Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christ is not how horror can be overcome - Vatican Radio

The modernist and heretical and masonic liars free under Jorge Bergoglio to run amok in the Church and to lie to the world have done it again. "It is through education that horrors can be overcome." No, you filthy liar, it is through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monsignor Charles Pope writes about the "special resistance to Christ" that is worth a click to the link as he highlights some comments from a book he is reading by the late Joseph Sobran of National Review. It highlights the secular world's hatred of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The world hates Our Lord and is embarrassed to mention His Holy Name. When His Church does it, is there any doubt how many sodomites, communists, satanists, Freemasons and heretics have infiltrated Her?

O LORD Jesus Christ, tarry not and purify Thy Holy Church given for the salvation of man through You and Your sacrificial Blood.

Thank you Barona for helping to out these filthy Christ haters in His Church.


Brian said...

Hey Vox

Final Jeopardy

Category: Contemporary Catholicism

Clue: An agnostic pretending to be a Catholic

Answer: What is a Modernist?

Live, from Dissentopolis, its time for Modernism Central starring Jorge "The Merciful One", co-starring Kasper, Marx, et. al.

Jim J. McCrea said...

Why the World Hates Christianity


Anonymous said...

Bergoglio is opposing the Catholic Church he is declaring a war and preaches a secular humanism through the heresy of religious indifference.

Francis orders no conversions in Catholic schools: “No to proselytism in Catholic schools”

Then an accusation: teachers are badly paid.
Humanist indifferentism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXEblpc3beM
2013 when Francis visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for World Youth Day. In it, he declares that it is not important to him whether someone lacking food and education receives a Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, or Jewish education, as long as he is fed and gets educated.

94% of Bishop voted to undermine parental rights at synod anti-family


Dorota said...

When I first heard of the Paris attacks, I (an average person) remembered to interpret them the context of everything else going on, used the logic I have developed, and said to myself: The next step in this "progress" is to crack down on all religious who take their faith seriously. Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life (there are others, who don't, but nonetheless insist on calling themselves Christians), will be lumped together with ISIS as dangerous extremists. Church hierarchy will support it.
I was not surprised therefore, when some French progressives told us off, when we send them our prayers. They told us that is people like us, the praying ones, who caused this tragedy in the first place. They assured us that it is not prayer, but wine, kisses... whatever else they added, that is the French way, truth and life.
Today I find an article on Polonia Christiana about a vademecum by French mayors for public servants. In response to Paris attacks they advise public figures to make sure not to allow nativity scenes in public places, not to perform the sign of the cross publicly, not to participate in the christening of ships, and so on.
This, according to the vademecum, will ensure a peaceful, civilized coexistence in the modern, progressive society.

I say, still using my average intelligence, that as inevitable as this development was, it is obvious it comes from the devil. No normal, honest human being, who is not inspired by Satan, would respond to the Paris event (satanic music or not, staged false flag with real dead victims or not) with attack on own culture, while leaving alone and protecting the perpetrator - bloodthirsty enemy of Christianity.
They came for us, as they planed to. It is we who are the enemy, Christians.

Anonymous said...

History has a habit of repeating itself ,when the Nazi party first came to power ,they banned the Crucifix from all public buildings,and we all know where that lead .the French forget that if it were not for a 15 yr old praying Virgin called Joan of Arc armed with the power of God they would not be French ,but British subjects .Pride comes before a fall,and they are heading for a hard one.society is rejecting Christ,lets see how they fare with Mohamed.

Anonymous said...

Education, diversity, candles, flowers and Facebook: these are the profound answers to all our problems.

Anonymous said...

New Age Catholicism and it's very evil.

Kathleen1031 said...

The best description yet is the one that says rather than France being the eldest daughter of the Church, she is now the youngest daughter of Mohammad.
In scripture it says spiritual blindness leads to disorders of the intellect. I can think of no better example than what France is doing now. I pray other nations do not follow suit.