Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Christian group advises City of Toronto of a Constitutional fight over right to permit a public square!

Our American and international readers will certainly be interested in what happens in our City of Toronto. You may think twice about visiting here and spending your money. I am writing that because this post is going to be sent to Mayor John Tory to protest the disgraceful and constitutionally illegal banning of a Christian music festival from a city square. 


Here is the story.

Toronto bans music festival from city square over Christian songs

Sign the petition to the City of Toronto asking that they lift the ban on the Voice of the Nations music festival. Click here.
TORONTO, October 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- The City of Toronto is refusing to grant a Christian group a permit to use a prominent downtown square for its annual musical festival next year, because the city has decided that singing the name of Jesus in the public venue contravenes city policy against “proselytizing.”
Voices of the Nations (VON) has been using city property since 2006 for an annual “multi denominational” event in which it celebrates Christianity through live music and dance. It has been using the Yonge-Dundas Square without issue for the past five years. This year’s August 1 event attracted 19 different performance acts, including children’s choirs and popular Christian bands, where well-known ‘praise-and-worship’ songs such as “Days Of Elijah” are performed.


Greg J Ben said...

The best place one can waste his money in is his hometown. Don't go anywhere, it is not worth it. After reading the news today and seeing how, day after day, Europe is being taking over by the Muslims, especially now by those coming from Syria, you really have nowhere to display your religion or preaching Christianity, except of course, if you're a Muslim, then the heavens are limitless, you can proselytize and even force your Islamic cult on people and the West, as we see, is obeying out of fear.

I predict that sooner or later civil wars will erupt in Europe and in the U.S. because people will be fed up. These treacherous governments are not listening and are destroying their countries.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean their will be no public celebration of Christmas ,no shops advertising ,no Christmas movies on tv ,no advertising on television channels ,if so a lot of businesses are going to to lose a lot of money .They want no mention of Christ ,but they want the money people spend at Christmas ,

Greg J Ben said...

I found this:


and this: