Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Like lambs to the slaughter, we are being set-up

Reading deeply into the Bishop of Rome's speech yesterday together with Barona, it became clear, that we are being set up for something. Yesterday, he returned to consistent themes of name-calling and setting up those who believe in Catholic doctrine and truth and ritual as Pelagians. Louie Verrecchio has written with clarity and gets right to the heart of the matter in his post, Francis reveals content of upcoming Apostolic Exhortation.

Never before in our lifetime and maybe not in history have we seen a pope create an environment of havoc, distress and confusion such as we have now.

If we consider for a moment some of the words of the great hymn to the Holy Spirit, Veni Creator Spiritus or the Sequence Veni, Sancte Spiritus, we see what the Holy Spirit brings. coolness in heat, warmth in chill, solace in grief, sweet relief. He is "sweet unction and true love" a "living spring." The Holy Spirit brings wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. 

Nowhere does He bring strife, confusion, distress or heresy. He cannot at the same time do one and the other - He cannot oppose the Law of Noncontradiction. Just as Our Lord said, that "Satan cannot cast out Satan" the Holy Spirit cannot contradict, the Holy Spirit.

Today, at his audience, the Bishop of Rome said this:

Pope Francis - AFP

Dear Brothers and Sisters:  In our continuing catechesis on the family, today we consider the importance of togetherness.  Sitting at table for the family dinner, sharing our meal and the experiences of our day, is a fundamental image of togetherness and solidarity.  Because Jesus gave us the Eucharist as a meal, there is a close relationship between families and the Mass.  The togetherness we experience in our families is meant, in the family of the Church, to extend to all as a sign of God’s universal love.  In this way the Eucharist becomes a school of inclusion, in which we learn to be attentive to the needs of everyone.  Sadly, the family meal, this great symbol of togetherness, is disappearing in some societies.  Food itself, the very sign of our sharing with other, is wantonly wasted in some places, while our brothers and sisters go hungry in others.  The Eucharist reminds us that our bread is meant to be shared with all.  May our families, and the entire Church, be signs of togetherness and solidarity for the good of the whole human family, especially during the coming Jubilee of Mercy.
It is there for all to see. Something is coming on the matter of reception of Holy Communion.

Yet, to now; he has done nothing. He has changed no doctrine. He has changed no practice, though he is telling us something. He is telling us what he wants to do. Whether he does it or not remains to be seen.

There is no sense getting too worked up about "what if" unless and until it becomes reality. Keep your cool. Pray and take courage.

Remember, Our Blessed Lord said that the "Gates of Hell will not prevail." He did not say that Hell will not attack the Church in an all out effort to destroy Her.

If the worst comes, there will be true Shepherds who will emerge and speak with clarity. 


On Thursday, November 12, 2015, Father Raymond J. de Souza of the Archdiocese of Kingston has written:


Kathie Hogan said...

If Holy Communion is to be distributed 'willy-nilly' for the sake of family-togetherness, the importance and reverence of the sacrament will be so greatly diminished. Nobody will ever sit in a Catholic pew ever again and long to receive the Blessed Sacrament. And, I guess mortal sin and the sacrament of confession will be outdated concepts, too.
This is all just beginning to sound like the friendly folks at the United Church!

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Hypocrite, Thy name is, Jorge!
According to the medical experts, the 78-year-old religious leader has been gaining weight as a result of consuming too much ravioli and spaghetti — sans exercise.
The Vatican doctors said the Pope needed to take on more "disciplined" dieting...

Anna Sze said...

You are absolutely right Vox, no need for us to be getting our feathers in a ruffle. Hell is not only attacking the Church, it has entered the Church with such a force and fury it is frightening !
But, nonetheless, our trust is to be in the Lord as He has promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Holy bride. We must also keep in mind if we are true believers, that God and only God is in charge of everything. Remember our Lord on the boat with the Apostles during the horrible storm. The apostles were panicked, Lord do you not care? In an instant Jesus calmed the storm. Don't fear the storm, but rather the One who can control the storm. There is a reason for everything, we may not understand, we may not like it, but even the saints were tested by the devil, in everything they submitted their will to God. When we can do that, submit to the Lord in everything, we will have peace even during this horrible storm that is spewing within our church. Think perhaps the Lord needs our sacrifice, He can stop all of this in an instant, it is happening for a reason, He is sifting the wheat from the chaff, where will we end up? among the wheat or chaff? That only depends on how we will allow these events to affect us, and they do affect us, whether with anger, or disbelief, or feeling of abandonment...We need to stay faithful and firm in our faith, we cannot let what is happening change us. We remain among the 'chaff', without conforming to them, we conform to the Lord and His will, we need to weather this 'hurricane', it's not coincidence, the Lord wanted each and every one of us here, for a reason..think about that reason, reflect on it, pray about it. God Bless you Vox !

Dorota said...

Real story. I knew a teenage boy, now an adult, whose mother made sure that the entire family sat down to dinner together, every day, unless completely impossible. The boy revealed to a friend, that he was plagued by suicidal thoughts, and had no one to talk to. The friend soon learned from experience, that during those family dinners a unity was enforced. None of the three children ever dared to speak of anything that could potentially upset the mother. At the slightest possibility of a confrontation, the topic was immediately changed. After dinner everyone went to their own rooms or activities.

The young man, years later, lives far away from his mother, and when he visits town, he stays with the friend. The mother visits him on occasion, though he asks her not to. She shows up at the time of her choosing, and cries and accuses of cruelty, if he dares to speak to her honestly, about things which caused him to leave in the first place. They go to an expensive dinner together, and talk about other things. The mother puts a photo on Face-book, friends admire...

Unity can not be achieved be force. Talking about unity, where there is none, doesn't call it into existence. Multi-culti and the one world religion will cause the fearful to avoid all honest conversation (as they already do). Those who fear God more than rejection, controversy or persecution, will have to be eliminated from polite society and workplaces, deprived of parental rights and so on... Many already are.

Mary said...

I think it's either communion or all the sacraments, including his furthering the lie salvation is for all without repentance/reparation

Barona said...

Merely another refusal to affirm Familiaris Consortio. On the contrary - everything he is doing is to undermine it; we are facing a great Christological Heresy which will come right form the top. Popes have fallen into heresy in the past, and this poor pope seems determined to do so again. May the Mother of God refrain him.

Greg J Ben said...
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Fox said...

Greg J. Ben;

I don't think that your comment is accurate. As Catholics we believe that the Eucharist IS the BODY BLOOD SOUL AND DIVINITY OF OUR LORD. It is therefore a sacrilege for those who are not properly disposed to receive Holy Communion. Also, the real presence is not dependant on the person's faith in the Eucharist. Nor is the confection of the Eucharist dependant on the priest not being in a state of mortal sin. To say that those who don't believe are not really receiving Communion is in fact heresy. Christ is present in the smallest particle. This is something we should all be extremely worried about.

Anonymous said...

Greg J is right about a couple things. I think all this "mercy" is tied to the other 5-letter word that stats with "m"; Money. As we hear Francis speak all the time about the need for the Church of the poor we see the self-same fellow cowtowing to the moneybags in Deutschland.

Greg J is indeed wrong about the Eucharist. It IS the Body and Blood, but he's right about it being a bad thing for people of no faith; they receive the Lord to their own condemnation.

Barbara Jensen said...

When is someone in ecclesiastical authority going to stand up and say what is obviously true? We have an apostate pope.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the key is in the consecration. False priests, wolves, might change the wording during the consecration so that Jesus is not present. We need spiritual eyes to see the truth, and receive where we know He is present.

Anonymous said...

The parable of the Wedding Feast comes to mind ,what happened to the guest who did not bother to bathe and put on the wedding garment ,he was cast out.

Tancred said...

What +Bergoglio is describing is the actual situation on the ground in most parishes with non-Catholics, heretics and an assortment of people in variously disordered lives receiving Communion with the tacit approval of the priest and the local bishop.

Anonymous said...

I never remember being taught at Catechism that going to the Altar to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ ,was the same as going for a meal ,you can partake of a "meal" with your family in any restaurant or cafe.In fact Christ partook of the paschal supper before he instituted the Eucharist.Lately there has been a lot of talk of Pharisees ,they were obsessed with the ritual cleansing of utensils at meals ,perhaps this word refers to those concerned about sacrileges connected with the Blessed Sacrament ,if it is ,its Putting the Eucharist on the same level as a "meal".

Anonymous said...

I pity this pope with his 'inclusions' and 'dialogues' and 'worldly' flirtations .

This Vatican's spokespeople accuse other Catholics of "hatred" because we do not agree with Sodomy and evil hearts abusing the Holy Eucharist and trampling on it's Holiness? Sigh.

I know what St.John the Baptist would have said to them..It would not be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio promotes the sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist.
This is how the false prophet achieves the abomination of desolation.

That's why Bergoglio allowed one sodomite on Holy Thursday received sacrilegiously communion in a state of mortal sin.
For heretical theologians of liberation the Eucharist is no longer the sacrament that leads us to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection, but rather a time when the oppressed become aware of their oppression and their liberation struggle. The Eucharist is only a meal and becomes a moment of ideological awareness.
This is why Kasper what "communion meal" for all people.
Remember that Bergoglio allowed the sacrilege in Manila
When God was treated as a bag of Doritos and Bergoglio treated like a God.

But this is nothing new take a look the Eucharistic Sacrilege at Bergoglio Mass in Argentina

Ida Murphy said...

Much ado anout nothing. Holy Communion has been distributed willy nilly for 50 years. Jorge is just only ready to be honest about it. The modernists are out of the closet.

Greg J Ben said...
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Anonymous said...

Ida is spot on. Given to abortionists, given to politicians defending partial-birth abortion, no excommunication for open heretics... absolutely it has been given willy-nilly and for many many years. This will just give the seal of allegedly "papal" approval to this abuse.

Anonymous said...

The Eucharist is both 'meal' and sacrifice: the last supper was a meal, the Passover meal.