous actions of these Islamist hordes of barbarians, they are vile and they must be stopped and if necessary, eradicated from the face of the earth. We cannot though turn a blind eye to history while at the same time condemning and aggressively assuring that their actions which can never be justified and will be ultimately defeated.

As for the Balfour Declaration and Zionism balanced against the reality of the right of the Israeli people to exist in safety and security; well, that's a whole other matter.

We cannot defeat them without Our Lord Jesus Christ. If we do not return to Him, then this will get worse and order out of chaos will be demanded resulting in global governance and dictatorship and and end to all religion in the name of a new world order of the ages. To say that we may be on the verge of emergence of the son of perdition is not a stretch.

Whom do you choose?

By Gerald Celente
Publisher, Trends Journal

KINGSTON, NY, 18 November 2015 — Following 9/11, the explanations for terror strikes on the World Trade Center and Pentagon had nothing to do with America’s Middle East policy. No, “America was targeted for attack… because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity,” declared President George W. Bush. It was the work, he asserted, of “enemies of freedom.” 

Now, following the deadly strikes in Paris, the narrative is similar. It had nothing to do with France’s foreign policy, according to Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. He said the strikes were against French values and French way of life: “What they do not accept is, it is not our actions – it is what we are” and they “don’t accept the fact that we dance.”

However, a witness featured on BEM television heard one terrorist shout, “What you are doing in Syria, you are going to pay for it now.” So, was it about “actions"? Was the attacker referencing the financial and military support of Sunni Islamist militias by France, the US and Arab League to overthrow the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad that has resulted in the death of over 250,000 Syrians, displaced half its population and caused 4 million refugees to flee the bloodshed?

Or, was it because they “don’t accept the fact that we dance”?

For years, France, the US and its coalition have vociferously demanded that Assad — the ruler of a sovereign country that poses no military threat to any nation — step down from power. And, just a week before Friday’s terror strike in Paris, French President Francois Hollande announced plans to deploy the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to drop more bombs on Syria… ostensibly not to overthrow Assad, but to destroy ISIS.

Absent is any media coverage of who is responsible for the crimes against humanity that created the chaotic conditions that spawned ISIS and Islamist militias:

  • Which nations contributed to the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East since George W. Bush launched the Afghan War and the War on Terror?
  • Who launched the illegal war against Iraq that has devastated the nation, tortured thousands and left it in ruins?
  • Led by France, which Western and Arab League nations financed and militarily supported Sunni jihadists associated with al Qaeda and its affiliates, which overthrew Libya’s sovereign leader and left the country in mayhem?
Once again, following the Paris attacks, the airwaves are filled with screams for revenge and a doubling down on the fight against “evildoers.”

So debased from reality has it become that the crowd at last week’s Presidential Reality Show debate cheered when GOP contender Marco Rubio declared that terrorists “hate us because our girls go to school. They hate us because women drive in the United States.”

Trend Forecast:
 If the causes and effects of foreign policy – doing to others as you would have them do to you – are not truthfully examined, the War on Terror will escalate into World War III.

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Dorota said...

So many were saying that this flood of young so called Syrian men upon the West means cultural suicide and bloodshed. Yet the leaders act surprised, while making sure to bring in more. Why isn't it obvious to everyone, that something else is going on, than the story on MSM?

While driving today, I heard on CBC radio that Calgary is ready for them. Apparently the Catholic Church is asking for volunteers to offer spare rooms and language services. All at the time when jobs are being lost at an unprecedented rate, as announced today as well.

I know how much US Catholics are making per refugee. It is probably the same for Canadians. The Church has a lot to answer for, too.

If it were about humanitarian aide, I would offer help myself, but it is not. There is an agenda. Daddy Trudeau, a Fabian socialist, began the social experiment of the dissolution of the nation via multiculturalism. In order to destroy a national identity, distinct unassimilated cultural groups need to replace a nation. Borders and governments will make room for a global dictatorship - same one the pope is calling for with his green agenda.

The intellectually inferior yet exceedingly eager, fanatically devoted to abortion, drama teacher-son got to work on the project right away.

Anonymous said...

Good points. Re: the "global dictatorship" I do wonder if all this hoopla about "vetting" "screening" and such is only setting the stage for the ID Chip.

We have a perfect scenario - Congress will NOT pass any of these proposals, a few more people will be killed here or there, the MSM will whip up a frenzy, and suddenly Obama announces a brilliant idea:

put chips in all these immigrants. We will be told it's safe, it's humane, it's for the protection of the American people, and it will help us find lost children and rush food to hungry people.

Everyone will agree it's the best answer, as long as they are not putting any chips in American citizens. In a few years, we will have no choice, but it's ok, only ID info for your own safety! The technology is already in place.

Once you have that chip, you cannot prevent other info being added, such as social security number, sexual orientation, religion, voter registration, taxes, whatever the govt finds useful for controlling or destroying you at some point.

Heck they don't even need logistics and personnel to insert a chip, a smartphone will do the same job, and who does not have one (except me)?

Dorota said...

You are right, Anonymous. Check out Greg Nicolettos, and specifically his lecture at Alternatvie View 3. The question is not if, it is when it will be forced upon us. The man claims that it is a generational thing. The old may not, but the youth are ready to accept it as inevitable and welcome.