Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the real Pharisees

During the Rosica Affair, the Fox and I received letters of prayer and encouragement from a Bishop ministering as an Auxiliary in an obscure diocese in a former Soviet republic. What a kind and good and holy man that did this to strangers at a time of distress. 

This bishop has made more Catholics aware of Kazakhstan than any other single person. His little gem, Dominus est, should be read by you and a copy given to a priest for good measure. This is the man that was responsible for Benedict XVI only giving Holy Communion on the tongue whilst people were kneeling. 

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is a Catholic, pure and simple. He is a bishop who speaks and writes words of truth and clarity lacking in many of those we hear from. It is galling to see that this man is not a Cardinal and close to the Pope such as the likes of Maradiaga, Wuerl and Kasper and others.

Rorate Caeli Blog has an exclusive interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider. I'll give you a little taste of it here but for the rest of that cool refreshing drink of Catholicism and episcopal spine. His words at Rorate Caeli are masterful and O, so Catholic. I invite you to go there to read it all, here, he quotes. Saint Basil the Great.

A back door to a neo-mosaic practice in the Final Report of the Synod
In a letter to Pope Damasus and to the Occidental Bishops, Saint Basil describes as follows the confused situation inside the Church: “The laws of the Church are in confusion.  The ambition of men, who have no fear of God, rushes into high posts, and exalted office is now publicly known as the prize of impiety.  The result is, that the worse a man blasphemes, the fitter the people think him to be a bishop.  Clerical dignity is a thing of the past. There is no precise knowledge of canons.  There is complete immunity in sinning; for when men have been placed in office by the favour of men, they are obliged to return the favour by continually showing indulgence to offenders. Just judgment is a thing of the past; and everyone walks according to his heart’s desire. Men in authority are afraid to speak, for those who have reached power by human interest are the slaves of those to whom they owe their advancement. And now the very vindication of orthodoxy is looked upon in some quarters as an opportunity for mutual attack; and men conceal their private ill-will and pretend that their hostility is all for the sake of the truth. All the while unbelievers laugh; men of weak faith are shaken; faith is uncertain; souls are drenched in ignorance, because adulterators of the word imitate the truth. The better ones of the laity shun the churches as schools of impiety and lift their hands in the deserts with sighs and tears to their Lord in heaven. The faith of the Fathers we have received; that faith we know is stamped with the marks of the Apostles; to that faith we assent, as well as to all that in the past was canonically and lawfully promulgated.” (Ep. 92, 2). 


Greg J Ben said...

Would somebody communicate this message to the Bishop?

Please, perform an exorcism on the Vatican and its people.

The Vatican, at this point and time in our human history is possessed with Evil people who vow to destroy the Catholic Church in the name of God.

They are using the Holy Spirit to Destroy the Holy Spirit.

For me, this is the unforgivable sin ever. This is the Mother of all Blasphemies.

These people are bound to Hell for sure.

Jesus says in Matthew, Chapter 12,


31 Therefore, I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

32 And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.


These evil men are doing much worse than the kind of blasphemy Jesus talks about (attributing to Satan what is the work of the Spirit of God).

They are using the Holy Spirit against God Himself.

Ana Milan said...

What a wonderful & saintly man. Where are those Cardinals & Bishops who should be supporting him? All very quiet! It seems PF can get away with any amount of heresy and the successors of the Apostles just keep mum. The whole Vatican should be exorcised by Fr. Amorth without delay, maybe then we can have Russia consecrated to the Immacualte Heart of Mary.

Andrew Nelson said...

A Cardinal or Archbishop will have to explicitly make these same statements against Pope Francis. It cannot only be against the likes of Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Marx, etc. Pope Francis is allowing and encouraging the heretics below him to do the dirty work. At some point, a Cardinal or Archbishop will have to rebuke the Pope publicly, if he is not willing to listen privately. One of them will have to proclaim the authority of Jesus Christ over all men, and this includes the Pope.

God's will be Done said...

This Holy man of God is a living Saint. One can not believe that out of all God's holy men, the Holy Spirit chose Cardinal Bergoglio. I have no doubt Archbishop T McCarrick exposed the truth behind the election of C Bergoglio. This is a very sad time for the body of Christ on earth, she is now on the cross. God help us!

Dorota said...

During that time I found a comment under one of your articles, Vox, that was written by a very holy man, who did not reveal his name.
I was very moved, asking myself whether I was imagining or responding so strongly, because I found myself in the presence of someone very wise and good. I decided on the latter.

Eirene said...

Dear Vox - Quoting from Andrew's post - "At some point, a Cardinal or Archbishop will have to rebuke the Pope publicly, if he is not willing to listen privately. One of them will have to proclaim the authority of Jesus Christ over all men, and this includes the Pope."
I actually quite agree with this statement and see in it an echo of
St. Matthew's Gospel Chapter 18 - Verses 15-17. (check it for yourselves - people have their own preferences for which version they read!)) The gist of it is that we should privately tell our brother if he sins against us. If he listens, well and good. If he refuses, we are to take one or two more people to witness and endorse the accusation. If he then refuses to hear them, we are to tell it to the church. If even then he is still obdurate, he is to be treated like a heathen or a tax collector! Action as proposed by Andrew should be encouraged by the faithful and pursued by the righteous Cardinals and Bishops without delay. Otherwise, we shall have no right to whine and moan and join the "ain't it awful" crowd if we have done nothing about it. Wake up people - this is a crisis - not a walk in the park!