Wednesday, 25 November 2015

It will be so much fun!

From the National Schismatic Reporter:

It's still not clear if Francis has decided to replace him at the press office with another member of their order, 49-year-old Jesuit Fr. Antonio Spadaro, or if he's opted to name Basilian Fr. Thomas Rosica, 56, to the post.
Spadaro is the editor of Civiltà Cattolica and is the man who conducted the blockbuster interview with Pope Francis that was published simultaneously in September 2013 by Jesuit publications around the world. The pope has given Spadaro freedom to help shape his message and clearly values his younger confrere's advice.
"Spadaro has the pope's ear," it is often said in Vatican circles.
On the other hand, Rosica has used his fluency in several languages, an impressive theological education (he has a doctorate in Scripture) and extensive experience in developing and running a top-flight communications network (Salt + Light in Toronto) to be a highly effective Church representative in the media. A native of Rochester, N.Y., with dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship, he is already an at-large English attaché for the Vatican press office. And the pope has known him for several years.

Oh, my. That will be so much fun.


Guardian said...

I am desperately hoping its Rosica. Maybe all of us who have been banned, or sued, by Rosica can request his appointment?

On a side not, please visit my blog. We are currently addressing the lack of belief in the Real Presence and a call to action.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, retch - that picture. Please no more.

Eirene said...

I find that picture of Rosica as creepy as the Bishop of Rome finds devout priests!